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Sample MBA Essay - What is the most important thing in your life

This sample MBA essay will give you pointers to answer - What is the most important thing in your life? For extensive tips we have created Winning MBA Essay Guide. We spent five years reading and evaluating essays - from the brilliant to the awful before compiling this ebook. Download it here.

Maintaining good self-esteem is the most important thing for me. A balance of personal, vocational and spiritual aspect of one's life is necessary to achieve this goal.

I would say that as a personal goal, maintaining a healthy lifestyle would top the priority list. This is not an easy goal as this involves exercising regularly, avoiding addictions of any kind and investing time in relationships (that I value). On a spiritual level, my goal would be to master practices that would help me in making decisions that are in accord with the values that I believe in - Honesty, Excellence and Collaboration.

However, I realized that we spend 12-14 hours per day on our vocation. That is a considerable amount of time in one day. Therefore, it would be satisfying if I am in a field of work, which I believe can change the society. I got the opportunity to be part of a seminar - perspective, a self-awareness session where we analyzed various dimensions of our life. After nearly 48 hours of intense self-analysis, I got the purpose of my life, which is “To create an environment that harness technology efficiently and energize human thought process in enabling a future full of possibilities”.

The words “create “and “possibilities” are what excite me the most. I want to take the initiative in creating self-sustaining businesses that would transform people’s life and create endless possibilities. I have taken the initiative in starting a portal that would help MBA aspirants achieve the goal of getting into a business school of their choice. Since my purpose drives me to take action, I want to equip myself with the necessary skills to manage a business. Therefore, an MBA from your business school at this point in my career would give the impetus in fulfilling my purpose.

Points to Remember

1) The conclusion should show that the most important thing in your life can only be achieved with the help of the business school.

2) I have stressed on the purpose of my life as the guiding force. You can expand on one of the values that you strongly believe in.

3) The values that you believe in should have at least 1 or 2 critical success factors for getting into a business school - Leadership, communication, teamwork, maturity etc.

4) We have written an extensive Essay Guide that teaches you how to incorporate storytelling, contexts, persuasion strategies and Leadership qualities in your MBA Application Essays. Download F1GMAT's Winning MBA Essay Guide.

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