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Comprehensive GMAT Preparation

GMAT is not a complex exam but you have to brush up your English and Math skills and develop techniques that are specific for GMAT Exam. Master GMAT Online Course will guide you through understanding various concepts and developing techniques for specific question types.

Customized Course

Master GMAT customizes the course according to your strengths and weaknesses. By adjusting the learning path, Master GMAT creates a course that will improve your performance.


GMAT is not an easy test. You have to prepare for 1-3 months to set a realistic goal of getting 600-750 level GMAT Score. You can track the progress with detailed lessons and questions completed statistics.

E-Mail Support

If you are stuck at any part of the course or questions, or you find the answers unconvincing, send emails to GMAT Tutors and get timely response and expert guidance for your queries.

Live In-Person Tutoring Sessions

You will get the opportunity to attend live tutoring sessions, discuss about your progress and plan your test-day strategies.

Master Tutors

Master GMAT Tutors provides personalized support and advice for you. The team will make sure that only top performing GMAT Tutors are part of the GMAT Course.

Performance Training

Once you have learned the fundamentals about the GMAT and have performed well in the mock tests, you can fine-tune your performance for speed. GMAT tests your ability to solve a problem in the shortest period and Master GMAT course will train you for that.

How to get 10% Discount on Master GMAT Courses

1) All Master GMAT plans include a 7-day free trial!

2) Once you have signed up for the Free Trial


Save $550 with Veritas Prep GMAT Course [$100 Discount on Full GMAT Course + $450 worth Business School Reports]

Tell me more about Veritas Prep?

Veritas Prep has helped over 30,000 students maximize their GMAT Scores in the past 10 years.

How does Veritas Prep Compare with courses offered by Kaplan, Manhattan GMAT and Princeton Review?

GMAT Classroom Hours

Veritas Prep (42) vs Kaplan (23) vs Manhattan GMAT (27) vs Princeton (22)

Minimum GMAT Score of Instructors(In Percentile)

Veritas Prep (99) vs Kaplan (-) vs Manhattan GMAT (99) vs Princeton (-)

Computer Adaptive Practice Tests

Veritas Prep (15) vs Kaplan (9) vs Manhattan GMAT (6) vs Princeton (5)

Repeat your Course for Free

Veritas Prep (Yes) vs Kaplan (Yes) vs Manhattan GMAT (No) vs Princeton(No)

Money Back Guarantee

Veritas Prep (Yes) vs Kaplan (No) vs Manhattan GMAT (No) vs Princeton(No)

What are Students telling about Veritas Prep GMAT Course?

"Veritas Prep raised my GMAT score by 120 points" -  Anna Syrkis

"Thanks for the great instruction and strategy tips -- I definitely couldn't have scored a 780 on my own" - Kevin Newell

"Just to let you know I took the GMAT on Thursday and scored a 750. My lowest practice test score was 580 " - Shaun Paterson

“I scored a 620 the first time I took the GMAT, but after Veritas scored a 760! I could not have improved my score so dramatically without my exceptional teacher and the clarity of the Veritas lesson booklets. Thank you, Veritas!” - Nathan Vane

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