Insead Executive MBA

The INSEAD GEMBA is a 17 Weeks Global Executive MBA program with 12 weeks of on-campus and 4-5 weeks off-campus assignments, spread over 14-17 months. The primary goal of the program is to develop leadership skills that are necessary to lead in a senior managerial/leadership role.

Key Advantages

1) Complete the INSEAD GEMBA in one of the three campuses – Europe, Asia or Middle East.

2) Be part of a diverse and International class, represented by over 39 nationalities, 32 sectors, and 22% Female.

3) Emphasis on owning the learning process with Case Based Lectures, Presentations, Videos, Active Class Participation.

4) Opportunity for participants to continue the learning process by returning to campus to take the elective courses that they have missed

Course Details

1) Course Duration: 14-17 Months ( Actual Class – 17 Weeks)

2) Three Campus Sections – Europe, Asia and Middle East

3) Class Size: 111 participants

4) Average Experience: 12 Years

5) Average Age: 36 Years

6) Students can chose one of the INSEAD GEMBA sections – Europe GEMBA section, Asia GEMBA or Middle-East GEMBA.


  • Residential Study: 12 weeks (7-8 Weeks in Europe Campus, 3-4 Weeks in Asia Campus and 1 Week in Middle East Campus)
  • Number of Modules: 9
  • Duration: 14 months
  • Starts: November 10, 2012
  • Graduation: Dec 2013
  • INSEAD Europe Campus: Fontainebleau, France


  • Residential Study: 12 weeks (10 Weekends in Asia, 2-3 Weeks in Europe Campus and 1 Week in Middle East Campus)
  • Duration: 17 months
  • Starts: August 2012
  • Graduation: Dec 2013
  • INSEAD Asia Campus: Singapore

c) Middle-East INSEAD GEMBA

  • Residential Study: 12 weeks (6 Weeks in Middle-East, 2-3 Weeks in Europe Campus and 3-4 Weeks in Asia Campus)  
  • Duration: 15 months
  • Starts: October 2012
  • Graduation: Dec 2013
  • INSEAD Middle-East Campus: Abu Dhabi


  • Demonstrate leadership potential
  • Sound Academic Capability
  • GMAT Score in the range of 70-75 percentile both for Quant and Verbal or
  • Take Insead EMBA Admissions Test (Communication Analysis, Critical Thinking, Data Interpretation, Data Analysis and Case Study). To prepare for the Insead EMBA Admissions Sample Test (Click Here)
  • Should have an International Outlook (Worked with International clients, suppliers, lived abroad or have travelled abroad for work)


  • Upto 30% of the tuition fees
  • For Social Entrepreneur Scholarship which could go up to 60%.

Available Scholarships

  • INSEAD GEMBA Scholarships for Women
  • INSEAD GEMBA Scholarship for candidates active in Public Service
  • INSEAD GEMBA Alumni Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurs
  • INSEAD GEMBA Scholarship for National Diversity
  • INSEAD GEMBA Scholarship for Cross Cultural Understanding

Scholarship Requirement

1) Essay submission for each scholarship
2) Demonstrate financial need

Application Process

1) Online Application that consists of Personal Data, Letters of Recommendation, Essays (7 + 1 Job Description Essay), Official Transcripts, GMAT Score or INSEAD MBA Admission Test Score, Photograph and Application Fee

2) Application Deadlines

GEMBA Asia Section: 1st Round 30 January 2012, 2nd Round 19 March 2012, 3rd Round 30 April 2012 and 4th Round 18 June 2012
GEMBA Middle East Section: 1st Round 09 January 2012, 2nd Round 15 March 2012, 3rd Round 14 June 2012 and 4th Round 24 August 2012
GEMBA Europe Section: 1st Round 19 March 2012, 2nd Round 15 May 2012, 3rd Round 25 June 2012 and 4th Round 03 September 2012


Europe Campus (INSEAD Global Executive MBA Office)
Boulevard de Constance
77305 Fontainebleau Cedex

Hilde Deschoemaeker
Tel: +33 1 60 72 90 54

Patrick Parker
Tel: +33 1 60 72 42 97

Abu Dhabi Campus (INSEAD Global Executive MBA Office)
Muroor Road, Street No. 4, P.O Box 48049
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Laith Dajani
Tel: +971 2 651 5200

Asia Campus (INSEAD Global Executive MBA Office)
1 Ayer Rajah Avenue
Singapore 138676

Mark Sturman
Tel: +65 6799 5356

Antony Widjaja
Tel: +65 6799 5350


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