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MIT Sloan MBA Interview Preparation Tips

MIT Sloan MBA Admission Interview TipsMIT Sloan MBA Admission Interviews are different. Instead of the standard Why MBA and Why MIT Sloan MBA questions, the Adcom conducts Behavioral Event-Based Interviews (BEI). The idea behind BEI is to evaluate how you responded to challenging situations. Your response to past events is an indicator of your future behavior.

Interview Conducted by:
AdCom or Alumni

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 Hour

Style of Interview: Formal



Tip 1: Read your Essays and Resume

MIT Sloan is different. The Interviewers are well prepared and will read your essays and resume, several times. They will find out the gap in your essays and would ask probing questions.

Tip 2: Be prepared for Follow-up Questions

Remember, MIT Sloan MBA AdCom wants to understand how you behaved in the past. To find out more, the team will ask lot of follow-up questions. Each candidate has a different story and the questions will be accordingly. After you have prepared the preliminary list of follow-up questions, ask your friends, family members or expert consultants to read your essays and list the follow up questions.

Tip 3: Have lot of Stories

The Interviewer will steer the conversation according to areas that are important to her. It would be extremely difficult for you to do the contrary. Instead of steering the conversation, be prepared with lot of stories highlighting your achievements, your behaviour during crisis and your maturity in handling conflicts. Be prepared with stories that are not mentioned in the essays.

Tip 4: MIT Sloan Qualities

MIT Sloan AdCom wants to find out whether you can influence others, maintain professional relationship in a team environment, and have the drive to set goals and achieve them. Keep MIT Sloan qualities in mind when you prepare your stories.


Tip 1: Don’t Generalize

Remember, when you mention your achievements or describe your behaviour in challenging situations, don’t generalize. Your behaviour in each situation should highlight different aspects of your personality.

Tip 2: Do not dress in casuals

Recommended dress code:

Men: Suit and tie
Women: Pants, Suit or a skirt suit

Tip 3: Be on Time

As in any other interview - be on time. For Alumni initiated interviews, call them and confirm the time and location of the interview. For MIT Sloan, reach the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

Tip 4: Don’t Exaggerate or Lie

When lot of follow-up questions are asked, it is easy to get carried away and exaggerate your stories. Don’t! Although your weakness might come out with the stories, the overwhelming strength of your personality will compensate any weakness. By not mentioning events that reveals your weakness, the stories will have visible gaps. The AdCom will not give you the benefit of the doubt if any part of your story is missing.

Key Questions

1) Any updates to your application or anything new you've accomplished at work?
2) Tell me about an incident when you persuaded your colleague.
3) Tell me about a time when you mentored someone.
4) Tell me about a time when you had to assert yourself, when people were not receptive towards your ideas.
5) Tell me about a time when a team member didn’t meet your expectations.
6) Tell me about a time when you had conflict with your team member. How did you resolve it?
7) Tell me about a time when you resolved a conflict between two people.
8) Tell me about a time when you failed or didn’t do justice to your responsibilities (talent)
9) Have you received any constructive feedback from your team?
10) How will your team members describe you?
11) Tell me about your personal goal that you are working on.
12) What are some of the greatest risks that you have taken?
13) What is your proudest accomplishment?
14) What qualities would you like to come across to the AdCom team?
15) What kind of projects are you doing now?
16) Do you have any recent accomplishments that are not mentioned in the application?
17) Do you have any questions for me?

P.S: The above list is the general questions that you can expect. Each question will have follow-up questions according to your profile.

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