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Non-Traditional MBA Career

Kavita Singh Explains about Non-Traditional MBAsF1GMAT: Should you pursue an MBA if you are not thinking about going into consulting, finance or other more traditional careers?

Kavita Singh: Most applicants to MBA programs, still plan to pursue fairly traditional post MBA careers such as finance, consulting and general management. However, there are a number of ‘non-traditional’ careers after an MBA that applicants are now considering.  Some students are considering this largely because of the economy, while others join an MBA program with the intention of pursuing an alternative path.

Non-Traditional MBA: Alternative Paths

So what are some of these alternative paths? Working in a social enterprise is one that seems to be gaining steam. A social enterprise could be a non-profit organization or a for profit organization that has both profit and social goals. In fact, Columbia Business School’s 2010 Employment report showed that in 2010 7% of alumni were working in the non-profit sector and Harvard Business School’s Class of 2010 career statistics show that 6% of the class was...