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Michigan’s Ross School of Business has announced the MBA Application Deadlines for the class of 2019 (Entering 2017)

Round 1

Applications due Oct. 3, 2016
Decisions released on Dec 16, 2016

Round 2

Applications due Jan. 2, 2017
Decisions released on March 17, 2017

Round 3

Applications due March 20, 2017
released on May 12, 2017

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Michigan’s Ross School of Business has released the essay questions for the MBA Class of 2018 (Entering 2016). The word count has remained at 400 words each.

The question covers both aspects of your personality - professional and personal. The Ross MBA team has discontinued the optional essay question that allowed applicants to address weaknesses of their application, not covered in the mandatory essay questions.

Applicants are required to answer two essays.

Ross MBA Essay 1: What are you most proud of and why? How does it shape who you are today? (400 words)

Ross MBA Essay 2:
What is your desired career path and why? (400 words)

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Ross MBA Essay TipsRoss MBA Essays for fall 2015 has been released. The number of questions has come down from three mandatory questions that include three sub-questions to two questions and one optional essay.

Ross MBA Essay Tips Fall 2015

1. What are you most proud of professionally and why? What did you learn from that experience? (400 words)

With just 400 words, and the second part of the question asking, “What did you learn from that experience”, it is clear that you have to focus on one experience that is worthy to be mentioned in an MBA Application. There is a wide misconception among MBA Applicants that professional achievements should be something spectacular. Sure, you cannot write about trivial achievements but an experience that is close to your heart is worth writing.

Any professional experience where you cannot communicate the work you put, the small failures you faced, and the lessons learned are trivial professional achievements.


Before you go into the events, and circumstances, offer context on the professional environment – colleagues, team size, hierarchy in the organization/team, and your role. You don’t have to explain...

Ross MBA Essay TipsRoss School of Business has released the essays for 2013-14 MBA admission season. There are three mandatory questions this year. In this Ross MBA Essay Tips and Strategies article, we will give you specific tips on answering the essay questions, and provide you with additional information about Ross MBA program that would useful for Essay 2.

1. Introduce yourself to your future Ross classmates in 100 words or less.

100 words would be equivalent to just six sentences. So answer this question carefully and rewrite several times to get the right words, and cover all the essential information about yourself.

It should ideally have:

1) Your place of origin
2) Your Background (multi-ethnic background are of great interest in MBA programs)
3) Your school and childhood (if you had a multicity experience growing up, mention that)
4) Your Hobbies (Something unique – music, sports, writing, painting)
5) Your expectations (End the introduction with something positive and how you would be involved with the class, and community)


Haas vs Ross MBAUniversity of California Haas School of Business and Michigan Ross School of Business offers two of the most comprehensive MBA programs in the world. Let us compare the two programs on 7 Factors: Location, Ranking, Curriculum, Incoming Class Profile, post-MBA job opportunities, Career service and Exchange Programs.

1) Location

Ross School of Business is located in Ann Arbor, a city known for student activism that was evident during the Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam war movements, during which the city was a hub for student activities. The Business School has campuses in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, and partnerships with institutions worldwide. Haas School of Business is part of the 14 colleges in the University of California, Berkeley Campus. The campus was built with the vision to transform the city to “City of Learning”, which has become a reality with 25,000 undergraduates and 10,000 graduates.

2) Ranking

Haas School of Business clearly outshines Ross School of Business when you consider the average rank of MBA programs from US News, BusinessWeek, Financial Times, and The Economist. Haas has an average rank of 10 while Ross’ average...

Ross vs Kellogg MBAIf you have missed the first part of the series - Read Kellogg vs Ross: Location, Ranking, Curriculum, Career Service and Incoming Class Profile.

6) MBA Job Sector

Kellogg MBA is known for Marketing specialisation but the latest Post-MBA employment trends shows that Consulting is the most popular industry with the acceptance rate of job offers in this industry in 2011 remaining at 37%, a trend that saw a steady rise from 2007 onwards with a small dip in 2010.

Industry                    Job Offer Acceptance Rate

                                  2011   2010   2009   2008   2007
Consulting                   37    ...

Ross vs Kellogg MBARoss School of Business and Kellogg school of management both offer world-class MBA programs. Let us look at 10 differentiating factors and see which MBA program would be a better choice for you.

1) Location

The Full-time and Executive MBA Programs are taught in the Kellogg School of Management Evanston campus in Illinois, while part-time MBA program is taught in Downtown Chicago Campus with other management courses taught in the Miami Campus. Ross School of Business is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan with campuses in Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Both Evanston and Ann Arbor are college-towns brought to the world map because of Northwestern University and University of Michigan respectively.


Kellogg is a clear winner when it comes to Business School and MBA Program rankings. Kellogg beats Ross in all major ranking including US News, The Economist, Businessweek and the Financial Times. Kellogg has an average rank of 11.25 against Ross’ average of 24...

Ross MBA EntrepreneurshipAlthough Ross School of Business does not immediately come to our mind when we think of MBA programs with Entrepreneurial focus, it is ranked 2nd in the Top 25 Graduate Entrepreneurial Colleges for 2012 in Entrepreneur and Princeton Review annual rankings.

Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies – Ross School of Business

The ranking is based on the courses, programs and support offered at Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. The courses are designed to support students with their Entrepreneurial endeavours. In addition to knowledge, Entrepreneurs and Academicians specializing in Entrepreneurial studies provide the necessary practical guidance to start a firm.  Some of the notable members in the Advisory Board are Michael Hallman, former COO, Microsoft Corporation, Eugene Applebaum, Founder of Arbor Drugs and Samuel Zell, Chairman of Equity Group Investments.


Professor David J. Brophy, the Executive Director for Center for Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance, leads the Research for Entrepreneurial Studies.  Books and Case Studies are released...

Operations Management (OM) is the science of streamlining the design as well as management of processes, products, supply chains and services. It deals with the process of producing goods, and delivering services. OM ensures the efficient utilization of resources, be it within the organization or outside. It also delivers goods and services promptly to fulfill client needs.

What are the applications of Operations Management?

Operations Management can be applied at various levels, based on the location and size of a manufacturing plant to the structure and delivery of a service or a telecom network, and could even include designing technology supply chains. Besides the overall perspective, this management stream also deals with tactical and technical details such as plant layout, project management techniques, technology & equipment selection, and replacement of older methods or machinery. The operations management team also determines production schedules, manage inventories, control quality and manage material flow. A plant's equipment management and maintenance policies are also set by them.

What are the responsibilities of Operations Management...

Military MBAAn MBA for Military personnel provides opportunities to further enhance a military career or allow them to join one of the top post-MBA sectors. MBA programs tailored for Military are on the rise, and top schools are offering funding support for this esteemed group.  If you notice the recruitment trends in top Business Schools like Harvard, Stanford or Wharton, applicants with a military background tend to do extremely well. This can be attributed to the wide exposure that these applicants have received during the term of duty. The high stress work environment, goal setting and orientation, need for accuracy under extreme pressure, ability to take control of a hostile situation and continuous focus on disciplined execution have made military applicants a highly sought after group.

An MBA imparts Business fundamentals, problem solving, and managerial skills that perfectly complements on-duty experience.  Corporations are looking for a mix of strong work ethics and business knowledge.

In order to encourage military personnel to pursue education, the US government has started a host of financial aid schemes.

Post-9/11 GI Bill

Post-9/11 GI Bill offers financial...

For Ross MBA, the rankings have fluctuated across publications. Both Economist and FT have ranked Ross in the 20s and Businessweek at 8. With FT ranking, Ross has fallen from 24 to 29. The Economist saw the school’s ranking rise from 30 in 2011 to 24 this year. Similarly, US News saw a marginal rise in the ranking from 14 to 13. Businessweek though, saw a drop of one place from 7 in 2011 to 8 in 2012. These extreme fluctuations make it difficult to assess Ross’ standings as a whole. Similarly, it is impossible to predict if Ross is on an upswing, or a downswing.

Ross MBA Ranking

Average Rank: 24.67

Ross MBA Class Profile – Nationality

Ross MBA Nationality

Ross MBA Class Profile - Undergraduate Degree

Ross MBA Undergraduate

Ross MBA Employment Profile

Ross MBA Salary - 2012
Salary range :  $30,000 - -$145,000

Ross MBA Jobs...

The Ross Executive MBA program starts in August and spans over 20 months. Students can join the program at the Ann Arbor or Los Angeles Campus. Michigan Ross leverages its Action-Based learning approach and focuses on strategic and leadership development.

Key Advantages

1) Focus on strategy and leadership - two elements of management that are essential to excel in a competitive Business environment.

2) Each discipline is taught with a Global perspective, allowing participants to manage Business in a cross-cultural framework

3) Apply concepts learned in the class with Executive Multidisciplinary Action Projects (ExecMAP)

4) Develop your leadership skills with the Personalized leadership development program

5) Students can join any one of the campuses in Ann Arbor or Los Angeles, according to their convenience

6) Develop skills that allows for integrated result-oriented decision making, essential for senior management.

7) Ross Executive MBA conducts once a month class, allowing participants to travel less and learn more.

8) Curriculum is designed to develop seven core areas: Fundamentals, Strategy, Action, Vision, Leadership Competencies, Executive Skills and Personal Awareness

Course Details

1) Course Duration: 20 Months (Five Terms)

Merit Based Scholarship


1) Admitted into the Full-Time MBA program
2) Demonstrate academic ability, professional and personal achievements, and potential to contribute to the ross community

Amount: $5,000 to full tuition
Note: No separate application is required

Need-based scholarship


1) U.S. citizens and permanent residents.
Amount: Based on need as estimated in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Note: Students are encouraged to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible

Post-Admission Scholarship

1) Alumni Board of Governors Scholarship - Past record of community service
2) Leo Burnett...