How to start preparing for the GMAT Quant Section

Some of you have left Math behind, never to touch it again and all of a sudden GMAT comes along :-) . You know that you were good in Math but now that since there has been a lag; there is always a fear to catch up on the fundamentals. The lines, polygons, integers, triangles and the worst of all-permutation and probability start to bother you. You know you knew this stuff- Infact you were always a grade A student and know to have to get back on it.

What’s the best way to get at it? Well there are different strategies and people figure out what works for them and what does not. But always remember this- If you were good in Math at one point of time, you are still good in Math. You have not lost your Quant and so do not loose faith…. Have confidence. It’s just a matter of days before you can catch on to it and then GMAT Quant is fun and you will enjoy it. The best way to work the Quant preparation is to get to the Official Guide notes and go through them. Try to not only read them but also try to derive, think and work out similar formulas. This will brush up some of the formulas and the topics. Also, this is what you can do if you want fast results. Read a topic from the Official Guide, and immediately get to the Grockit site and play a game on those topics preferably in groups. That would bring out a lot of questions and while discussion you will tend to get the old Math concepts from your Brain. Do this for each of the topics starting from what you consider the easier ones. Believe me, this will do wonders and thanks to Grockit for having such a awesome portal to so the same.

Next, identify your weak areas. We all hate some topics but still we know that we have to prepare them- Reality of GMAT or infact life. The best thing to do for those topics is to schedule a game with a tutor who can help you and whom you consider strong in that particular area. Follow this process, topic by topic, and you will understand that it does magic for your scores.

Once you have refreshed your Math fundamentals and played games with the Grockit website- its time to do the initial check of where you stand on the GMAT score.

This is what needs to be done: Go to mba.com (Official site of MBA) and download GMATprep software. The software has two mock tests and is the best one out there in the industry. Use the tests wisely since they are only two in number.

Give your first test when you have figured out the Quant fundamentals as well as the Verbal fundamentals. For verbal, follow the same strategy as mentioned above for the Quant. Do not try to solve the complete Official Guide (OG) before giving the GMATprep 1. The software has some questions that are repeat from OG and may skew your score.

After the first GMATprep, you will figure out that you are going in the right direction using the above-mentioned strategy. Use Grockit as much as you can especially when you trying to get to a GMAT mode.

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Grockit, an online test prep game, is the smartest way to study for your test. It's adaptive, fun and finds the right teacher for you. Grockit’s analytic capabilities and adaptive technology identifies students' strengths and weaknesses, focusing the student's study time.  Students can practice in adaptive solo games, play social learning games with peers, and work with experts that match their specific needs.

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