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Kellogg MBA Rankings - Average Rank 11.25, Best Ranking in The Financial Times

Kellogg’s performance over the last year have fluctuated both ways – a large improvement in one ranking, and lower declines in the other three. BusinessWeek and US News both registered a 1-place slide, from 5 to 4 and 4 to 3 respectively. The Economist saw a two places slide from 18 to 20. However, Financial Times was the only publication that showed marked improvement in ranking from 21 to 16, for Kellogg. Overall, Kellogg has maintained a good position among the best Business Schools. Only time will tell whether the minor slides are just hiccups and not the start of a trend.

Kellogg MBA Ranking

Average Rank: 11.25

Note: All the below data includes 2-year, 1-Year, MMM and JD-MBA taken together

Kellogg MBA Class Profile – Nationality

Kellogg MBA Nationality

Kellogg MBA Salary - 2012

Overall annual median salary:  $117,800

Kellogg MBA Jobs 2012 - By Sector

Kellogg MBA Jobs by Sector

Kellogg MBA Jobs 2011 - By Function

Kellogg MBA Jobs by Function

Kellogg MBA Budget for 2013 January intake

Tuition - $56,550
Room and Board  -   $15,711
Books and Supplies - $1,647
Travel -   $1,329
Personal -  $3,150
Health Insurance -  $2,842
Computer Equipment - $1,200
Activity Fee  -  $225
Loan Fees    -  $1,800
Total 1st-year Estimate - $84,454

Kellogg MBA GMAT

GMAT Scores (Average): 708

Kellogg MBA Class Profile

Women :    35.3%
Minority of US Origin : 19.9%
International Citizens :39.5%
Age Range : 25 - 31
Total Class Size: 658
Total 2-year MBA students: 477
Work Experience Range: 3.2 to 7.25 years
Age Range: 25 – 31 years

Financial Times1621
US News43
Economist 2018
MBA Class Profile 2012
Includes 2-year, 1-Year, MMM and JD-MBA
Europe 6%
Latin America7%
Africa/Middle East3%
North America2%
Includes 2-year, 1-Year, MMM and JD-MBA
Consulting 39.00%
Technology, Manufacturing and Services 11.00%
Other Finance 11.00%
Consumer and Packaged Goods 10.00%
Investment Banking and Investment Management 8.00%
Manufacturing 6.00%
Other Services 6%
Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Healthcare 6.00%
Retail 4.00%
Consulting 41.00%
Marketing 20.00%
Finance 17.00%
Management 8.00%
Business development 4.00%
Strategic planning 4.00%
Other* 6.00%

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