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Yale SOM MBA Salary by Industry

Despite the proximity to New York and Connecticut, the dominant industry that attracted the most number of MBA candidates was consulting (30.8%), earning equal pay with Finance, partly credited to the base salary that is $15,000 higher than Finance. However, Finance industry typically allocates 15-50% of the base salary as Bonus. Technology and Retail were the third and fourth popular choices.

Yale SOM MBA Salary by Function
Around 45% of the class chose Consulting as a job function with Finance and General Management taking the 2nd and 3rd spots. Finance ($175,000) was leading in the total median salary over Consulting ($163,500). 

Reference: Yale SOM MBA Employment Report

Tepper MBA Salary by Industry

Conforming to Carnegie Mellon University’s reputation of attracting technology giants – Google, Adobe, Amazon.com, IBM, and Intel, the industry with the most offers for MBA candidates were in technology (33.5%), ahead of Consulting (27.5%) and Financial Services (17.4%). Consulting at $160,000 earned the candidates close to $20k extra than Technology

Tepper MBA Salary by Function
By function, consulting led the maximum accepted offers at 33%, with a total salary of $160,000 ahead of Finance ($135,000) and Marketing ($134,000). Do note that the school did not publish individual bonus for industries and job functions, hence the total median salary might vary, especially for Finance where the bonus is traditionally 30-40% higher than other industries or job functions.

Reference: Tepper MBA Employment Report

Traditionally, the mean signing bonus is around the $25,000 to $30,000 range, but for Darden Full-time MBA, the bonus crossed $31,000, although the total mean base salary was below the $125,000 range seen in top 10 MBA programs. However, Consulting – the most preferred job function attracted offers with $134,770 base salary and total mean salary of $161,700. Finance, the second favorite attracted much lower base salary ($119,585) but attracted the best signing bonus ($41,863) for the class.

Among the Finance function, Investment Banking pulled in close to $50,000 in signing bonus a $126,960 mean base salary, taking the total compensation to $175,898. General Management and Marketing were the 3rd and 4th popular function.

Darden MBA Salary by Function
Darden MBA didn’t break the trend of following the Consulting and Financial Services industries, the former attracting 38% of the class while Investment Banking (18%) job offers was a sizable portion from the Financial Services (27%) sector.

Darden MBA Salary by Industry

On total mean salary,...

The largest industry placement was in Consulting (32.2%) and Technology (20.4%). Financial Services was the third choice but earned the 2nd highest median base salary ($125,000) behind consulting ($144,000).
Ross MBA Salary by Industry

The total median salary for Technology was an impressive ($148,000) but substantially less than the two top paying industries – Consulting ($171,000) and Finance ($172,500).

On job function, Consulting attracted the most (36.10%) candidates for Ross MBA. Finance was the 2nd choice and Marketing/Sales the third, each attracting a fifth of the class. On compensation, Consulting led the base salary ($140,000) and total median salary ($165,000) despite Finance  attracting a median signing bonus of $40,000.

Ross MBA Salary by Function

Overall, the total median salary by job function is one of the highest among top 10 MBA programs, ranging from $135,500 to $165,000. 

Ross MBA Employment...

Michigan’s strength as a Manufacturing powerhouse is leveraged by Broad with close to 40% of the class choosing the industry. The base salary is $100,000. Consumer Products, another related sector was chosen by 17.2% of the class.

Broad MBA Salary By Industry

The big payday was in Consulting, attracting a median base salary of $130,000 – a compensation seen only in top 10 Business Schools in the US. Although only 10.9% of the class could get offers in the most sought after industry, Broad is a worthy training ground for candidates interested in entering Consulting. Technology, another stronghold of Michigan was the 2nd most popular industry but remained the only industry that fell below $100,000 in median base salary.

Broad MBA Salary by Function
Supply Chain Management clearly is Broad’s strength and one of the concentrations. 50% of the class chose the function even though the base salary was $100,000. Marketing/Sales another favorite attracted 15.6% of the class despite a $95,000 base salary.

Consulting, Finance/Accounting, and General Management each attracted...

Finance and consulting job function received the best remuneration –both crossing the $160,000 barrier, while Marketing/Sales were the lowest paid ($132,000) but had the third best representation (21%) indicating how job satisfaction played a major role in the post-MBA choice. Also, for Business Development/Sales role, the year-end bonus adds considerably to the total salary, just like Finance job function does.

Duke Fuqua MBA Salary by Function
Among the industries recruiting from Duke Fuqua, Finance had the best package with the signing bonus crossing $45,000, taking the total median salary to $171,250.

Duke Fuqua MBA Salary by Industry

Consulting and Consumer Goods industry offered the 2nd highest total salary – both offering $165,000 in post-MBA salary.

Reference: Duke Fuqua MBA Employment Report

For the job function, Consulting and Financial Services are neck on neck while Marketing/Sales is the third popular choice for the latest Georgetown MBA class. The mean base salary is correlated to the top two post-MBA jobs functions, but Marketing/Sales was chosen despite a below $100,000 base salary.

Georgetown MBA Salary by Function
Consulting and Financial Services, like in top MBA programs was the popular industries for Georgetown MBA candidates with Technology at a distant third. Consulting has a higher base salary ($118,336) with the total class average at $108,081. Interestingly, only 2% chose government despite the D.C advantage. The comparatively low salary is one reason for the choice.

Georgetown MBA Salary by Industry

Reference: Georgetown MBA Employment Report

The $130k to $150k range mean total salary makes the program favorable in the tier-2 category and therefore earning the candidates the best increase in salary. Largely, the cost of the program offsets the increase in salary. For the latest class, students entering consulting (by industry and job function) received the best return on their investment. Marketing/Sales, the favorite among the MBA class was not far behind ($110,186 mean base salary).

Foster MBA Salary by Job Function
Since the individual bonus is not published, we used the average signing bonus for the entire class in place of salary data for each job function and industry. In general, Finance as an industry and function receives a much higher bonus payment than we have estimated above.

Foster MBA Salary by Industry
As an industry, Technology attracted more than half of the class. The demand is in correlation with the 140,000 ICT companies in the state. Consulting was a distant second (23%) while Financial Services only registered a 6% representation for the latest Foster MBA Class.


Although the number of professionals employed as Investment Bankers is low in Texas (mostly from the skill gap), the McCombs MBA program placed the 3rd largest group of students into Investment Banking, just behind Brand & Product Management (13%), and Consulting (23%).

McCombs MBA Salary by Function 2017

Technology is a clear winner in terms of the percentage (33%) of students joining the industry. Consulting with a total mean salary of $1,63,178 and the highest base salary ($135,614) had the most competition.

McCombs MBA Salary by Industry 2017

Financial Service was at third position pushed to prominence by Investment Banking and Corporate Finance.

Reference: McCombs MBA Employment Report

The Median Signing Bonus and base salaries are $10,000 and $25,000 short of what are offered in tier-1 schools, but for those who want to get into Technology or Consulting, Merage MBA is a viable alternative.

After Technology (32%), Consulting, and Consumer Products, were tied in the most preferred industry (17%) but only Technology, Consulting, and Financial services managed to cross $100,000 in base salary.

UC Irvine Merage MBA Salary by Industry

Despite the $100,000 base salary only 9% of the class received job offers from Investment Banks or companies in the Finance sector. Advertising, Real Estate, Non-Profit, Healthcare/Pharma and Manufacturing were the other industries that found favor with less than 10% of the class.

UC Irvine MBA Salary by Function

By job function, Marketing/Sales were an overwhelming favorite for Merage MBA class. 30% chose the function despite a $92,000 base salary. The second choice – Consulting was selected by 15% of the class while General Management & Operations/Logistics, sharing the third position was...

USC Marshall has earned the reputation of attracting some of the best Consulting firms (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers). The percentage of the class choosing Consulting as an industry and function are nearly identical (30%+) – an indication that Consulting is a stronghold for USC. Finance as an industry was tied with the Media/Entertainment (13%) as the popular choice for the latest MBA class, leveraging USC’s vicinity to Hollywood.

USC Marshall MBA Salary by Industry
In Consulting, Management Consulting is a popular function with $140,000 base salary. Financial Services is $5000 below the median base salary of the class. Breaking the trend, Marketing/Sales with a below average base salary is the 2nd most popular, as a third of the class choose the specialization. 

USC Marshall MBA Salary by Function

Reference: USC Marshall MBA Employment Report

Applicants interested in pursuing a career in the Consulting industry will find Sloan a favorite with 30.5% of the latest class choosing the industry, while technology came second at 23.9%. The median base salary was at $125,000 with the range starting from $40,000 to $200,000. Since the split up on Bonus was not available by industry, the consulting industry leads when it comes to median and total salary.

MIT Sloan MBA Salary by Industry
The MIT Sloan team has shared the bonus for popular post-MBA job functions. Investment Banking has a standard base salary of $125,000 but the signing bonus was $49,000 for the latest class, taking the total salary to $174,000.

MIT Sloan MBA Salary by Function

Consulting and Strategic Planning – the most popular post-MBA job function, attracted offers with a total median salary of $166,000. The three other popular functions for MIT Sloan MBA graduates were in Operations/Project Management, Marketing/Sales and Product Management/Development, earning MBA candidates total median salaries in the range of $136,000 to $154,000.


Chicago Booth MBA Salary by Function

By job function, the largest percentage of the class (37.5%) was in Finance with the total median salary at $165,000. Consulting was the second most popular job function, taking in the highest salary - $170,000. Finance job function has other bonus and performance based incentives, which on adding up to the total salary is 30-50% higher than what consulting candidates are receiving.

Chicago Booth MBA Salary by Industry
Like job functions, Finance is the most popular industry (36%) for Booth MBA candidates, followed by Consulting (27.5%). Technology(16.7%) is slowly taking a bigger chunk of candidates from traditional sectors (Manufacturing, Media, and Consumer Products). The post-MBA salary has a direct correlation with the choice of the industry.

Reference: Chicago Booth MBA Employment Report

True to its reputation, NYU Stern attracted the most offers in the Financial Services industry (35.3%) with Investment Banking (28.2%) the most popular sub-group in the industry. Consulting was the second most popular industry (28.5%) while for the third position it is a close race between Consumer Packaged Goods and Technology/Telecommunication, both attracting 8-9% of the class. Candidates followed the post-MBA salary, as is evident from the total salary where Consulting ($166,904) and Financial Services ($166,707) fetched the best pay. As expected, the lowest paid industry was non-profit ($92,500 – total salary). However, other industries crossed the $100,000 total salary but surprisingly the median base salary for Media/Entertainment was $95,000 despite New York’s stronghold as a media hub. The transition from traditional to social media is evident from the lower demand and compensation in the media industry.

NYU Stern MBA Salary by Industry

Finance was the most popular job function with a total salary of $161,767 with a large percentage opting for Investment Banking that attracted over $172,000 in total salary.


Kellogg MBA candidates chose consulting over technology by a big margin (11%). Financial Services is at a distant fourth, just below consumer products. Health Care, Real Estate, Petroleum/Energy, and Retail complete the lower end of the spectrum.

Kellogg MBA Salary by Industry
Kellogg MBA program is a favorite for candidates interested in switching careers to Consulting with a third joining the job function while 20% found Marketing/Sales as the preferred vocation. Like industry, financial services were at a distant third. In terms of compensation - Consulting, Finance, and Technology were neck and neck – all hovering around the $145k to $160k range. General Management, Operations, Strategic Planning and Information Technology found single digit representation in the latest Kellogg MBA Class.

Kellogg MBA Salary by Function

Kellogg MBA Employment Report

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