MBA Admissions Interview - Tips and Tricks

I did my homework, researched about the Admission Manager, listened to his tunes, and finally made a pre-interview call. The Admission Manager, who was a part-time music director, wasn't interested in the call. I wasn't completely sold on featuring the MBA program in F1GMAT either since the school didn't publish post-MBA salary. The 15-minute call was one of the most awkward conversations I ever had. Mind you - I have been interviewing for 8 years.

I wasn't motivated. My research was peripheral - learning about the hobbies of the person I was interviewing instead of creating a conversation plan. Don’t make the mistakes I made. Follow these 5-conversation plans before the interview:

1) Be...

MBA Admission Interview ScenariosMBA Admission interviews generally start with personal questions related to your education, work experience, and goals. This is followed by specifics, mostly related to the job experience. The answers are personal, but make sure that you follow the best practices, and understand the intent behind each question.

Failed to meet Project Deadlines

If you have worked 3-5 years in more than three projects, it is likely that you would have missed at least one project deadline – not...

Skype MBA Admission Interview TipsIf you are an international MBA, and the alumnus in your Country is not available for a one on one interview, it is likely that you have to attend the interview via Skype. The moment we bring in technology, the seriousness, and the preparation required for the interview goes down. Here are some best practices that MBA Aspirants have to follow while preparing for Skype Interview.

1) Dress Code

Although Skype is an online tool for communication, the nature of the interview does not change...

Harvard MBA Post Interview ReflectionAs part of the HBS MBA Admission Interview process, you will have to fill up a post-interview reflection in the ‘Application Status’ page, within 24 hours of the interview. We hope you have crushed the interview (if you are planning to attend the interview, Download F1GMAT's MBA Admission Interview Guide - strategies on how to influence the interviewer...

MBA Admission Telephonic Interview TipsDuring a telephonic interview, an admission staff and a faculty member lead the telephonic interview. Here are some pointers for your interview:

Read your Essays

The admission officers ask questions for three reasons – to measure your communication skill, to check whether the things you have written about yourselves truly represent you and to evaluate your ...

MBA Admission Interview Gap AnalysisWhile preparing for MBA Admissions Interview, candidates should understand the awareness gap of the Interviewer.  Before conducting the interview, the Interviewer – an admissions officer, alumnus or current student(rarely), would evaluate the profile based on three data sources – resume, essays and internet (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Discussion Forums, LinkedIn and Slideshare).

Scenario 1: Resume

Most likely, the interviewer will read the resume 2 or 3 times to get an...

Kellogg MBA Admission Interview TipsKellogg requires all MBA Applicants to request for an Interview. Please bear in mind that requesting for an off-campus interview does not guarantee an invitation for the same. For on-campus Interview, expect a response within 2 Business days. For off-campus Interview, it can take up to eight weeks depending upon the demand and location.

Process: There are two parts for Kellogg MBA Application with the Interview part being the first. While requesting for the...

Tell me about Yourself MBA Admission InterviewAn MBA Admission interview typically starts with “Tell me about yourself”. It is easy to talk about yourself but understanding what is relevant, and guiding the interviewer to the next question depends on how you answer this question. Follow the 10-20-30-40 rule when it comes to dividing the answer into four relevant segments.

10-20-30-40 Rule

Personal details: family & hometown should occupy the least time in the interview. Most time should be spent explaining your passion...

MBA Admission Interview - Greatest AccomplishmentsThe phrase “Greatest Accomplishment” is intimidating, and you start searching for the extra-ordinary - the one achievement that is comparable with what other candidates have achieved. This approach is wrong. Instead, shortlist the achievement where you had to learn a lot, work with diverse personalities, and in the end achieved your objective despite a limited budget and time.

Avoid the Trivial

Trivial achievements are tasks, not projects. For any substantial...

Nervous Interview in MBA AdmissionsF1GMAT: How can we prevent nerves from affecting our performance in the interview?

ZoomInterviews: There’s no substitute for preparation when it comes to feeling more relaxed and comfortable in the interview.  Many applicants underestimate how much preparation it actually takes to have polished and...

What Motivates an InterviewerBusiness Schools might have obsessively evaluated your motivation to do an MBA, but don’t forget schools, and admissions team have motivations too. Selecting the best candidate is a goal not the motivation behind the evaluation. When an MBA Admission Interviewer - an Alumnus, takes time away from their schedule to meet you and discuss your plans, they are not getting paid by the hour as a consultant. For a member of the MBA Admission team, the interaction is much more focused. They cannot give excuses like “I was busy last week”. It’...

MIT Sloan MBA Admission Interview TipsMIT Sloan MBA Admission Interviews are different. Instead of the standard Why MBA and Why MIT Sloan MBA questions, the Adcom conducts Behavioral Event-Based Interviews (BEI). The idea behind BEI is to evaluate how you responded to challenging situations. Your response to past events is an indicator of your future behavior.

Interview Conducted by:
AdCom or Alumni

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 Hour

Style of Interview: Formal



Categories : Ivey Business School

Ivey MBA Admission Interviews are by invitation only. The Admission team prefer interviews in-person. It can be during recruiting trips internationally or in Canada, or during campus visit. For candidates who don’t have the opportunity to attend in-person interview, a Skype interview will be conducted

Interview Conducted by: Admissions and Career Service Team

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Rounds: 1 -2

Recommended Read:...

Process: Wharton MBA Admission Interviews are by invitation only. Unlike interviews in other schools, the admission team facilitates a team-based discussion (TBD) with the goal of figuring out how you approach problems, opportunities, and leverage teamwork for achieving learning goals.

Interview Schedule

• 35 minutes for TBD
• 10 minutes one on one conversation with the Admission team

Style of Interview: Team Discussion with groups of 4-5 applicants, followed by a small 10 minutes one on one interview with the admission team (second-year student or the admission officer)

Selection Criteria: Adaptability, Awareness, Decision Making, Leadership, and...

Walk me through your resumeAfter the initial pleasantries, 90% of the MBA Admission interviewer will start with this question – “Walk me through your resume.” We are assuming that you have rewritten your long-form job resume to a 1-page MBA Admissions resume.

Don’t Start with your Name

When we conducted mock interviews, almost all candidates started with “As you know my name is X.” What a waste of...

Johnson at Cornell University MBA Admission Interviews is by invitation only. The admission team provide a variety of interview options namely campus visits, alumni interview in your country and Skype interviews.
Interview Conducted by AdCom, Alumni or Current Students (In some cases, AdCom and Current Student will be present in the interview)

Duration: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour and 30 minutes

Style of Interview: Pleasant to Formal by AdCom, and Aggressive to Formal by current Students/Alumni



1) Read your resume

Like any top MBA Admissions interview, interviewers at Johnson MBA will use the resume as the...

London MBA Admission Interview TipsTip 1: Use "London Business School" instead of LBS when you are communicating with the officials

Interview Schedule

25 minutes - Interviewer asks questions
10 minutes - Presentation by the interviewer on a topic
5 minutes - Interviewee has to prepare a 3 minutes presentation on the topic
5-10 minutes - Presentation
10-20 minutes - Q &A by Interviewee

Key Questions

1) What would your peers say about you?
2) Are...

MBA Admissions Interview Dos and DontsWe caught up with ZoomInterviews and asked them about the Do's and Don'ts for MBA admission interviews. We also asked them about the importance of a good handshake. They have some valuable advice for all you MBA hopefuls. Here is the...

F1GMAT:  During the interview process what are the Dos and Don’ts that a candidate has to keep in mind?



1. Make a connection between your career goals and what the school can offer you; explain to the interviewer why attending b-school, especially this one, is the next best step in your career.

2. Be able to convey your key message(s) for each answer in...

Interview Tips for Top Business SchoolsHow should I prepare for MBA Admissions Interview? What are the skills, personalities and fit that top schools like Harvard, Stanford and Wharton are trying to figure out through the interview? Are there any additional aspect of my application that should be highlighted in the interview or consistency is the key?

In plain English, through the interview process, they want to know that you can listen, respond and connect with another human being in front of you (not everyone...

MBA Admission Interview Question - How do you define success?When Booth’s Admission team started asking this question consistently over the past years, candidates were wondering whether they should cite the $275,000 post-MBA salary as success or give some profound statements like “the purpose of life is the life of purpose.” It is too deep, and MBA Admission interviewer will give that dreaded blank look. Save the Robin Sharma quote for some other time.

Context Context Context

Don’t give the pre-meditated...

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Insead MBA Admission Interview TipsProcess

Insead Interview sessions have two rounds. Alumni from your country conduct these interviews. In many cases, the interviewer would be from a similar background as that of yours.  Only in exceptional cases, where there are no interviewers available in your country, will Insead conduct a phone interview

Interview Schedule: 1- 1.5 hrs


Stanford MBA Interview TipsProcess

Stanford GSB admission interviews are by invitation only. The admission committee reviews the candidates’ application before considering them for interview. They consider between 800-1200 applicants for this round. The Adcom contacts candidates via email or phone.

Note: Do not call or contact the admission office to request for an interview.


Harvard MBA Interview TipsProcess: Harvard MBA Admissions interview are conducted in one round. Interviews are conducted by the MBA Admissions Board member on campus, via Skype or in domestic or international cities (closest to your current place of residence). The MBA Admissions team has clearly stated that the date on which the interviews are scheduled (with respect to the application deadlines) does not affect the candidacy.


Answering question about Difficult BossDifficult Bosses come in two forms – the domineering and abusive for the sake of it, and the difficult boss who is behind your back to reach project or company goals. You might have realized this: once you understand the intent behind the pressure, handling their requests and interruption becomes an art. MBA Admission Interviewers ask this question for two reasons – is it difficult to work with you and how you handled authority.


The pressures that...

MBA Admission Interviwer Personality TypesPersonality evaluation is one of the objectives of an MBA Admission interview. But interviewees often miss the chance to evaluate the personality of the interviewer – a task that can help them tune the tone and style of the answer. It is not what you say, but how you say it that helps the interviewer evaluate your personality. The chance to evaluate the interviewer happens with the small talk about your family, and the location of the interview.

There are numerous studies on evaluating and classifying...

Switching Jobs MBA Admission InterviewSwitching jobs is a red flag for job interviews, and can be one for MBA Admission interview if the switch is more than two in a period of 3 years. You can change this weakness into strength by successfully articulating how your search for the right career started from the first year, on the job, and have led you to consider an MBA.

Admit Lack of Clarity

The often-heard answer about career search is a fake story about the search for better work environment, and team....

MBA Admission Interview - Three Dimensions of a PersonalityThree aspects of your personality - Personal, Cultural, and Academic would play an important role in the selection process. Balancing them out is not necessary but understanding how to sell in these three dimensions is crucial.


The first point of evaluation is to understand the candidate’s personal qualities. Business Schools value leadership, confidence, teamwork, vision, communication, calculated...

MBA Admissions Interview Likeability
Likeability is not only important for sales, job interviews, movies, politics and marketing, but play a major role in MBA Admissions interview. The likeability factors are different for Skype Interviews and face-to-face interviews.

The most famous example of Likeability is the first televised presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960. Nixon recovering from a recent hospitalization...

MBA Admission Interview Questions for AdComAlmost all MBA Admission interviews will end with the question – “Do you have any questions for me”. Therefore, it is only appropriate that you learn the best practices.

Before we go into best practices, do the following tasks, the week before your interview.

1) Research about the School

You might have done extensive research about the school by visiting the website, interacting with alumni and AdCom during campus visit, MBA Tours and other social gatherings. Nevertheless...

MBA Admission Interview First ImpressionWhen MBA Applicants reach the Admission Interview stage, they tend to focus on the questions. The type of questions that are asked by the interviewer depends on the first impression. According to recent Studies in Personality and Social Psychology, first impression is primarily influenced by facial features, grooming, & posture.

Good Looks

When we are talking about good looks, we are not referring to the movie star good looks but looks that fix the interviewer’...

MBA Admission Interview Industry and Role Question

The small talk at the beginning of an MBA admission interview set the tone for the interaction. After learning about the family, upbringing, and education, the interviewer quickly shifts the subject of the conversation to one topic- professional experience. Two sub-topics emerge in this...

MBA Admission Interview Backup Plan“What is your backup plan if you don’t get into our MBA Program,” can unsettle most MBA aspirants, as they take this as a hint on their performance. In fact, the Interviewer is measuring several characteristics with this question:

1) Handling Uncertain Scenarios

The first question that comes to an MBA candidate’s mind is “Did I perform poorly to get this question?” The AdCom wants to know how you handle uncertainty. They know that it takes effort, time, balanced GMAT score and...

MBA Admission Interview Low GradesMBA Admission interviews starts with “tell me about yourself”, and ventures into academics, work experience, goals and your future contribution in an ad-hoc or a sequential manner, depending on the interviewer’s style of conversation. Business Schools ask Original transcripts for a reason – measure your ability to complete an MBA program successfully. Your answer to questions regarding academics depends on three...

Conflict Management MBA Admission InterviewUnless you have worked for an incompetent team, or a group of “Yes Men”, you would have faced a few conflicts either with you as a personality or with the ideas you recommend. Conflict in itself is not bad. In fact, most teams develop deep camaraderie after they settle their differences. The problem arises when the conflict about ideas or authority becomes personal dislikes. Most team would question the authority of the leader, at least initially, but once they realize the commitment of the leader, his...

MBA Admission Interview Work ExperienceMost MBA Admission interviewers after going through your personal background and academics will focus on you career. The first question will start with a summary question – “Tell me about your career progression till now”, or “Tell me about your career. What motivated you to choose the current...

MBA Admission Interview HandshakesHandshake is a ritual that has been practiced from 4th Century BC in Ancient Greek as a gesture of peace and equality. In modern Businesses setting, handshake is the first point of contact with a stranger in most cases. For MBA Admission interviews, the first impression is created based on this simple gesture.

How Long Should It Last

The length of the handshake depends on the...

MBA Admission Interview InnovationMBA Admission interviewer is unlikely to ask about innovation directly in an Interview, but the question would have variations like “What innovative solutions did you create during your employment?”. Don’t exaggerate simple solutions as innovation, or underestimate the innovative capacity of your solution.

Unbiased Evaluation

In order to evaluate whether a solution is innovative, you need a third-party’s  opinion – not your family or friend, unless they are brutally...

MBA Admission Interview RapportBuild Rapport with the interviewer is a common advice given to MBA hopefuls. But no one has dissected what it means to build rapport. You can do a lot to create first impression – a genuine smile, positive thoughts about the interviewer, firm handshake, and steady eye contact without staring. The first impression rituals last for about 1 to 2 minutes. Beyond that, it is all about building rapport.

The need for building rapport is because of our instinctive behavior – the more we like a person the more we...

MBA Admission Interview Dont be Boring“I could connect with him like I have not connected with any other person,” shared an MIT MBA student about his Admission interview. “We felt completely engaged during our conversation.” Most interesting conversation will not have that awkward long-pause when you are searching for the next topic. Before you learn to be a master conversationalist, cross the first hurdle – “How not to be boring.”

1) Don’t Start & End everything with an “I”

When you are in an MBA...

MBA Admission Interview Greatest AccomplishmentThis is where understanding your interviewer’s background (explained in MBA Admission Interview Guide) is important. For someone from a consulting background, the greatest professional achievement is when the consultant brings organizational changes that generate substantial cash flow, gives the client a competitive edge, and sparks a cycle...

Booth MBA Admission Interview TipsChicago Booth MBA Admission Interview will be granted on an invitation-only basis. The invitation is provided after evaluation of your application. The candidates will be invited to an interview during the mid-decision date with details on how to schedule an appointment. Booth MBA candidates will be provided with only one interview.

Interview Conducted by: Admissions staff, Students or Alumni


Creative MBA Admission InterviewWhen MBA Admission interviewer asks this question, a candidate’s natural tendency is to answer the question from the narrow scope of creation, but if you pay close attention, the interviewer is looking for evidence of self-expression.


Self-Expression needs a canvas and a story. Don’t worry if you have not written a single short story or you are not particularly good at telling funny anecdotes in parties. We are all great storytellers. Just stop...

Columbia MBA Interview TipsColumbia MBA Admission Interview is by invitation only. The timing of the invitation will have no impact over the acceptance to Columbia Business School. The interviews cannot be requested by Columbia MBA Candidates. The invitation will be through e-mail.

Interview Conducted by: Alumni

Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

If an Alumnus is not available near or in your city, the...

MBA Admission Interview Biggest ObstacleBefore answering this question, you should know the other commonly asked MBA Admission Interview Questions. Based on the distribution of questions – professional or personal, you should plan for this question. We recommend that you include a personal account; something inspiring that led you to develop your principal personality trait. It can be...

MBA Admission Interview ExperienceMBA Admission Interviews are never evaluated in isolation. It is part validation and part discovery. The Adcom is primarily validating the personality that is conveyed through the essays. They want to make sure that the essays are not the imagination of an MBA Admissions consultant or an expert editor, who has carefully constructed the essays to represent the candidate’s profile in the best possible light. Interviews offer Adcom with the opportunity to evaluate the experience of interacting with the candidate.

MBA Admission Interview TipsTalking about oneself passionately doesn’t come naturally to us, unless you are in Sales. Most MBA Applicants are not happy with their current responsibilities. They want a change in career or career progression in alignment with their potential and talents. Schools, however, will evaluate you based on what you have achieved. If you can’t talk with passion about your achievements, the admission team would find you uninspiring.

We find people engaging for two reasons – humor and for similar values and interests....

MBA Admissions InterviewWe’ve written before about how you don’t go into your MBA admissions interview with a blank slate. Even in the case of a “blind” admissions interview in which the interviewer may have nothing more than your resume, the admissions office already knows a great deal about you, and you can be sure that what the interviewer learns will be fed back into your file....

MBA Admission Interview MistakesMBA Admissions interviews are always important – the candidate knows that a strong performance at this juncture will mean a sure admission, while an unconvincing one will mean the end of the road this time round. Here are five critical mistakes we have seen candidates make over the years, and tips on how to avoid the errors:

Wanting to do an MBA for a higher salary: While it is fine to have a higher salary as one of the aims for doing an MBA, don’t make it...

MBA Admission Interview TipsMBA Interviews are a critical part of the MBA Admission process; they can make or break a school’s decision to admit a prospective student. Students that look good on paper (via their MBA essays, resume and recommendation letters) are being tested in the interview - are they as good as they claim to be? Did they really write their own essay? Can they communicate and connect? The burden of proof is on the student.


MBA Admission Interview Handling ChangeMoving back from work to student life would be the biggest change that an MBA candidate would face after the exhausting MBA Admission process. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Interviewers ask this question – “How do you handle change?”. For international students, the change is even more pronounced – they move to a different country, adapt to the weather, people, cuisines, and culture.

Business = Change

Online Businesses are not the only model that...

Top 31 MBA Programs + Analysis of 24 Industries (United States)

We analyze the MBA Curriculum, Class Profile, Total Cost and Post-MBA Salary of Top 31 MBA programs in the US.

+ Industry Trends

+ Future of Aerospace, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automobile, Clean Tech, Education, Energy, Fashion, Financial Services, Insurance, FinTech, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Military, Manufacturing, Maritime, Media/Advertising, Technology, Tourism, Trade, Transportation and Logistics, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR).

Pages: 327


"I have not reviewed many books for MBA Admission consulting companies but doing it now to give all applicants a brief idea on what the book covers. The book includes 31 top MBA programs - almost all the top schools you have heard or considering for your MBA application. Each chapter is categorized by US States where there is at least one top MBA program. So you have California and Massachusetts with the most number of MBA programs and several states with one top program (Washington, Minnesota, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Virginia, and Maryland) and other states with two to three MBA programs. The book focuses on four aspects of an MBA program - curriculum, cost, class profile and post-MBA salary. For me, the breakdown of the cost and post-MBA industry was useful to make my decision on selecting the top 5 programs for 2017-18. It is a fascinating read in an industry where consultants overprice for their expertise. I recently bought a 30-page guide for $49. Compared to the obvious observation in that book, the 300+ page, MBA in US - the Ultimate guide is a goldmine of information and analysis." - Verified Purchase (21st June 2017)

"I bought the ultimate guide after a friend recommended it for me. The guide covers a lot of ground on the history of each prominent US states and goes into the reasons why a certain industry emerged from each state. In addition to the analysis of the economy, trends and expected changes in the next 5 years, the book features top MBA programs in each state with an extensive study of its curriculum. Ultimate guide is an essential reference book for MBA Applicants if they want to shortlist MBA programs based on value and cost, and not just ranking. " - Verified Purchase (14th June 2017)

"Should be a required reading before applying for an MBA. School events and MBA Tours are PR events disguised as a Q&A. On the contrary, the book is an unbiased analysis of each Top MBA program in the US supported by a large dataset and historical context on each industry. The guide builds a case for indstries that are likely to emerge as favourite for MBA graduates. Thorough and a valuable book." - Verified Purchase (15th June 2017)

"What I liked: The breadth of the information. Some of my favorite nonfiction books have taken the same approach as the ultimate guide have - cover background information in-depth. In the book, the author uses parallel threads to demonstrate the history of the state and the rise of industries. Will make you think how schools thrive based on the policy set by the state. California's obsession with Technology has revolutionized how we do Business and changed post-MBA trends. Many MBA applicants will be consulting or doing marketing for a Technology company. That is one key finding from the book. The latest development in AI, FinTech, and Automation is an additional context that I found valuable in the book.

Very informative. I would recommend that you read the book at least once in chronological order before using Table of Contents." - Verified Purchase (2nd July 2017)

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