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MBA Waitlist

Booth MBA Waitlist GuidelinesChicago Booth Waitlist Guidelines for the Class of 2016 MBA program have been published.

1) Application of Round 1 Waitlisted applicants will be reviewed along with Round 2 applicants

2) Final decisions will be released on March 27.

3) Those who are not accepted or rejected by March 27 will continue to be in waitlist, and their application again considered for Round 3.

4) Applicants will have the choice to accept or reject the invitation.

5) Submit supplemental material only if you have enhanced your profile after the submitting your application

6) Booth offers the option to record a short video, describing why you are a good fit for the MBA program. Updates are optional.

7) Send all your submission before February 21st , 2014. (Details provided in the online application).

UCLA Anderson MBA WaitlistUCLA Anderson Waitlist Guidelines for the Class of 2016 MBA program have been published.

1) The “Waitlist” status will remain unless the applicant withdraws the application or a final decision is made.

2) Waitlisted applicants will be considered for subsequent rounds

3) By Round 2 Deadline (April 2, 2014) waitlisted applicants from Round 1 will receive a notification on the new status.

4) After Round 2, some applicants who were waitlisted in Round 1 will be considered for the Round 3 deadline.

5) Although sending updates is optional, applicants can send them to wlmgr@anderson.ucla.edu.  

6) The information that are relevant for an application updates are GMAT Scores, Promotion, and latest
extracurricular achievements.

7) Don’t send updates just for the sake of it. The communication should be planned and meaningful.

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MBA Waitlist ReasonsGetting waitlisted after one year of MBA Application process can be disheartening but understanding why you were waitlisted can help you take corrective actions.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you were waitlisted.


The most often cited reason for getting waitlisted is the GMAT Score. When your score is below the median by 30 points or more, and there are other applicants with similar background, then those applicants who are above the median will get first preference. Depending upon the application round, you will get 1-2 months, before the waitlisted status changes to admitted or rejected. Is it enough time to attempt the GMAT again?

Most applicants would have taken the GMAT in June-July and taking the GMAT again after 6 months can be a challenge. But if it is the only weakness in your application and you had received a hint that it is so, then it is worth taking the GMAT again. Even if you don’t improve the GMAT score, retaking the GMAT shows that you are proactive.

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2) Essays


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F1GMAT: What are some of the best practices that an MBA candidate should follow if they are waitlisted? Some experts advice to follow up regularly and others advice to be cautious with follow ups. What is your advice on follow-up frequency?

Stacy: Business schools are busy assessing files and making decisions.  Yes, it’s that time of year again…some good news, some bad news and some in between.  When you receive a waitlist notification, you are not quite sure how to feel. It is not an acceptance…and yet there is still hope. You are in agony - the waiting continues.

The first thing to do when you are waitlisted is congratulate yourself. While it probably is not the answer that you were hoping for, you should know that far more people are denied admission than placed on the waitlist. If you are waitlisted, you are still in the running, and your application has passed an important hurdle. The waitlist has a lot of unknowns associated with it, even for the admissions committees. Until they know how many applicants will accept their invitations and until they start to understand the makeup of the class, they really do not know how many people will be admitted from the waitlist and who those people...

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F1GMAT: What are some of the best practices that an MBA candidate should follow if they are waitlisted? Some experts advice to follow up regularly and others advice to be cautious with follow ups. What is your advice on follow-up frequency?

AdmissionsConsultants: To successfully navigate the waitlist process, you must first understand the purpose of the waitlist. The waitlist is what the admissions committee uses to control yield. Yield is the percentage of admitted applicants who ultimately choose to attend the program.

A waitlisted applicant is essentially a very well qualified individual. If there were more spots in the incoming class, this person may have been admitted. However, the admissions committee is turning its focus on admitted applicants and is much more concerned with how many nonrefundable deposits (commitments) it receives from the admits than it is, per se, about the waitlisted applicants.

They will turn to the waitlist once they are finished with the admitted applicant pool to fill any remaining spots and to ensure the incoming class is well diversified.

Now that we have gone over how the waitlist works from the school’s perspective, we can look at this...

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The make or break factor in a waitlisted situation is the frequency of correspondence. Once you received the status of your application and you have thanked them for considering your application in the waitlisted category, wait for 3 days. After 3 days, send a request for a feedback and be very patient.

Wait for 1 week before sending another reminder. 8/10 times the Adcom would respond to your request with an accurate account on your weakness. Keep that letter for your reference. That is a snapshot of your weakness.

For me it was something like “The admissions jury advises you to write a new, stronger and more detailed motivation paper, mentioning e.g. specific MBA courses and referring to how these newly acquired skills will benefit your future career”

Now what should you do?

This is an excellent opportunity to include the latest leadership experiences and compensate your weakness (In my case - did not refer to specific MBA courses and how these courses would help me) in your next correspondence.

Describe Latest Accomplishments

I suppose you would get at least two months between your application and the results. So include all experiences (on-the-job leadership roles, voluntary work, and...

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MBA Waitlist Follow InstructionsEnding up on the waitlist of a top business school program is a frustrating ordeal.  It can lead to a period of ambiguity as you wait to see where you will ultimately enroll in the fall. The key to surviving the waitlist process is to create a plan of action.  Putting together a checklist can help you gain valuable perspective into your situation and will allow you to make the most of your chances of gaining admission off of the waitlist.

The following is a recommended course of action:

1. Understand the waitlist. For information on understanding how the waitlist works, click here.

2. Follow instructions. Often, in their attempt to act quickly, waitlisted candidates will rush to respond to a waitlist letter without following the school’s instructions. Typically, the admissions office will ask for a response showing continued interest and will provide several ways to submit materials. However, you should never assume that each...

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MBA Waitlist Quick Tips
Ah.. That time of the year when B-Schools announce their waitlisted candidates. What strategies are you going to follow? There are 100s of tips on how to handle being waitlisted. Some are good but you have to understand one basic thing – “You have NO CONTROL over the sequence of events that are going to happen in the coming months”. Be prepared for the worst. Here is a snapshot of what Wharton School of Business would send you.

Dear Waitlist Candidate:

As a waitlist candidate, you may have some questions about the admissions process going forward. Below is some information about waitlist procedures that will be helpful to you: We will retain your name on the waitlist for consideration at the end of the next round unless you request your application be withdrawn. If you would like to withdraw, please e-mail <e-mail> using the subject header: “X Remove.”

All waitlist candidates who do not ask to be removed from the list will be reconsidered for admission in Round 3 and notified of the Admissions Committee decision by 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) of...

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