Interview with Katelyn Rosa Stephenson - Georgetown McDonough School of Business MBA

Georgetown MBA – Scholarships, Entry Criteria & Class Profile

GeorgeTown MBA Post MBA TrendsKatelyn Rosa Stephenson, Assistant Dean, Georgetown MBA Admissions shares details of merit & need based scholarships offered to Full-time MBA students, demographic snapshot of the latest class, entry criteria, & defining characteristics of a Georgetown MBA student.

Do you offer merit and need based scholarships?

Yes, we offer merit-based scholarships. Need-based financial aid is available to those who qualify. We review candidates for scholarships at the same time that we review their application for admission; no separate application is required. Everyone who completes an admission application is automatically considered for merit-based scholarship. 

Our scholarship evaluation process is holistic and takes into account both quantitative and qualitative indicators. As such, a student’s academic credentials, professional background, and potential for leadership are considered as part of the scholarship award process. 

Typically, students that fall in the upper echelon of the various ranges published in our admissions profiles are competitive for a...

Georgetown McDonough School of Business Post-MBA Opportunities: Job Function, Industry, Internship Opportunities & Is the Program Good for Career Switchers?

GeorgeTown MBA Post MBA TrendsKatelyn Rosa Stephenson, Assistant Dean, Georgetown MBA Admissions shares details of Post-MBA Job Trends & Internship Opportunities. She also explains how useful the Full-time MBA program is for career switchers.

What are some of the post-MBA trends that you have seen recently?

The Georgetown McDonough School of Business has seen extraordinary improvement in employment outcomes for its international students.  In just two years from 2011 to 2013, non-U.S. students have seen a 15% increase in average starting salary, and a 27% increase in the percentage of students receiving offers before graduation.

These improvements came at the same time as record numbers of international students in the most recent graduating class (31%) accepted jobs in the United States (64%). These numbers are a testament to the quality of the Georgetown MBA Program’s international students, its emphasis on a global business perspective, and the constantly improving reputation of a Georgetown MBA around the world.

Do full-time MBA students get...

The Biggest Misconception about Georgetown MBA is…

GeorgeTown MBA MisconceptionKatelyn Rosa Stephenson, Assistant Dean, Georgetown MBA Admissions shares some of the common misconceptions about the Full-time MBA program. She also provides an overview of the curriculum.

What is the biggest misconception about the Full-time MBA program?

The Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business appeals to a tremendously diverse population, in part because we are located in one of the most global cities in the world.  Washington, D.C. has a large international population and many people are attracted to our Program as result. 

While 75% of our students have non-native business, academic, or residency experience and 54% have non-native language proficiency
, we welcome all people that are interested in expanding their own global mindset, not just those who have already had the opportunity to do so.  The Georgetown MBA Program seeks to help create principled leaders with a global perspective through both academic and co-curricular opportunities during the MBA experience.

Some prospective students may be concerned that not having a “traditional” business background may be disadvantageous when applying to an...