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Ivey Business School

Canadian MBACanada's 35 million population is spread across one of the largest land masses in the world. With an abundance of natural resources, Canada fosters an economy that is built around Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Agriculture and Forestry. Unlike the US, where a Government controlled healthcare exchange offers information about the insurance policies in the market, Canada delivers a free to use healthcare service through a government-funded system for all residents. The lower value of the Canadian Dollar (0.75 USD), makes the world’s truly multicultural country an attractive destination for MBA aspirants.

Although Canadian Business School is behind their American counterparts in ranking, the quality of the students, the teaching expertise, and the post-MBA opportunities are comparable to the top MBA programs in the US. The lower cost makes Canadian Business School a primary target for students who want the bang for their buck in the short term.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage is that international students can change their study permit into a work permit as soon as they graduate. International candidates should note that government subsidies make fees cheaper for the locals.

We have created our list of Top MBA...

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The deadlines for Ivey MBA program have been announced. Here are the deadlines:

Round                               Deadline             Decision

Early App Deadline             May 6, 2013       June 28, 2013
Round 1                            Sep 23, 2013      Nov 29, 2013
Round 2                            Nov 18, 2013      Jan 17, 2014
Round 3                            Jan 13, 2014       Feb 28, 2014

How to Apply

Ivey MBA Admissions TeamF1GMAT: Ivey MBA has put emphasis on Case Method Learning. What are some of the unique courses and learning methodologies adopted in Ivey MBA program? 

Jenni & Julia (
Ivey MBA): We are one of only a handful of truly case-based MBA programs in the world.  We believe you can’t be lectured into becoming a great decision-maker, therefore the focus in all of our courses is on practical learning.  This means that we mix cases with real-world projects and simulation activities.  A few of our most popular courses are Value Investing (with George Athanassakos), Negotiating for Leaders, High Impact Presenting and our International Study Trips (to China, India and South America).


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Ivey MBA Admission Interviews are by invitation only. The Admission team prefer interviews in-person. It can be during recruiting trips internationally or in Canada, or during campus visit. For candidates who don’t have the opportunity to attend in-person interview, a Skype interview will be conducted

Interview Conducted by: Admissions and Career Service Team

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Rounds: 1 -2

Recommended Read: Interview with Jenni & Julia - Richard Ivey MBA Admissions Team

Style of Interview: Friendly and Conversational

Skills and Traits tested in the Interview

1) Ability to articulate and structure thoughts and ideas clearly and articulately
2) Clarity and focus of personal career goals (both short-term and long-term) and how the MBA fits into these plans
3) Self-awareness and confidence
4) Ability to identify the contributions that he/she will bring to the classroom and Ivey experience
5) An understanding of the business market...

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Ivey MBA is a 12-Month Full-time MBA program with a focus on developing Business Fundamentals and learning with cases & Business Simulation. The Business Fundamentals are covered in the core curriculum with the lecture series.

Before starting the core curriculum, students can optionally take three courses: Economics Primer, Finance & Accounting Primer and Quantitative Analysis Primer. These courses will allow students to acclimatize with the pace of the actual MBA program and refresh some of the basic Business concepts necessary for the MBA program.

The core curriculum starts with Business Essentials. The courses in the core curriculum are Accounting and Control for Managers, Decision Making with Analytics, Developing and Executing Strategies,   Leading People and Organizations, Managing Operations, Marketing Products and Services, Leveraging Information Technology, Macroeconomics for Business Decisions and Communicating Effectively.

Based on the career goals, Ivey MBA can choose from six concentrations: Finance, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy & Leadership, International Management, Marketing and Health Sector. The...