MIT Sloan Cover Letter Template (2018 Entering Class)

Now that you have an overview of the kind of candidates who are accepted at MIT Sloan, it is time to do a life audit. We recommend this to all our clients. If you skip this exercise, the chances are that you will cite a ‘not so great’ event that will miss the mark due to perceived non-competitiveness of your role or lack of context, or both. Especially with 300-words and a professionally communicative device like the cover letter, you can’t cite multiple examples from your professional life.
When you are shortlisting the most impactful events for MIT Sloan, follow the three-structure format

Achievement Overview-> Achievement Specifics -> Impact of your team’s success

Our team earned the honor of the fastest growing department in China Telecom contributing a yearly revenue of $500 million, allowing the company to invest the surplus cash in 5G technology.

<Achievement Overview>
  Our team earned the honor of the fastest growing department in China Telecom

<Achievement Specifics> contributing a yearly revenue of over $500 million

<Impact of your team’s success>
allowing the company to invest the surplus cash in 5G technology

Once you have the achievement list with the impact mentioned clearly, create the achievement and the corresponding impact in a Tabular format. Also, translate the achievement to dollar value.

How to Create IMPACT Table - Included in MIT Sloan MBA Essay Guide

There are two metrics that you have to map – the revenue/profit/dollar value with respect to the size of the company, which is measured by the Project Revenue to the Total Revenue ratio, and second the impact of the project on the company’s future. This can be anything ranging from acquiring a new customer to improving market share by 15%. The more specific the impact, the better you will be at articulating your success.

Hurdles that you should mention in the Cover Letter: What your team achieved would mean nothing if you don’t mention one of the five hurdles. With essays, you had the chance to expand on the hurdles, but with cover letter, a single line hinting the hurdle is sufficient.

5 Hurdles that you should mention in MIT Sloan Cover Letter - Included in MIT Sloan Essay Guide

MIT Sloan Profile Example: Let us look at the first example “Our team earned the honor of the fastest growing department in China Telecom contributing yearly revenue of $500 million, allowing the company to invest the surplus cash in 5G technology”

Now let us look at the personality traits of the applicant that allowed the team to be the fastest growing department in China Telecom.

1) Impact Oriented
2) Analytical + Creative

Impact worth mentioning in MIT Sloan Cover Letter: As an applicant, citing the example of navigating the complex egos and delicate censorship issues might seem counterproductive for MIT, but he chose to highlight impact as a value that he shared with Sloan. In 2010, the candidate saw an opportunity to expand the telecom giant’s service to small and medium scale businesses by formulating a strategic partnership with the German software giant SAP.

MIT Sloan MBA Cover Letter Checklist

The standard cover letters for jobs are 500-word long that gives the opportunity to add more than one motivation. Here is a checklist that you should adhere while creating the cover letter:

1) Focus on two aspects of you education
2) Focus on at least two aspects when writing about employment
3) Cite at least one hurdle from the Employment
4) One quality that you found attractive
5) Focus on one theme/value that matches with MIT Sloan.
6) Go to the specifics of MIT Sloan MBA Curriculum
7) Conclude with how MIT Sloan MBA would give the necessary building blocks for the next stage of your career and connect with your value/theme

Sample Cover Letter

August 07, 2016
Mr. Jon Chui

Dear Mr. Rod Garcia,

I am writing to express my interest in joining the MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2020. With a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I had the chance to work with the Search Engine giant, Baidu, before pursuing my interest in telecom infrastructure with China Telcom - the largest State Owned Enterprise. Working with a nimble culture in Baidu and a bureaucratic hierarchy in the government, gave me the experiences of both the worlds.

With a GPA of 3.7 from one of China’s top

The above Post is an excerpt from MIT Sloan MBA Essay Guide

Download the Sloan Essay Guide for complete Cover Letter and a step-by-step tutorial on creating the IMPACT table (essential for a targeted cover letter)

MIT Sloan Cover Letter Sample

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