SDA Bocconi Accreditation, Career Development Service and Milan Advantage

SDA Bocconi MBA Career ServiceF1GMAT: Is the SDA Bocconi MBA programmes accredited?

SDA Bocconi : The SDA Bocconi School of Management is accredited by EQUIS, the European Quality Improvement System, which  was formed in 1997 by the European Foundation for Management Development as a monitor of excellence among European business schools. SDA Bocconi School of Management is the first school of management education in Italy to have received this honour. It is also AMBA and CSQ accredited.

F1GMAT:  How has SDA Bocconi coped with recession and helped MBA graduates with Job placements? Can you give us a class wise breakdown of sectors (Finance, IT, Marketing, HR etc.) that SDA Bocconi MBA graduates have selected to join?

SDA Bocconi: Career Development Service (CDS) performs a key role in supporting MBA participants in their career search.

CDS activities help students to both gain a greater understanding of the market, their professional goals and their individual "selling proposition", and to create effective contacts with the business community and the world of MBA recruiters, in an on-going exchange of information regarding job profiles and job offers. To facilitate your personal and professional development track as well as to provide companies with effective recruiting tools, the CDS provides One-to-One Services,Class Services and Company Services.

Every year a Career Report is published, presenting the trend 3 months after the end of the MBA program. The Career Report gathers, quantifies and analyses the information about the reinstatement of the MBA graduates in the labour market.  These are some data provided by the last Report:

  81% Found a NEW JOB Three Months from Graduation

  53% of NEW Professional Opportunities Provided by CDS

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F1GMAT: What are some of the advantages of having SDA Bocconi Business School in the heart of Milan?
SDA Bocconi:
The choice of an MBA at SDA Bocconi has its own perks. The school is positioned at the heart of one of the best-connected European cities.

The city is a major capital of industry, finance, arts, media and fashion
. In other words, it is a real-life laboratory for SDA Bocconi. The city is home to a myriad of companies and stock markets to which students are directly exposed via a series of facilities the school provides. We furthermore engage and enhance well-grounded bonds with key corporations on all levels.  Besides Bocconi's reputation at the international scale, such advantages are the reason why participants from about 30 countries choose SDA Bocconi and Milan to pursue a quality Business education. An SDA Bocconi student operates at the heart of Milan to later find out that they are evolving at a wider scope. This represents an asset they strongly capitalize on through their enterprises of maximizing their professional, personal and cultural turnovers. Milan incorporates a dynamic global venue that reflects the peculiarity of the European marketplace. Furthermore, the international aspect you gain out of such a vibrant economic center is not exclusively regional. Instead, the kind of experience you acquire is relevant to other marketplaces where you eventually project your domain of operation.

The city makes it easy to find accommodation, to move around, to eat, to spend your free time and take care of practical necessities. And in the Masters Division you can always count on the support and advice of the Student and Internal Relations service.

Despite your commitment to the MBA, you will be granted the chance to embark on occasional weekend trips via a club activity or simply on your own with fellow students. Life around Milan is fast-paced. You will fine arts, design, events, good food and drink, and great fun.  Those little rites - a cappuccino, a slice of pizza, the happy hour - help soften the hustle-bustle of the city. Your Milan life is rich of options to live a diversified life. There are plenty of shops, parks to sit or jog in, places to move around and meet people.

F1GMAT:  Is it mandatory to learn Italian to actively participate in class discussions for the MBA programmes? Is there any pre-MBA courses offered to students?

SDA Bocconi: In September, the School offers a package of courses to provide some basics essential to succeed in the MBA itself. Not compulsory, pre-courses may be demanded for those without a background in economics and finance and those interested in learning Italian language.

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