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Although the impact of Brexit on access to European talents has not yet been tabulated (Right now the UK ranks #6 for labor market efficiency), the United Kingdom has fallen one place to rank at #8 in the world for Global Competitiveness. The technological readiness, a vital competitive advantage for economies, in a 16-year period, puts the United Kingdom at #1, ahead of the United States, Germany, and Japan, although the debts acquired by the govt. to fund social programs is at an alarmingly high ratio (close to 90% of GDP).

Uk Economy Growth RateThe GDP growth from 2001 to 2016 has been uneven with 2009 shrinking the GDP by 4.18% - the second largest fall when compared to nearest European competitors – France (-2.9%) and Germany(-5.6%), and the United States (2.76%). The correlation with the Global Financial crisis can be attributed to the Financial and Insurance services industry that contributes 7.2% of UK’s total Gross Value added. In terms of employment, the industry maintains over a million jobs (3% of total jobs in the UK) with London accounting for 51% of all the value-add.

While ranking the top 10 MBA programs, we found out that half of the Full-time MBA program doesn’t offer immediate post-MBA salary data but...

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Top MBA FeeThe cost of an MBA is a crucial factor in selecting a Business School. The Tuition Fee is just one aspect of the Cost. Other components of the expense are Health Insurance, Administrative Service, Books, Rent and Utilities, Food, Personal, Transportation, Computer Allowance, MBA Association Fee and other membership fee. On an average other components of the Total Fee will add an extra $30000 to $40000 to the Tuition Fee. Find out means to Finance your MBA before shortlisting your target Business Schools. If you want to dig deep into the total cost (Single, Married and Married with Children) for top 31 MBA programs in the US, read Ultimate Guide.

We have selected top 20 Business Schools from Global MBA ranking and have listed the Tuition Fee for each MBA program.
The costliest MBA program is Wharton MBA at nearly $153,160 Tuition Fee and the cheapest ...

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The return on investment for MBA programs is short-term. Anyone who spins the idea that in the long-term when you hit the mid-40s, the brand recall of the Business School will suddenly change your life is misleading you.

Best Post-MBA Salary

1.Stanford Graduate School of Business ($161,000)
2.Harvard Business School ($160,000)
3.NYU Stern School of Business ($156,717)
4.Darden School of Business    ($154,176)
5.Yale School of Management    ($154,000)

Stanford with $161,000 leads the 31 Schools on total Full-time MBA Salary, edging over the closest rival - Harvard by $1,000. NYU Stern, Darden, and Yale complete the top 5 list with a total median MBA salary that ranges from $154,000 to $161,000.

Most Affordable MBA

TC: Total Cost PMBAS: Post MBA Salary

1. Smeal College of Business (TC:$135,504  PMBAS: $113,500)
2. McCombs School of Business (TC:$137,964  PMBAS: $141,045)
3. Kelley School of Business (TC:$139,226  PMBAS:$132,000)
4. Broad College of Business (TC:$139,786  PMBAS:$115,800)
5. Carlson School of Management (TC:$140,694   PMBAS:$128,720)

Among the 31 Top US MBA programs, Smeal College of Business offers the Full-time MBA program...

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MBA MarketingMarketing as a career option is both high-pressure and rewarding. For Businesses, finding the right marketing message and persuasion framework for their product is crucial.

Career Skills

To make a mark in marketing, you need a mix of logic and creativity. The marketing message should create an irresistible emotional appeal with the audience. Marketing managers should develop the persuasion framework to sell and present the messages creatively. At the same time, managers should pay close attention to metrics like the audience response rate, engagement and sales.

Career Possibilities

If you have the skills, you can look forward to a career as a brand manager, marketing consultant or a product development head. Responsibilities include defining a product, redefining a market, creating branding strategies, developing advertisement campaigns, developing market strategies, building & maintaining a distribution network, and managing a sales & marketing team.

Here are the world’s best MBA programs for marketing.

1) Kellogg MBA

The Kellogg School's Marketing Department pioneered...

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Top MBA in Marketing 2017This is the second part of the series – MBA Marketing Rankings. If you have missed the first part, read MBA Marketing Rankings - Part 1

3) Kelley MBA

The Kelley School of Business has an MBA program that stands out for its focus on Marketing. As a result, 36% of the graduating class of 2016 earned a career in the marketing function. The median salary was $105,000, with a range of $70,000 to $135,000. As for the signing bonus, the median was $22,000.

Students from Kelley have been placed in an extremely wide cross section of careers like marketing, marketing research, brand management, business-to-business marketing, and advertising, in a large range of industries.
While Proctor & Gamble sources most of its managers from this school, the other major recruiters for marketing are Kraft, Nestlé, 3M, PepsiCo, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Best Buy, IBM, Eli Lilly, Abbott Laboratories and Cummins.

The faculty at Kelley is among the world’s best, and has published 2,000+ articles in 300+ business journals and has contributed to more than 200 books. Between them,...

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Top MBA Management Consulting CareerManagement consulting is a coveted career choice for many MBA aspirants and even experienced professionals. A consulting career can be very rewarding in terms of the sheer responsibility that the job entails, travel and networking opportunities, and the paycheck. If you want to know how Management Consulting became a favorite for MBAs, read The History Of Management Consulting and the Influence of Marvin Bower in Management Consulting

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the management, scientific and technical consulting industry is expected to grow by 2.4% by 2024 with 1.57 million jobs added in the market against the national average job growth of 0.6%. Among the fastest growing jobs in the US - Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists is estimated to add 587,800 jobs by 2024. The mean annual wage of management analysts across industries was recorded at $...

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MBA in Australia Australia’s economy follows open-market policies that encourage global trade and investment. It is home to dynamic entrepreneurs and a buzzing private sector. What makes Australia particularly attractive to MBA graduates are the salaries, which are among the highest in the Asia-Pacific region. MBAs in Australia working as Management Consultants earned the highest total salary of up to AU$195,442, followed by Business Development Managers (AU$143,941), Operations Manager (AU$135,129) and finally another popular post-MBA role, Marketing Managers, who earned AU$123,520 in total salary.

Post MBA Salaries Australia
Nearly 88% of the 4156 GMAT scores sent to Australia were from International students, proving that Australia is still one of the most popular destinations for students, especially from the Asia-Pacific region.  Here are our top three picks for the best MBA programs in Australia:

1) Australian School of Business (AGSM)

The Australian School of Business is located in Sydney, Australia’s financial capital. The...

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New York's Natives, the Iroquoian and Algonquian were first displaced by the French in 1524, then in 1609 by the Dutch. After the settlements in 1624 along the Hudson River, the Dutch with the support of the Mercantile Emprise began purchasing land from the natives. The Island of Manhattan was one of the first prized possessions. At the southern tip of the island, Fort Amsterdam was constructed with the ownership switching hand eight times in fiercely fought battles among the Dutch, the English, and the Americans. The Citadel was finally torn down in 1790 with the American Revolution. The 1625 construction of Fort Amsterdam is officially recognized as the birth of New York City. With the last of the British troop leaving the city in 1783, George Washington led government chose New York City as the capital of United States, and it remained so until 1790.

New York is #1 in Investment Management, Banking, Insurance, and #2 in Government & Regulatory oversight, and quality of professional services. The heart of New York’s prowess is the New York Stock Exchange. Twenty-Four stockbrokers in 1792, reached an agreement that they would not purchase public stocks from anyone other than themselves for 0.25% commission. The May 17th agreement under the buttonwood tree was eulogized as the Buttonwood Agreement, and the organization they created was the New York Stock and Exchange Board. Initially, the board...

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California switched hands between the Spanish, the Mexicans (from 1821 to 1848), and finally stood on their own as a state in 1850, following the 1846-48 Mexican–American War.

The networking equipment, the personal computers, the microchips, and the new media explosion would not have happened if Stanford University were not financially struggling in 1950. To bring in predictive revenue, the management's initial plan was to lease out the 8,800 acres under Stanford’s land holding for residential development, shopping centers, and campus infrastructure, but when Al Brandin, the Vice President of Business Affairs, visited Denver, Colorado, he noticed the residential development in a park-like setting. The idea was adapted for Businesses, and the Stanford Industrial Park was formed, leading to the rise of ‘Silicon Valley.' It was not until Hewlett-Packard (HP) made the Stanford Industrial Park its headquarters in 1956 that competitors and prospective employees started taking the San Francisco and the San Jose area seriously.

Intel continues to be in the top 10 Technology companies in the world with a market capitalization of 143 billion (2016). The generational shift in technology is evident in the companies that have taken over the top five spots.


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“Siege of Boston” (1775-76) gave the colonist the confidence to defend against the mighty British Army across the United States. The modern equivalence would be access through admission to one of the two top Business Schools in Boston - Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management, both located in Cambridge, in the Boston metropolitan area. Admission to the two schools, guarantees an 80-120% increase in salary with a brand that is recognizable across any part of the world. Case study method, experiential learning, partnerships, technological innovation, and industry experts as faculty helped the two schools offer a valuable hands-on learning experience for MBA graduates.

Technology changed Massachusetts in the 1980s, decreasing unemployment of the state from 12 to 3%, increasing the personal income by 63% in a span of just seven years. Route 128 was the epicenter of the growth spurt with a select few companies - DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Lotus Development Corporation, Apollo Computer, Wang Laboratories, and Data General, leading the high-tech revolution. MIT's Engineers had a major role in the revival of the state. The Government responded with lower tax and pro-business policies. Military contracts ($10 billion in 1988 vs. $3.7 billion in 1980) were another contributor. At the peak of the growth, termed popularly, as the “Massachusetts Miracle,” MIT graduates employed over...

Google Trends gives us insight into the search demand for various keywords. We have collected data for Top 5 MBA Programs to learn how the MBA programs are measuring up against each other in online search space, and the general demand for these MBA programs from Feb 2004 to Sep 2016.

The top 5 searched MBA programs in Google are:

1. Harvard
2. Stanford
3. Wharton
4. Columbia
5. MIT

Here is the screenshot of the search demand for these five MBA programs (Click the Image for a larger screenshot)

Google Trends
As you would have noticed, interest in Wharton MBA peaks whenever there is a fluctuation in the Economy. Finance professionals consider Wharton MBA as a go to jail program whenever the job markets are down.
So has the demand gone down?

From the highs of 2004, the demand for top MBA programs have gone down, but from 2012, the demand has stabilized, but we noticed an increased search volumes for Booth MBA.

Booth MBA (Search Demand Spike after Nov 2008)


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Finance MBA
Despite Businesses and the world at large looking at Finance professionals as a pariah, post-2008, the demand for Finance as an Industry and job function has returned in 2015. By 2024, financial operations are estimated to add 632,400 new jobs. From the worry that another crisis is just on the horizon, the regulatory environment in the industry has tightened. So has the increase in demand for auditors and accountants.

Broadly, the industry job function is divided into Investment Banking, Investment Management, Private Equity, Corporate Finance, and Research.

Investment Banking continues to be the job function of choice for the top 5 MBA programs. One reason for the surge is that Global Mergers &Acquisitions (M&A) activity picked pace in 2015 to 6% of the GDP at $5.1 trillion. The GDP ratio was slightly below the boom cycle of 2000 (10% GDP) and 2007 (8% GDP).

2015 was part of a trend of greater M&A activity, exceeding 2014's $3.4 trillion, but 2016 was a letdown with 40% lower M&A activity compared to the same period in 2015. These trends should not discourage MBA applicants. Based on deals announced, or aggregate deal value, JPMorgan Chase & Co,...

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MBA in General Management
An MBA in General Management provides you with a well-rounded management education, where you cover the entire range of management functions, but specialize in ‘management.’ There are two major advantages of such a focus. One, it provides graduates with all the tools required to oversee a company – the perfect route to reach the top of the management rung.

Most CEOs tend to have majored in one of the General Management disciplines. The second advantage is that it opens up an entire range of industries and verticals as careers options, offering possibilities of career flexibility and sector switching. For MBA aspirants looking to reach the top with a wide choice of career paths, here are our picks for the top five General Management MBA program:

5. Ross MBA

Ross’ 2-year MBA program has a combination of core and electives that impart a strong General Management skill set to MBA graduates. From the required Core courses, Leading People & Organizations, and the experiential learning component of the Ross MBA - Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)...

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Top European MBAPost-2008 Europe and Asia have slowly attracted International MBA aspirants from around the world. US Schools cannot increase the international applicant intake to over 30%, due to the learned experience that international alumni tend to lose contact with the Alma matter, just a few years after graduation. The impact on networking was direct but more than that; it influenced global mobility and alumni-funded initiatives. European schools, on the other hand, accept 70-80% international candidates; some willingly while a majority of them due to poor local demand for International MBA programs. Master’s program attracts the locals to the school. The increase in demand for Master’s program is not a trend limited to local students. During an economic crisis, lately the 2008 crisis, employers have shown a preference to specialists over generalists, and candidates have responded to the demand.

The change in demand is just one factor. In the US, 2-year duration of the MBA programs means even an MBA from one of the top 5 Business Schools will give positive return only after 3-5 years (Read the...

UPenn's Wharton School vs. Columbia Business SchoolAlthough Wharton has a slight advantage over Columbia in terms of history and reputation, the demand from our readers to do a detailed analysis allowed us to dig deeper into 9 comparison factors: location, ranking, cost, funding, incoming class, curriculum, International Exchange, post-MBA opportunities and Alumni network.


Columbia Business School is located in Manhattan, New York City(NYC). The City is number 1 in the US and the world in terms of GMP and attracts professional in Banking & Finance, real estate, advertising, media and retail. Wharton School is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although Philadelphia is 4th in the US, and 9th in the world, in terms of cities by GDP, the newly evolving service and IT industry will soon replace the Financial industry as a leading contributor. Choice of location depends on your post-MBA industry and cost of living. According to Numbeo, living in Philadephia means cheaper rent, restaurant and consumer goods. If you look at the overall local purchasing power, living in Philly gives you 10% more purchasing power than NYC.


According to US News...

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