How to overcome mental blocks during MBA Application Essay Writing

MBA Application Essay Writing Overcoming Mental BlocksYou probably bought this book when you faced a mental block. Mental blocks are not limited to creative professionals but are common among MBA applicants. Writing in any form requires overcoming the fear of staring at a blank document, and the fear might not be entirely unfound. Fear drives mental blocks; especially the fear that the work that you produce would be mediocre. Some of the best writers reveal that the first few lines that they poured into paper were not their best. The commitment to your craft and the process of rewriting differentiate a professional from an amateur.

We have shortlisted five tips to overcome mental blocks during MBA Application writing sessions:

1) Exercise

Mild to moderate physical exercise releases endorphins, the neurotransmitter that alleviates pain, and creates a feeling of well-being. Include variations in exercise routines, and change the repetition patterns. This small change will bring certain elements of surprise, and excitement to the routines. Apart from the obvious benefits of a positive mood, exercise will shift your focus to the present, reducing the tendency to worry about the future. Once you are present in the moment, it becomes easier to translate thoughts into words. Free flow of ideas is crucial for the first draft.

2) Mute Logic

The biggest obstacle to writing from the heart is the tendency to connect every sentence in a logical order. Agreed that MBA Application Essays, with limited word limit, require a certain focus, but if you answer the question by focusing on how the answer logically addresses the question, the essay will look unnatural. The first draft should not focus on the word count or include sentences that only answers the question; instead, include experiences that are indirectly relevant for the question. During editing, structure the sentences with the question in mind, and remove the ones that don’t directly contribute towards the answer.

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3) Change your Writing Environment

First, get out of your apartment and go for a walk. If you are close to a scenic view, the welcome break will rejuvenate your creative juices, and you would be raring to go. Even if you are in the middle of a concrete jungle, stretch a little bit and get your coffee from the Starbucks down the street. After a small break, move your laptop from your desk to a different location in the apartment; maybe near the window where you can see the movement of life. You will not be distracted once you get into the zone, but if you feel that the desk is the most sacred place and some of your best essays originated from ‘the desk,’ continue in that location. Remove any clutter – paper, notebook, stapler, and other files from the desk; use it exclusively for writing.

4) Notebook & Whiteboard

Although you should commit to writing your essays every day for a certain number of hours, sparks of life experiences that were crucial in defining your personality might flash in front of you while having a conversation with your friend, or during a presentation in your office. A 2.5” x 5” small notebook would be handy for noting down your ideas. The flash of ideas might not last. Therefore, it is essential that you write it down quickly before life’s routine takes your attention away from that important thought.

Keep a whiteboard near your desk for writing down an outline for your essay or setting the criteria for a “winnable” essay. Studies have shown that the larger the size of the whiteboard, the more the likelihood that you will write on it. Once you develop a habit of writing outlines, the process would have a direction, and soon you would be ready with the first draft.

5) Disconnect and Write

Disconnecting from social media, email alerts, and phone conversation, or essentially outside world is an important exercise to write effortlessly. Studies have shown that after one distraction, it takes 25 minutes to come back to the ‘writing zone.’ An insignificant email alert has a bigger consequence than you would have imagined. The disconnection might lead to symptoms of withdrawal, but let that feeling persist. With a focus on the present, that feeling will not last.

The most important step for overcoming mental blocks during essay writing sessions is to set a time to write. When you develop a routine to write 1-2 hours every day, before leaving for the office, the words will flow. Don’t give up after 10 minutes and check your Facebook or Twitter stream. Sit and stare at the blank word processing document. We have a tendency to fill the void with words, and thoughts. Wait a little, and soon words will fill that blank canvas, and you will start the process of writing freely. Continue to sit in the desk, every day, at the same time. If you have developed a routine before writing, like 50 pushups or taking the dog for a walk, do that.

Let the words flow!

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