NYU Stern MBA - Admission Tips and Strategies

NYU Stern MBA Admission StrategiesNYU Stern MBA program is among the toughest programs to get admission into. This webinar answers some of the commonly asked questions about Stern MBA's entry criteria, overview of the MBA programs, NYU Stern's grading system. The webinar also deconstructs NYU MBA Application Essay questions and will give you an idea about your fit for the NYU Stern MBA programs.

The Webinar Covers the following topics:

1) What makes NYU Stern Unique

2) Notable characterstics of NYU Stern School of Business

3) The Stern Approach

4) Is Stern a Good Fit for you

5) Review of NYU Stern MBA Application Essay Questions

6) NYU Stern Admission Criteria

7) NYU Stern MBA Admission Deadlines

8) MBA Application Components

Some of the Questions answered in the NYU Stern MBA Admissions Webinar include:

1) If there is one element that should come across in NYU Stern MBA App essays, what should it be?

2) For Essay 3, NYU Stern accepts all essays except written?

3) Can we send our creative output like a Song or a painting for Essay 3?

4) Do I need to convert my GPA to US standard if I have done my undergrad from a college outside US?

5) How important is it to have attended a number of networking events when trying to earn a spot as an NYU MBA student? If one is unable to attend as many networking events as they would like due to time constraints, what can be done to help increase their odds of acceptance?

6) What key qualities is NYU looking for in its candidates? Heart? Ambition?...Or is it something more tangible such as skill set, knowledge base, etc.?

7) If I am not able to get recommendation from my current supervisor, is it taken in any negative way for my application even if I write a suitable reason in the optional essay (Essay 4).

8) For Essay 2: How do you anticipate making your mark on the Stern community..Do we have to align our background with our future participation? Like if a candidate has a consulting background should he/she say that he/she would like to part of a consulting club etc.

9) Is there equal networking opportunities for part time MBA?

10) Does NYU Stern have any biases for applicant pool from Finance background?

11) NYU Grading is famous for being rigorous. How has been your experience?

12) How can we provide information that are not covered in the NYU Stern essays?

13) Average age for NYU Stern is 27.What are the chances for less experienced MBA candidates? How can they differentiate?

14) How important is community service experience for Stern MBA application? What are some of the examples of relevant community service experience?

15) How should we answer the long-term career goal question? Should we look into a 5 year or a 10 years horizon?

16) What is NYU Stern trying to measure with the NYU Stern MBA Application Questions?

17) What are the post-MBA opportunities for a part-time MBA compared to a Full-time MBA program?

18) Can you tell us a little but more about Veritas Prep Essay Review Service and the process that you follow

19) How to receive 10% Discount on Veritas Prep Consulting service

Expert Speaker: Andy Garmack, Veritas Prep MBA Admissions Consulting

Time: 1 hr 40 Minutes

Download the Webinar (You will be prompted to download a .jnlp file. Download it to your local disk and double click it. Java should be enabled in your computer to watch the Webinar)

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