Richard Ivey MBA Interview Tips

Ivey MBA Admission Interviews are by invitation only. The Admission team prefer interviews in-person. It can be during recruiting trips internationally or in Canada, or during campus visit. For candidates who don’t have the opportunity to attend in-person interview, a Skype interview will be conducted

Interview Conducted by: Admissions and Career Service Team

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Rounds: 1 -2

Recommended Read: Interview with Jenni & Julia - Richard Ivey MBA Admissions Team

Style of Interview: Friendly and Conversational

Skills and Traits tested in the Interview

1) Ability to articulate and structure thoughts and ideas clearly and articulately
2) Clarity and focus of personal career goals (both short-term and long-term) and how the MBA fits into these plans
3) Self-awareness and confidence
4) Ability to identify the contributions that he/she will bring to the classroom and Ivey experience
5) An understanding of the business market and current events

Ivey MBA Admission Interview Questions

1)  Walk me through your resume and explain your roles and responsibilities.
2)  Why MBA?
3)  Why MBA Now?
4)  Why Ivey MBA?
5)  What do you expect from this program?
6)  How can you contribute to our program and into our classrooms? What makes you unique among other candidates and why should we accept you?
7)  What would you do if not accepted?
8)  Where do you see yourself in ten years?
9)  Which other schools are you applying to? How did you choose these schools? Why so many/few? Which school is your first choice?
10) What is an activity you are involved in? Why is it important to you?
11) What contributions would you make to a group?
12) Why did you choose your undergraduate major?
13) Which school did you attend and why that one'?
14) What was your major and why?
15) Would you choose the same studies again if you could do it over again?
16) What overall grades did you get?
17) Which courses were you best at? Why?
18) Did you work as an undergrad?
19) Do you think your grades are an accurate reflection of your ability?
20) What do you do to relieve stress?
21) What are your hobbies outside of school and work?
22) What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
23) Please discuss the factors, both professional and personal, influencing the career decisions you have made so far.
24) What was your first job out of undergrad?
25) Have you been promoted?
26) Talk about experiences you have had at work. Can you briefly describe the key responsibilities of your current job?
27) Describe a typical work day.
28) Discuss your career progression
29) Give us examples where you have lead a team. Give me an example where you showed teamwork?
30) Give me an example when your team had internal conflicts. How did you manage it?
31) Describe your leadership/management style.
32) How did you meet your client’s expectation?
33) What are your short-term career goals?
34) How Ivey MBA will help you achieve your short-term career goals?
35) What are your long-term career goals?
36) How Ivey MBA will help you achieve your long-term career goals?
37) Give examples of how you have demonstrated leadership inside and outside the work environment
38) Discuss any experience you have had abroad
39) How does your performance compare with that of your peers at a similar level?
40) What specifically have you done to help your company change?
41) What have you done to develop those under your responsibility?
42) What could you do to be an even more effective member of your organization?
43) Describe your most successful accomplishment at work.
44) Describe a failure on the job.
45) Why did you choose this profession? Why this company?
46) What do you like best/about your current job?
47) What are the key challenges of your job?
48) Have you ever supervised employees?
49) Have you switched firms? If so, why?
50) What is most frustrating at work?
51) Describe your relationship with your boss. What is good and bad about it"
52) Where is your industry heading in the next five years?
53) How would co-workers describe you?
54) Discuss a time when you successfully supervised a diverse group of people toward a difficult goal. Give an example of when you accomplished something significant that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been there.
55)  Tell me about a situation where you had to persuade someone to agree with your point of view
56)  Describe a time when you had to gain upper management’s support for an idea/proposal
57)  Name a time when you had to convince someone who didn’t report directly to you to do something they didn’t want to do
58) Describe a time when you had a conflict with another person in a corporate or school setting
59) Describe a situation in which you identified key problems early on in a project and were able to avert a crisis
60) Tell me about a time when you led a team to a goal even though the individual team members were sceptical that it could be accomplished
61) Tell me about a time when you worked with someone who didn’t follow through. What did you do?
62) How have you dealt with a person who was difficult to work with?
63) Discuss a time when you had to make an unpopular decision
64) Tell me about the toughest group that you ever worked in. What made it so tough, and how did you handle it?
65) Describe an ethical dilemma that you faced in your career. How did you resolve it?
66) Give me an example of when you pushed back against doing something
67) What is the hardest decision you have ever had to make on the job? Outside of your job?
68) Tell me about a time when you took a smart risk
69) Name a time when you developed a unique and resourceful solution to a problem
70) Describe a situation when you had to make an important decision without having all of the necessary information at hand
71) Tell me about a time when you had to analyse facts quickly, identify the issues, and develop an action plan
72) Give me an example of when you thought out of the box
73) Have you ever had to bend a rule to get your work done more efficiently?
74) Discuss a time when you didn’t succeed on the first try.
75) What is the worst professional decision you have ever made?
76) Tell me about a time when you weren’t very pleased with your performance.
77) Describe a situation in which you wish you had acted differently with someone in your group.
78) Describe a time when you inspired someone to work harder.
79) Discuss a project that required the use of your analytical skills.
80) Tell me about a time when you led a team to success despite opposition from others.
81) Describe a situation where you brought an idea forward, and it failed.
82) Tell me about a topic you just read?
83) What trait you possess that I would not get by reading your file?"
84) To test your communication skills: Pick a subject from the current news, assume I don't know anything about it and give me a brief synopsis.
85) Describe a time when you had to convince an antagonistic group of the merits of your proposal. Explain the process.
86) What team skills will you learn in MBA program?
87) What are three major challenges that your industry is currently facing?
88) Who do you admire most as a leader, and why?
89) What was your greatest accomplishment?
90) How do you define success?
91) What would you do if a team member wasn't pulling his own weight?
92) Who are your heroes? Why?
93) What have you done that you are proud of?
94) Define teamwork
95) Define leadership
96) What is your favorite sport? What aspect of it appeals to you'?
97) What is the last book you read? What did you think of it?



Tip 1: Research

Read F1GMAT’s Interview with Richard Ivey MBA Admissions team, to learn about Ivey MBA program. Find out what makes Ivey MBA program Unique. Apart from personal traits and leadership potential, the interview questions will test your motivation to join Ivey MBA program

Information about Ivey MBA

1) Case competitions: IBK Capital Ivey Business Plan Competition, AT Kearney, Mercury Venture Challenge, Thunderbird Global Innovation Challenge, Ivey Connects, Ivey Builds,  The Ivey Green and more

2) Ivey Clubs: Consulting Club, Finance Club, Industry & Marketing Club, Entrepreneur Club, Alternative Energy Club, Golf Club, Hockey Club, Ivey Rugby, MBA Association, Student Ambassadors, Wine Tasting Club, Global Village, Women in Management and more

Famous Richard Ivey Alumni

1) Don Getty, Former Premier of Alberta, Canada
2) Andrew Chisholm, Managing Director - Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs & Company, USA
3) Arkadi R. Kuhlmann, Chairman / President & CEO, ING Direct USA, USA
4) Michael Kanovsky, President, Sky Energy Corporation, Canada
5) George Cope, President & COO, Bell Canada, Canada
6) Henry Cheng, Managing Director, New World Development Co. Ltd., Hong Kong
7) Paul Atkinson, CEO & Chairman, Casero Inc., Canada
8) Serge Gouin, Chairman of the Board, Quebecor Media Inc., Canada
9) Steven Gunn, CEO, Sleep Country Canada, Canada
10) Paul J. Hill, President & CEO, Harvard Developments Inc., Canada
11) Gar Knutson, Former Minister of Parliament, Government of Canada, Canada
12) Walter LeGrow, Entrepreneur, LeGrow HR Consulting, Canada
13) Terrence Lyons, Chairman, Northgate Minerals Corporation, Canada
14) Michael McCain, President & CEO, Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Canada
15) Pierre Morrissette, President & CEO, Pelmorex Inc., Canada
16) Michael Needham, Chairmain / President & CEO, SimEx Inc., Canada
17) Richard Nesbitt, CEO, Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), Canada
18) Dave Nichol, Founder, President's Choice, Canada
19) Robert Nourse, Founder, The Bombay Company, USA
20) Stephen Quinn, Chief Marketing Officer, Wal-Mart Inc., USA
21) Bruce H. Reid, Former President & CEO, The Brick, Canada
22) Larry Rosen, Chairman & CEO, Harry Rosen Inc., Canada
23) Heather Shaw, Executive Chair, Corus Entertainment Inc., Canada
24) William Shurniak, Chairman & President, Northern Gas Networks Ltd., UK
25) Douglas Speers, Chairman, Emco Corporation, Canada

Read Interview with Jenni & Julia - Richard Ivey MBA Admissions Team for more

Tip 2: Be Ready with Career Goals Question

A greater part of the interview will emphasise your Post-MBA career goals. The interviewer will try to evaluate how your experience and MBA will help you achieve your post-MBA goals. The answers should be articulated logically in a clear and confident manner.

Tip 3: Be Ready with the Contribution to Ivey MBA Community Question

You should be prepared to answer this crucial question - How will you contribute to the Ivey MBA Class (In-Class, Extracurricular, Clubs and as an Alumni). The MBA Admissions team want candidates who would be brand ambassadors for their MBA program.
Tip 4: Develop a deeper understanding of your Industry

The Admissions team wants to know your expertise in the chosen industry. Read all you can about your industry – trends, weakness, history and what you see in the future. The answer would seem more articulate if you have some statistics to back it up.

Tip 5: Be Confident

Richard Ivey School of Business values confidence and self-awareness. Whatever you are answering, maintain a confident tone. Awareness about your weakness and strengths is crucial for MBA Admissions.

Recommended Download: 6 Sample Resumes for Ivey MBA Admission Interview. You can select the template based on your Background


Tip 1: Do not dress in casuals

Although the interview is conversational and friendly, do not dress in casuals.

Men: Suit and tie
Women: Pants, Suit or a skirt suit
Note: Even if it is a Skype Interview, dress formally.

Tip 2: Be on Time

Like other interviews, arrive on time. Confirm the time of the interview by email or preferably by calling the interviewer. The last thing that you want to do is to be late. You have to create many positive impressions to compensate that first impression.

Tip 3: Don’t be nervous

Many candidates use overconfidence in their tone as a mean to compensate nervousness. Don’t do that. Preparing for the interview is the best solution. Be ready with your answers to the most common questions. Be pleasant and confident while answering the questions.

Tip 4: Avoid Inconsistencies

The Ivey MBA Admissions team will read your resume and your essays before the interview. When you cite instances, projects and other personal details, avoid inconsistencies.  You should have a clear idea on how Ivey MBA will help you with your post-MBA goals.

Download: Stacy Blackman Resume Guide with 6 Sample Resumes

MBA Admission Interview Guide

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