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During the post-2000 era it is not uncommon to get fired.  You might have experienced it yourself. If you understand the rationale behind your firing, it becomes much easier to explain the event in your MBA Application essays. Mark Cuban remembers getting fired from Your Business Software after closing a deal instead of opening the retail store. He provides an interesting narrative about the event in – How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It about getting. (Awesome Book for Budding Entrepreneurs and Aspiring MBAs) for Even though Cuban contributed directly with the new deal, his boss felt that opening the store was the assigned job function.

What can Mark Cuban teach you about providing a solid background story for getting fired?

1) Blame the Boss – With Evidence

Cuban cleverly explains why he closed the deal and how it was more important than opening the retail store.  Have you tried something for the good of the company, but your actions were received...

MBA Applicants should carefully proofread their Application Essays before hitting the submit button. Spell checkers will remove obvious errors but there are many errors that spell checkers won't catch. Here are the 10 common mistakes that most spell checkers will miss:

1. Homonyms
2. Incorrectly divided compound words
3. Incorrect pronouns
4. Usage errors
5. Missing words
6. Wrong words
7. Wrong dates
8. Misspelled names
9. Incorrect verb tenses
10. Repetition

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Before copying someone's MBA Application essays understand why Business Schools are using essays to evaluate your candidacy.

1) A strong essay requires introspection, originality and depth of ideas.
2) The quality of your ideas and the clarity with which you express your goals will help demonstrate your abilities to write and be persuasive.
3) MBA admissions committees are looking for leaders, not followers. Don’t make your essays clichéd and sound like what other MBA Aspirants might say.
4) Whatever your goal is in your post-MBA career, you will need to discuss why you are so committed to it, and how you plan to get there." If you cannot come up with a clear road map, it's likely that you haven't really investigated your stated goal and reflected on whether this is something you truly want to pursue.

There is nothing wrong in reading other people's essays but consider the process as a mean to inspire your creativity. When you start writing your essays...

F1GMAT: Leadership MBA Essay is a crucial component in an MBA application. You have helped hundreds of MBA applicants. How do you define leadership from an MBA admissions point of view? What part of leadership do the AdCom value?

Leadership MBA Application EssaysStacy Blackman: What is leadership?  If you are applying to an MBA program, you are going to need to figure out the answer to this question. Many applications have specific questions focused on your defining leadership experiences. While others don’t boast a “leadership” question per se, the best applicants will emphasize and demonstrate the idea of leadership throughout their applications.

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