Cornell Full-time MBA Salary Job Function & Industry (2017)

The total median salary for a Cornell 2-year MBA student is at an impressive $152,132 - higher than Columbia and Stern – two competitors in New York; mostly contributed by the large percentage of the class choosing Financial Services (32%) with a total mean salary of $165,434. As expected, consulting was the second popular industry (25%) and Technology at third (12%).

Cornell MBA Salary by Industry
Finance has made a comeback with 33% of the class finding offers in the job function, earning $42,086 as signing bonus while consulting and General Management was at 2nd and 3rd position respectively, preferred by over 1/5th of the class each.
Cornell MBA Salary by Function

Reference: Cornell 2-year MBA Employment Report

Cornell 2-Year MBA Salary (2016 Class)%Mean Base Salary Mean Signing Bonus Total Salary (Mean)
By Function100%$121,228$30,904 $152,132
Consulting 29% $130,362 $28,459$158,821
Finance 33% $120,509 $42,086$162,595
General Management 22%$115,569 $23,537$139,106
Human Resources 2% $99,000 $20,833$119,833
Marketing 11%$104,953 $23,786$128,739
Other Job Functions3% $156,429 NA$156,429
Cornell 2-Year MBA Salary (2016 Class)%Mean Base Salary Mean Signing Bonus Total Salary (Mean)
By Industry100%$121,228$30,904 $152,132
Consulting 25%$132,525 $29,362 $161,887
Consumer Products 6%$104,133 $24,107 $128,240
Energy and Utilities 3%$112,625 $10,000 $122,625
Financial Services 32%$123,259 $42,175 $165,434
Health Care 5%$110,090 $25,556 $135,646
Hospitality or Tourism1%NANANA
Legal Services 3%$165,714 $14,000 $179,714
Manufacturing 6%$105,632 $18,269 $123,901
Media or Entertainment 1%$105,833 NA$105,833
Other Industries 2% $94,400 * $94,400
Real Estate2%$101,400 $15,000 $116,400
Technology 12% $118,085 $27,498 $145,583
Telecommunications 1%NANANA

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