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Chicago Booth MBA Admission Interview Tips

Booth MBA Admission Interview TipsChicago Booth MBA Admission Interview will be granted on an invitation-only basis. The invitation is provided after evaluation of your application. The candidates will be invited to an interview during the mid-decision date with details on how to schedule an appointment. Booth MBA candidates will be provided with only one interview.

Interview Conducted by: Admissions staff, Students or Alumni

Duration: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Style of Interview: Friendly and Conversational



Tip 1: Read your Resume Several Times

Chicago Booth MBA Admission Interviewers are a well prepared lot. They will go through your resume in detail and would ask each and every accomplishments, projects, roles and additional information that you have mentioned in your resume. You should be able to explain each and every line in your resume. Also bring a copy of your resume.

Tip 2: Project your leadership capabilities

The reason why the interviewer asks a lot about your projects and roles is to learn about your leadership capabilities. Focus on your leadership when you describe your roles.

Tip 3: Prepare thoroughly for the "Why MBA" and "Why Chicago Booth" questions

The Interviewer will spend considerable number of minutes on these two questions. So be well prepared. The answer to the two questions will show your motivation for Chicago Booth MBA. The Booth Interviewer doesn't want to hear that you chose Booth because of its brand value. The reasons have to be more than the brand. Paraphrase the USP of Chicago Booth with your personal discovery (what you have found out by talking to the Alumni and the things that motivated you to choose Booth over other schools). You should also be able to articulate how you will be able to add value to the Booth Community.

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Tip 4: Booth vs. Stanford vs. Harvard

This is an inevitable question. Some interviewer will dig deep and would try to unravel your motivation. They will ask you about other top schools that you have applied. Don't dwell on other schools. Just mention it and go back to "Why Booth". You have to assure the interviewer that you will join Chicago Booth MBA if you are selected.

Download: Winning MBA Essay Guide and learn how to answer the "Why MBA" and "Why Chicago Booth" questions)

Tip 5: Be Consistent

The career path (mentioned in your resume), the essays and your response in the interview should provide a coherent story about you. Inconsistencies can negatively impact your chance to be part of Chicago Booth MBA program

Tip 6: Relax

Although a little bit of nervousness is alright, remember that the interview is conducted in a friendly manner. Don't answer your questions as if you are in an interrogation. Talk in a confident and pleasant manner.


Chicago Booth Interview Tips

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