MBA Application Tips and Tricks

MBA Application Essay Tips (School Specific)

Stanford GSB MBA Application Essay Tips

In this Stanford MBA Essay Tips article, we will cover the qualities that Stanford GSB value, the strategies that will help you with a productive writing process, and tips to answer each question. The total word count should not exceed 1600 words. For 2013-14, the total number of essays required to be answered is three, that include two essays (Essay 1 and 2) about personal motivations, and one essay (essay 3 from three options) about events, circumstances, and people that have shaped your personality.

Columbia Business School Essay Tips

Columbia MBA Essays for 2013-14 has been released. Columbia Business School has reduced the total word count from 1250 words to 1000. However, the number of essays has increased to four from three. This year, the school has introduced a 100-character short-answer question. In this Columbia MBA Essay Tips article, we will cover the best practices for writing essays, how to pick the gist of the videos for essay 2 and overall strategies for differentiating yourself from other applicants.

Harvard MBA Essay Tips

Harvard MBA 2013-14 Essay for the Class of 2016 has been released. The big surprise has been the open-ended essay without any word limit. In this HBS Essay tip article, we will cover the changes in the MBA Admission process, characteristics of MBA Applicants that Harvard Business School values, elements of your personality that should be included in the essay and best practices to ace the essay.

MIT MBA Essay Tips

MIT MBA Essays for 2013-14 has been released. Unlike other schools, MIT Sloan School of Management has made no changes in the number of essays, and the word limit for each one of them. The number of essays is two and the word limit is 500 words or less for each essay. In this MIT Sloan MBA Essay Tip article, we will cover leadership traits that Sloan values and offer specific tips for answering the two essays.

Sample MBA Essay - Describe when you were part of a team where the group process and/or intended outcome failed. What did you learn?

Sample MBA Essay - How do you define teamwork

Sample MBA Essay - What does ethics mean to you

Sample MBA Essay - What is your greatest weakness

Sample MBA Essay - Have you been involved in charity/volunteer and/or entrepreneurial activities

Sample MBA Essay - What is the most important thing in your life

Sample MBA Essay - Why MBA from our business School

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter - Please comment on the applicant's potential for leadership.

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter - Strength of Applicant ( From a Business Owner/classmate)

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter - What would you say are the applicant's key weaknesses or areas for improvement?

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter -What would you say are the applicant's key strengths and talents

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