Haas Part-time MBA

Being located in Silicon Valley, Haas School of Business gives its Part-time MBA an edge both in terms of faculty and peers. The Evening & Weekend MBA (EWMBA) places a strong emphasis on innovation, disruptive thinking and regular industry interface. The EWMBA is a 3-year program established for executives in and around Silicon Valley. Students can pick from 11 specializations.

Key Advantages

•  Study in Silicon Valley – the heart of global innovation and entrepreneurship

•  The curriculum is identical to the Full-time MBA program

•  Access all the facilities and resources available to Full-time students

•  Frequent interaction with industry leaders, visionaries and innovators

•  Full use of Haas’ Career Center, including the placement process of Full-time students

•  A massive alumni network of 36,000 Haas School graduates and 458,000+ University of California - Berkeley graduates

Course details

1. Students have the option of fast-tracking the program to finish it in 2.5 years, or extending it beyond 3 years after obtaining permission

2. The EWMBA has two study options - weekday and weekend classes

3. Students who miss class due to work can view a video recording on the internet

4. There is a wide choice of electives, leading to specialization in fields like Finance, Marketing, Strategy/Consulting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy & Clean Technology, Entrepreneurship, Global Management, Nonprofit & Public Leadership and Technology

5. Students are only admitted in fall

6. Seminars in International Business – where students travel to a foreign country to understand its business and social cultures

7. Mid-Program Academic Retreat: an off-campus weekend of intense team competitions

Evening Schedule

• Classes are held between 6pm to 9:30pm, Monday to Thursday

• During the first year, students need to attend only 2 classes a week

• They can choose from around 20 electives each semester in the second and third year

Weekend Schedule

• Classes are held on Saturdays
• Classes are held between 9am to 6pm in the first year
• Classes are held between 9am and 4pm during the second and third years
• Classes are conducted at Berkeley and a facility in Silicon Valley
• Students pick from eight electives each semester, four of which are offered in the morning, with the remaining four in the afternoon.


While most applicants come with strong academic backgrounds, Haas also looks into excellence in:

• Potential contribution to the diversity of the classroom experience
• High intellectual capabilities
• Proven potential for a senior management role
• Personal traits and experiences that point to leadership, values, team playing abilities, and achievements


1) Student loans:

•  Up to $20,500 annually from the Federal Direct Loan Program
•  Above $20,500 from the Federal grad PLUS Loan or a private loan

2) Evening & Weekend MBA Grant

A limited amount of grant funding for students who are working in the nonprofit or public service sectors

3) Private loans

• A variety of options for international students usually need a US co-signer
• For international students without a US co-signer, Haas assists with loan financing through the Eli Lilly Credit Union

4) Scholarships

A variety of options is available for first year students up to $10,000. In the second and third years, there are scholarships available just for continuing.

Application process

1. GMAT or GRE score

2. TOEFL is required for all applicants who studied their bachelor's degrees in countries where English is not the official language. This includes applicants from India and most EU nations.

3. Submit the online application form with

•  Professional resume
•  2 recommendation letters
•  Completed essays
•  GMAT score
•  TOEFL/IELTS score (if applicable)

4.  Mail copies of transcripts for each institution attended

Apply Online


Round     Deadline                      Decision posted on:

One        November 15, 2012         February 1, 2013

Two        January 15, 2013            March 28, 2013

Three      March 18, 2013               May 31, 2013


Meredith Clark (MBA 13) explains how the Haas EWMBA program has helped her with self-awareness and managing people

Andrew Chau (MBA 12) explains how the Berkeley MBA program is different in terms of Quality of Teaching and Network

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