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2014-15 LBS MBA Essay Tips

LBS MBA Essay TipsLondon Business School has published the MBA Application Essays for the Class of 2017. This year, there are three essay questions with 500, 300 and 400-word limits. The essays cover short-term goals; the value that applicants will add to the school, and other information that candidates would like to share with the admissions team.

LBS MBA Essays for Class of 2017

Essay Question 1: What are your post-MBA plans and how will your past experience and the London Business School programme contribute? (500 words)

The LBS team has rephrased the short-term and long-term goals question with this essay. When you answer this question, state how your future would look like in terms of knowledge, preparedness, new skills, networking, and leadership.

Explain how the program will open up opportunities in new sectors if you are a career switcher.

Explain how the program will accelerate your career growth, and introduce you to new responsibilities.

Specific examples are important here. Visit the employment trends page, and analyze how the alumni have accepted job offers: the industry, functions, roles, location, and companies. Find out career paths that are similar to your post-MBA goals. If someone has shifted from IT to marketing, learn about her career path. If possible, contact the alumni and learn how the program enabled them to switch careers. Ask them about:

a) The courses and activities that helped them
b) Diversity in Class Experience and how it helped with the learning experience
c) The networking opportunities
d) Student clubs that helped them the most
e) Travel opportunities that helped them grow

Once you have a clear idea about value that the course is offering, explaining your future with an LBS MBA would be easy. It is essential that you contact an Alumnus, preferably the latest class, and get an insider view about the program.

Analyze how your pre-MBA experience will complement the LBS MBA experience. If you are a career switcher, and would like to work in consulting, the courses and hands-on experience will contribute towards skill development. But you can also mention how you offered consulting service for non-profit or one of the start-ups you worked. Share your learning experience, and explain how your passion was ignited with your first consulting gig. What was so liberating about that experience? Your motivation, pre-MBA Experience and post-MBA goal will be connected in a coherent manner.

2014-15 Winning MBA Essay Guide teaches you how to promote your Creativity, Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (Three Qualities that Business Schools measure) by using Contexts, Persuasion Techniques and Storytelling.

The Essay Guide answers essays asked in Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, Columbia, London Business School, Kellogg, Tepper, NYU Stern, Michigan Ross, Tippie, USC Marshall, Cornell, Tepper, Duke Fuqua, UCLA, Darden,Yale, ISB PGP and Haas MBA programs.

Essay Guide Format: 250 Pages (PDF Download)

Download 2014-15 Winning MBA Essay Guide