France MBA Job Trends: Management Consulting (2018)

France's Management Consulting industry is on a four-year winning streak with double-digit growth in revenue (11.2%) for the year 2017-18. Strategy - the favorite for most MBA candidates, was the most popular niche serving clients in Financial Services, Public Administration, Energy, and Industry, with Financial Services growing its market share from 30 to 32%.

top managmeent consulting companies in France

The industry continues to be the most sought after by candidates from France’s top MBA programs. For instance, INSEAD specializes in placing close to half of the candidates (49%) to Management Consulting while HEC Paris attracts offers that encourage 21% of the class to choose the industry.  

The opportunities in MC is independent of the GDP growth trend. In a recession, clients need consultants to re-engineer business processes, develop strategies for cost-reduction, and find new streams of revenue to turnaround losing quarters. During growth years, clients recruit management consultants to oversee the integration of the latest technology and find investment opportunities in adjacent or similar markets.

For MBA candidates, the work is never monotonous. The problems are new, the strategy required is different for each client, and the ownership of the solution gives a purpose to their daily tasks. The demand to perform consistently and travel on cue can take a toll on even the most driven consultants.

One stat that keeps the motivation high is that 47% of the 9000 consulting positions in France is expected to be filled by young graduates.

A curriculum designed for hands-on learning along with the brand value of the Business School can help the MBA candidates – career enhancers and switchers, differentiate from the highly competitive younger pool.

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Latest Trend for the Management Consulting Industry in Top MBA programs (France)

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