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Insead MBA Deadlines (2017 and 2018 Intakes)

The Deadlines for Insead MBA January 2017 Intake  has been announced (Class of December 2017)

                   Deadline             Interview decision          Final decision
1st Round    02 Mar  2016           01 Apr 2016                13 May 2016
2nd Round   20 Apr  201          20 May 2016                24 Jun  2016
3rd Round    15 Jun 2016            15 Jul  2016                02 Sep 2016
4th Round    27 Jul 2016             26 Aug 2016                30 Sep 2016

The Deadlines for Insead MBA September 2017 Intake (Class of July 2018) has been announced
                   Deadline               Interview decision     Final decision
1st Round    21 Sep 2016            21 Oct 2016               25 Nov 2016
2nd Round   30 Nov 201           13  Jan 2017              17 Feb 2017
3rd Round    25 Jan 2017             24 Feb 2017              31 Mar 2017
4th Round    01 Mar 2017             07 Apr 2017              12 May 2017

The Deadlines for Insead MBA January 2018 Intake (Class of December 2018) has been announced

                   Deadline                Interview decision     Final decision
1st Round    15 Mar 2017            21 Apr 2017               24 May 2017
2nd Round   03 May 201           02  Jun 2017              07 Jul 2017
3rd Round    14 June 2017           13 July 2017              08 Sep 2017
4th Round    26th July 2017         26 Aug 2017              25 Aug 2017

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