LBS MBA Essay Tips

LBS MBA Essay TipsLondon Business School has published the MBA Application Essays for the Class of 2016. This year, there are three essay questions with 500, 400 and 300 word limits. The essays cover short-term and long-term goals, value that applicants will add to the school, and how the school will enable candidates to reach their goals.

LBS MBA Essays for Class of 2016

Essay Question 1: What will your future look like after completing your MBA? (500 words)

This is an interesting question. The LBS team has rephrased the short-term and long-term goals question with this essay. When you answer this question, state how your future would look like in terms of knowledge, preparedness, new skills, networking, and leadership.

Explain how the program will open up opportunities in new sectors if you are a career switcher.

Explain how the program will accelerate your career growth, and introduce you to new responsibilities.

Specific examples are important here. Visit the employment trends page, and analyze how the alumni have accepted job offers: the industry, functions, roles, location, and companies. Find out career paths that are similar to your post-MBA goals. If someone has shifted from IT to marketing, learn about her career path. If possible, contact the alumni, and learn how the program enabled them to switch careers.

Ask them about:

a) The course and activities that helped them with skill development.
b) Diversity in Class Experience and how it helped with the learning experience
c) The networking opportunities
d) Student clubs that helped them the most
e) Travel opportunities that helped them grow

Once you have a clear idea about the value that the course is offering, explaining your future with an LBS MBA would be easy. It is essential that you contact an Alumnus, preferably the latest class, and get an insider view about the program.

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Experiential learning at London Business School

Essay Question 2: What value will you add to London Business School? (300 words)

The value that you add to London Business School will be a combination of your participation in student clubs & competitions, classroom interaction and leadership potential.

Student Clubs and Competitions

London Business School hosts 70+ clubs that cover professional, social, regional, and sporting areas and enhance students’ quest to follow their interests.


• Entrepreneurial Leadership Series
• China Business Forum
• Global Healthcare Summit
• Global Energy Summit
• Women in Business Conference
• Private Equity VC Conference
• Retail & Luxury Goods Conference
• Africa Day


• Essay Competition - Financial Services Essay Competition
• Case Competition - AT Kearney Global Prize Competition
• Business Plan Competition - CleanTech
• LBS Stock Pitch Competition

Career Treks

• Paris Trek - Retail & Luxury Goods and Energy
• Silicon Valley Technology Trek - Technology
• Berlin Trek - Start ups
• Geneva Commodity Trek - Energy
• Swiss Healthcare Trek - Healthcare
• New York Trek - Sports Business

Social trips and events

• Tattoo
• YATRA India Trip
• Duke Rugby Tour
• Japan Trip
• Ghana Microfinance Trip
• Spring Break Sailing

Pick clubs, competitions, trips, and conferences where your contribution will be substantial. It should be aligned with your post-MBA goal. Specify how your will contribute. If you are not sure about the activities, contact current students and learn about the agenda.

Classroom Interaction

Diversity in experience and nationality are traits that LBS values. It is important to articulate how you will contribute in the class. Explain how you will leverage your professional and personal experience to enhance the classroom experience.

Leadership Potential

Read 7 traits that proves Leadership Potential in MBA Applicants before writing this section.

The 7 traits of leadership are:

• Information Ninja
• Impact Oriented
• Creative Problem Solving
• Fast Learning
• Play by the Rules
• Zero Tolerance for Low Performance
• Collaboration

Demonstrate the instance where you have encapsulated most of the traits listed above.

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Essay Question 3: What is the School's responsibility to you and what is your responsibility to the School? (400 words)

AdCom wants to know how you would help current students to reach their goals after earning an MBA. The Alumni network is spread over 120 countries with over 34,000+ members in the group.
Demonstrate how you will participate in alumni clubs, which is divided based on location and interests (Entrepreneurs, investors, media, volunteering and HR).

An MBA student’s responsibility is not limited to the Alumni network. Explain how you will be a positive force in the society, and how your contribution matters.. The school’s responsibility is to create the environment where you can learn, interact, contribute, and discover your leadership style.

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