Tuck stands out among the other competitors when it comes to Financial Aid for applicants from Military background. The school is part of the Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP)


  • Service in the military
  • At least 90 days service post 9/11 or
  • Discharged from service, post disability (after serving a minimum of 30 days)
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Commitment towards the community


  • Any tuition & expenses above the annually allocated VA limit of $21,970.46, paid by the school and VA on a 50-50 basis
  • Maximum academic year funding: $18,000

Need and Merit-based Scholarships


  • Need and Merit based scholarships
  • U.S and International students
  • ...
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Santander MBA LoanMBA Loans are hard to come by in Europe, and post-2008 crises, Banks have been extremely cautious. In 2012, the situation worsened in UK after Citibank pulled out of their Citi Assist loan program. Under such hostile environment, a Santander MBA loan is a relief. The loan funds up to £20,000.


Top Business Schools in 2013-14 that are the beneficiary of the Santander Universities Partner Institutions loan or scholarship program include:

1) Ashridge Business School

2) Cass Business School

3) Cranfield and

4) Oxford Said

Rate of Interest

For Oxford Said, The Santander Universities Global Division is supporting MBA students with personal loans of up to £20,000. This is for students joining the Sep 2014 program. The Loan terms range from 12 to 60 months

Loan Range: £1,000 - £7,499 (Interest 12.5% APR)
Loan Range: £7,500 - £20,000 (Interest 10% APR)


• Qualified to Stay in UK during...

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MBA Brochure Scholarship InformationApplicants get the first taste of the MBA program through Brochures – the condensed information about the program’s history, course structure, cost, funding, testimonials, uniqueness, and statistics. The decision to pursue the marketing team with clarifications and interjections happen after comparing the data in the brochure with inputs from well-meaning alumni and current students. Can you look much closer and understand what these statistics mean?

Critical Eye

“The MBA is a huge investment” sermon might have bored you but most applicants look at MBA from an investment in a 5-year horizon. 27-30 age is a time when some of the major events happen in your life: marriage, family and career switch. There are stories of MBAs in 30s making the switch but for most of you the decision is now. Opportunity cost is looked upon as an investment of time but not many experts talk about the investment of $75,000 or €45,000 per year (for European school). When you are sunk in debt, opportunities are looked with the backdrop of paying back your debt. The risk taking appetite goes down and the true value of an MBA is never fulfilled.



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HEC Scholarships can be broadly categorized into Merit Based and Need Based scholarships(scholarships on other criteria also exists) .To be eligible for the scholarships, admitted candidates must provide their financial status and details of how they plan to finance their studies.

Scholarship Application Process: Online
Essay Required: For Some scholarships, an essay is required
Interview Required:
For Some scholarships, interview is required
When to Apply: On Admission to HEC MBA Program
Merit-based, Need-based and Specific criteria in other cases

HEC MBA Need Based Scholarship

The HEC MBA Need-Based Scholarships are designed for only those applicants who require financial assistance to achieve their goal of joining the MBA program at HEC Paris....

Cranfield School of Management is one of those rare European Business Schools that encourages Entrepreneurship without alienating the traditional management education aspirants. The school has announced a £10,000 scholarship for self-funded European Union MBA students.

Amount: up to £10,000 towards the tuition fees

No of Awards: 10


• Self-funded EU (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom)
• Answer the question – “Why you think you should be awarded this scholarship”
• Based on Merit (Academic, Strength of the Profile and Professional Achievements)
• Strong Interpersonal and Leadership Skills
• Entrepreneurial Potential
• Be Brand Ambassadors of Cranfield

Deadline: 27 June 2014

Learn about this new Cranfield MBA Scholarship

MBA and Currency Fluctuation

The currency fluctuation in emerging markets is not only a concern for Foreign Investors but also for MBA Students entering the 2013 Fall Class.

The markets that have been affected are India, South Africa, and Brazil. Over the past two years, the stability of the currency in these regions have taken a big hit, adding to the cost of MBA program.

Scholarships and school assisted loan program in the host country has become crucial in selecting one school over the other.

US Dollar vs. Indian Rupee
Indian Rupee vs Dollar
US Dollar vs. South African Rand

South African Rand vs Dollar
US Dollar vs. Brazilian Real

Aston MBA Scholarship 2013-14Aston Business School is offering a wide range of MBA Scholarships for 2013-14 self-funded applicants. The amount ranges from £1,000 - £5,500.

Full-time ABS Scholarship

Amount: Up to £1,000


• Academic Ability
• Merit and Potential
• Career History

The Mindful Global Manager Scholarship

Amount: Up to £5,500


• Demonstrate Leadership skills and self-awareness
• Based on Powerpoint presentation
• Students with GMAT Score of 680 and above will automatically be considered for this scholarship

Requirement: Create a PowerPoint presentation showing

•  Applicant’s leadership attributes
•  How Aston MBA will enable leadership development
•  Understanding of strengths and weaknesses as a leader

Full-time ABS Merit Scholarship

Amount: Up to £5,500


  • Demonstrate Financial Need with a 2-slide PowerPoint presentation and show how Aston...
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Scholarship vs Fellowship MBA
In the broadest definition, fellowship is handed out for research, while scholarship is awarded to cover the tuition fee in an educational institution. But for Business Schools, especially MBA programs the definition is different. The confusion arises because the difference is not consistent across schools. However, both fellowship, and scholarships are tax free, and are used to cover the tuition fee, partially or completely.

Here are the major difference between Fellowship and Scholarship

a) More than Money

Fellowship not only offers financial support based on the need of the candidate, it also opens up doors to mentors, alumni, and other leaders in Business. Scholarship on the other hand focuses on covering the tuition fee based on need and academic profile.

b) Selection Criteria

The criteria for Scholarship are need and merit based, and not based on nationality, background or future commitment of the candidate. Individuals, corporation, or associations induct fellowships, and the criteria are designed according to the goals of each entity. Some corporate fellowship requires candidates to work in a...

SDA Bocconi MBA ScholarshipsSDA Bocconi has included two new scholarships and tuition waivers that add to the 26 Scholarship programs for international and local students. The first scholarship is sponsored by UCINA – the Italian Marine Industry Association, and The Boston Consulting Group offers the second, while merit-based total and partial tuition waivers are offered by the School courtesy the contribution from Bocconi Alumni Association (BAA), in association with private companies, consultancy firms and other organizations.

In order to be considered for a scholarship or a tuition waiver, candidates must have sent their application to the 2013/14 MBA Program, meet the criteria set out for each scholarship or waiver, and have sent their Scholarship or Tuition Waiver Application Form (one for each scholarship/tuition waiver), together with a copy of their résumé, by the deadline indicated.

To view the complete list of scholarships and tuition waivers available and to find out more about how SDA Bocconi can help students fund their course, please click on the following link:...

Penn State University's SMEAL College of Business has announced the David and Jennifer Kurtz MBA Scholarship, a $50,000 award for prospective MBA students.  The scholarship was created to encourage future business leaders to join SMEAL's MBA program.

This contribution was triggered by recent conversations with Dean Whiteman about making a difference to the MBA program.  The David and Jennifer Kurtz MBA Scholarship will contribute towards For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students – a campaign to raise $2 billion in funding by 2014 for Penn State University.

The goals of the campaign are guaranteeing access and opportunity for students, honors education enhancement, student experience enrichment, building up of faculty strength, nurturing creativity and discovery, and finally, sustaining the Penn's tradition of top quality. But the overriding priority is to ensure that the Penn State degree remains affordable while achieving these goals. The vision is to make Penn State the complete, student-centered research university in USA.

Reflecting on this, David J. Kurtz appealed to other Smeal MBAs to make similar gifts to support the initiative. David graduated from SMEAL with an MBA in 1992, starting his career in corporate finance, commercial lending and capital markets, working for Continental Bank and US Airways. Soon, the Entrepreneurial spirit took...

Rajiv Gandhi Scholarships


  • Should also be an Indian citizen, non-UK resident
  • Must have an offer of a place on the Imperial MBA

  • GMAT score of 700 (or above).
  • Indian full-time MBA candidates with outstanding potential from the following sectors:

          a)Digital Economy
          b)Energy and Environment
          c)Health and Healthcare
          d)Urban Infrastructure.

Applicants Should Convince the admission committee that:

  • You have a clear understanding about how you will make a positive, and enduring, contribution to the life of the School, especially the factors that differentiate you from other talented MBA candidates
  • You...

Stanford GSB provides fellowships and loans based on financial need. However, for candidates who need loan on a non-need basis to cover their expenses, Stanford team will arrange private lenders.

The MBA Admissions team advises against part-time jobs during Stanford MBA program. Here is what they had to say:

“Due to the rigorous nature of the MBA curriculum, you should not rely on part-time work to defray the cost of the program. The GSB does not offer college work-study. Rarely, research and/or teaching assistantships are offered to MBA students”


1) Stanford GSB Fellowships

Eligibility: All Nationalities

Criteria: Demonstrate Need

How Need is calculated?

Need = Budget - assets+income+contribution from parents, friends, employers and outside fellowships

The Financial Aid Office also performs analysis of all assets both liquid and non-liquid, when determining the eligibility.

Please note that the loans are not considered when evaluating the fellowship need.

How to Apply: No separate application required but you...

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NBMBAA® Graduate Scholarship Program is designed to provide opportunity for deserving graduate students for Graduate programs including full-time MBA program


The Applicant should:

1) Be a Minority Student
2) At least 18 Years
3) Be a US Citizen or resident
4) Average GPA: 3.0 or More out of 4.0
5) Be planning or currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree Program in an AACSB accredited US University

What are the activities that NBMBAA members have to mandatorily perform?

1) NBMBAA® student membership for one (1) year
2) Take part in PR Activities for the organization

Amount:  $1,000 - $15,000  

Required Application Documents: Essays, Resume, Transcripts and Photographs

Essays: You have to complete a 750 word essay that answers one of the following topics

1) In Fast Company magazine, Business leadership guru Warren Bennis famously stated, “Managers are people who do things right and leaders are people who do the right thing”. It is argued this distinction was accurate but potentially dangerous because it could distort how some bosses--at all levels—may view and do their work. It could...

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The National Society of Hispanic MBA Foundation has set up a scholarship for qualified Hispanics to pursue full-time or part-time MBA program at an AACSB accredited Business School.


The Applicant should:

1) Be of Hispanic Origin
2) Be a US Citizen or legal permanent resident
3) Average GPA: 3.0 out of 4.0 OR
Minimum 2.75 GPA with two years of Full-time Work Experience
4) Be a NSHMBA Member (Id Required)
5) Be planning or currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree Program in US or Puerto Rico

Useful Links (Next Steps)

1) Click here and register to be an NSHMBA Member to fulfil criteria 4. (Fee: $250)
2) Find the list of AACSB Accredited Institutions

Amount: $2,500 - $10,000

Top 5 Full-time Applicants will receive $10,000 each

Are the Awards renewable?


Here are the conditions

1) The winner has to maintain GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 Scale
2) Submit the second year annual renewal participation form, if applicable.

Note: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University does not currently grant scholarships of it’s own.However the school participate in several programmes coordinated by the Nuffic.

Rotterdam School of Management

RSM MBA Alumni Scholarship


  • High potential candidates
  • Need based


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