Harvard Full-time MBA Salary Job Function & Industry (2017)

For the Class of 2016, the median Base Salary was $135,000 with a quarter of the class earning a median salary of $118,000 and the remaining 75% earning $147,000. Financial Services overtook Consulting by $5,000 to attract the best pay package of $150,000 median base salary. MBAs joining non-profit cited the lowest pay at a median base salary of $110,000.

Harvard MBA Salary by Industry
When you compare the job functions – consulting leads at $140,000 while Venture Capital/Private Equity takes the second position with $131,875 median base salary.
Harvard MBA Salary by Function

The best data point to measure the impact of a top MBA program is the salary by location. For Harvard MBAs, International location fetched only $8000 less than the salary earned in the United States – a factor that makes HBS MBA the most sought after program. For the HBS Class of 2016, the majority (23%) found job opportunities in New York City, followed by California Bay Area (15%) and Boston (14%).

Harvard MBA Employment Report

Harvard MBA Salary% Median Base Salary Median Signing Bonus Total Salary (Median)
By Industry100% $135,000 $25,000 $160,000
Consulting25% $145,000 $25,000 $170,000
Consumer Products 3% $104,000 $25,000 $129,000
Entertainment / Media 3% $130,500 $15,000 $145,500
Financial Services 28% $150,000 $40,000 $190,000
Health Care 8% $125,000 $20,000 $145,000
Manufacturing 5% $125,000 $25,000 $150,000
Nonprofit/Government 2% $90,000 * $90,000
Retail / Trading 2% $110,000 $25,000 $135,000
Services 4% $110,000 $15,000 $125,000
Technology 19% $125,000 $30,000 $155,000
Harvard MBA Salary% Median Base Salary Median Signing Bonus Total Salary (Median)
By Function $118,000 $25,000$143,000
Business Development7%$118,750$30,000$148,750
Investment Banking4%$125,000$45,000$170,000
Investment Management / Hedge Fund8%$125,000$35,000$160,000
Venture Capital / Private Equity / LBO12%$131,875$25,000$156875
General Management12%$110,000$20,000$130,000
Leadership Development3%$107,500$20,000$127,500
General Management6%$113,750$23,000$136,750
Product Management7%$122,500$30,000$152,500
Strategic Planning7%$104,250$30,000$134250

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