Queens School of Business

F1GMAT: Is there any MBA myth that you want to break?

Zach: Alumni can help you get acquainted with a job landscape.  They can help you make connections and get your resume in for a position.  Alumni can do a lot, but they cannot guarantee you a job.  Any school that tells you their Alumni will just “magically” make a job appear, I encourage you to reconsider everything they have told you.  Getting a job is still very squarely on your shoulders as an MBA graduate.  Your experience, education and charisma are what will get you a job.  Alumni are merely a tool that can help.

F1GMAT: Last year was a challenging year for MBA graduates. How did you maintain your focus and motivation during this tough period?

Zach: Job-hunting is a challenging endeavour at the best of times, but to do so during an economic downturn is especially challenging.  I’m not going to lie, there were...

F1GMAT: Queen's MBA is highly regarded in International community. In what ways do you think Queen School of Business were unique?

Zach: Queen’s is unique is many ways.  The history of the school, the location and many other things makes the school unique.  However, from an international respective the school is unique because of the teachers, the schools international partnerships and their approach to the MBA.  To elaborate, the teachers at Queen’s are excellent and very well versed in both domestic and international topics related to their respective disciplines as well as business as a whole.  The teachers at Queen’s are top quality.  Furthermore, the school’s undergraduate commerce program has a strong tradition of exchanges across the globe and the MBA program has taken advantage of these connections to set-up exchanges with many excellent schools in other countries.  This benefits both students that go on exchange and those that don’t who then take class with students arriving from abroad...

F1GMAT: Hi Zach, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Zach: Sure, I’m a 29 year old professional engineer, and recent MBA grad, who lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  My background is in oil and gas as well as power generation where I have worked in a variety of roles within consulting companies.  My most recently role, prior to returning to school, was as an Evaluations Engineer completing economic evaluations on oil and gas properties. 

Now I am a Market Analyst with a large global corporation that manufactures and sells tubular goods for the oil and gas industry.  When I’m not working, you will find me involved in a variety of activities, since I am constantly seeking new activities that I find challenging and interesting, but I do almost always find...

Queen’s MBA is a 12-Month Full-time MBA program provided in Kingston, Canada. The program has a focus on teamwork, personal coaching and experiential learning. Queen’s Full-time MBA program starts with three refresher courses: Accounting, Finance and Statistics. These are not-for-credit optional courses conducted as a one day session.

Some of the interesting courses in the  core curriculum are: Leadership, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Acquisition & Analysis of Information for Management, Management Accounting, Finance Fundamentals, Corporate and Marketing Strategy, Managing Information Technology, Finance Strategy, International Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Implementation and Change, Organizational Behaviour, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Capstone Simulation and Consulting & Project Management.

As part of the core curriculum Queen’s MBA students are divided into teams. The team members will work together on projects, presentations and other activities.  The teams consist of 6-7 member students, carefully constituted to maximize diversity and experience.  Each team is assigned with a personal coach, who monitors the performance of each group and provides constant feedback essential for their performance...

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