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Insead MBA Admission Interview Tips

Insead MBA Admission Interview TipsProcess

Insead Interview sessions have two rounds. Alumni from your country conduct these interviews. In many cases, the interviewer would be from a similar background as that of yours.  Only in exceptional cases, where there are no interviewers available in your country, will Insead conduct a phone interview

Interview Schedule: 1- 1.5 hrs

Style of Interview: Mostly conversational. Round two would be more like a Q&A section.

Selection Criteria: Leadership, Maturity, Motivation, Fluency in English, Ability to contribute to the class (in experience and initiative)



Tip 1: Prepare

Interview should appear spontaneous but be thoroughly prepared for the interview. Conduct mock interviews or Download MBA Admission Interview Guide and learn how the conversations take place in a typical MBA admission Interview.

Tip 2: Read your resume/application at least 5 times

You should have an answer on each and every objections raised by the interviewer with respect to your resume or application.

Tip 3: Be on time

As in any other interviews, be on time

Tip 4: Dress code

Be professional in your dress code. Although the meetings are typically held in a café' and the interviewer might dress in T-shirt and Jeans, your dress code should be Business or Business casual

Men: No Jeans and T-shirt, No Jewelry except watch
Women: No revealing outfits. No Jeans and T-shirt. Minimal Jewelry

Tip 5: Focus on your USP: No exaggeration

Do not exaggerate. Objectively state your achievements. Traits that can highlight your fit with Insead:

a) Entrepreneurship

Insead supports entrepreneurship; highlight your entrepreneurial skill.

b) Multi-cultural work experience

How you were able to work with team members from other nationality and how their unique perspective helped your team etc. If you do not have any international work experience, discuss about your international travel experience, the things you have learned in each trip and your overall fit in a multi-cultural society.

c) Motivation

Show your interest in Insead by mentioning specific features of Insead business school like esteemed professors, interesting courses, vast alumni network etc. Do not force these facts into your conversation


Tip 1: Don’t contradict yourself

Your story should be consistent with what you have written in your application. It should also make sense with your long and short-term goals. Your story should support the fact that Insead can bridge the gap between your aspirations and your current state.

Tip 2: Do not focus on other business schools

Like other top business schools, Insead too does not want to hear that they were no 2 in your list. And, if they ask you why you have applied to other top schools like Wharton or Harvard, mention that there is no guarantee of your selection into Insead(make it sound like you are humble but don’t mention it in such a way that you are not confident about your candidacy) and you wanted a backup school. Give them the impression that Insead is your no a1 school.

Tip 3: 1-Year program is not Insead’s USP

Although most of the MBAs from Insead would agree that the 1-year MBA program is a huge plus, the admission team considers this trait as a minor plus. It is better to avoid mentioning the 1-year program as being the key factor in selecting Insead Business School.

Tip 4: Don’t lose your cool

In some cases, the interviewer deliberately makes the conversation a little aggressive. Be prepared for such a scenario.

Key Questions

1)  Why MBA
2)  Why now
3)  Why Insead
4)  Walk me through your resume
5)  How will Insead help you in your entrepreneurial career?
6)  Specific questions on your extra-curricular activities
7)  Can you describe your achievements at work?
8)  What was your biggest challenge at work?
9)  Could you tell me about a mistake you made? What have you learned from it?
10) What are you hobbies?
11) How will you deal with a bad boss/co-worker?
12) What is your management style?
13) Which campus do you want to study? Why?
14) How do you define leadership? Give an example where you have demonstrated leadership
15) What are your strengths and weaknesses?
16) Where do you want to work after graduation?
17) What type of role you want to be in?
18) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
19) Do you socialize?
20) Any international experience?

Note: Be prepared for specific questions regarding your industry, company or latest trends in the industry. Most of the questions in the interview would be similar to what you might have encountered in your MBA essays. Do not repeat in exact words what you have written in your essay, but keep the answers consistent with what you have written.

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