Columbia MBA Salary Job Function & Industry (2017)

After the Financial Crisis of 2008, MBA with Finance was not a popular option. The aspiring applicants were looked down upon as potential criminals. Hiring was frozen, and the job markets had a 5-year lull, before picking up again in 2014. The 2016 class representation shows the comeback with 36.9% selecting Financial Services. The Median Signing Bonus is the highest, and the total median salary for the group has crossed the $175,000 range.
Columbia MBA Salary by Industry

In terms of function, consulting was neck and neck with Financial Services, both taking up 38% class representation. Marketing and General Management was the other two popular job functions. Leveraging the media buzz in New York, nearly 10% of the class chose Media/Technology. Since the majority of Entrepreneurial activity in New York is at disrupting media with technology, MBAs leveraged the location advantage.
Columbia MBA Salary by Function

Reference: Columbia MBA Employment Report

Columbia MBA Salary (2016 Class)%Mean Base Salary Median Signing Bonus Total Salary (Median)
By Industry100%$125,000$25,000$150,000
Consulting 34.5%$131,250 $22,500$153,750
Financial Services36.9%$127,187$47,912$175,099
Manufacturing 7.8% $111,666 $40,000$151,666
Media/Technology 9.8%$111,875$25,607$137,482
Other 11.0%$109,350 $20,500$129,850
Columbia MBA Salary (2016 Class)%Mean Base Salary Median Signing Bonus Total Salary (Median)
By Function100%$125,000$25,000$150,000
Consulting 38.10% $120,900 $22,500$143,400
Finance Corporate4.4%$116,250$40,625$156,875
Financial Services34.40%$130,000$43,000$173,000
Management 8.10%$117,400 $28215$145,615
Marketing 8.40%$115,000$29,812$144,812
Real Estate 2.40%$120,833$35,000$155,833
Others 4.20%$123,500$15,000$138,500

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