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Bocconi vs MIP MBAWe had written about top MBA in Italy but MBA applicants planning to complete their MBA from Italy have requested us to compare SDA Bocconi with MIP Milano. In this first part of the Bocconi vs MIP MBA series; we will look at three key comparative factors: course structure, exchange programs, & ranking. In the second part, we will look at post-MBA statistics and class profile.

Course Structure

MIP Milan International MBA is a 14-Month Full-time MBA program with 11-month of classroom and 3-month of project experience. The program commences in May and concludes in June, the following year. A day in the classroom is divided into two three-hour sessions – one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Although there is no scheduled daily after-class time, students are required to stay back for the speaker series or activities according to the curriculum.

Bocconi, on the other hand, is a 15-month Full-time MBA program with classes starting in October and concluding in December, the following year. A typical day in the classroom is divided into three hours in the morning and six hours in the evening. The 4.5...

Date: Tuesday 11th October

6pm Italian time

Presented By: International MBA Director Giovanni Toletti

Key Feature: Learn more about the International full-time MBA program and have your questions answered by the director and admissions staff.

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Date: 28th March
Time: 18:00

Live from CAMPUS MIP Bovisa  

Steps to Access the Online Presentation

1) Send your First name, last name and country of origin to imba@mip.polimi.it
2) On Confirmation follow the instruction
a) Be Ready with a earphone and access  http://meeting.metid.polimi.it/mbaonline/      
b) Once you click, you will see "enter a guest "(leave it as default); then type your first name and last name:
c) Click on "enter room".
d) Once you succeed in entering the presentation, you will be able to hear the voice of presenter.

You are also allowed to raise any questions by typing into the Chat area.

MIP Milano has announced the deadline and criteria for the MIP FOR WOMEN MBA Scholarships.


The first place will be granted with 10,000 euro;
The second place will be granted with 7,000 euro;
The third place will be granted with 5,000euro.

Scholarship requirement

Apart from the submission of application documents the applicants need to have

• GMAT score: minimum 600
• Relevant business experience
• Excellent command of English
• Good knowledge on Italian business culture

The application deadline: 31-10-2011 Please put down in the application: MIP FOR WOMEN

For further information, please contact: imba@mip.polimi.it

In 2009, 50 participants from 19 countries joined in MIP International MBA program. Placement

after 3 months from graduation is 75% and the average salary is 60,000 euro. The 14-month

intensive business skill...

Vineeth George AbrahamF1GMAT: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your motivation to do an MBA?

Vineeth: Prior to my MBA, I was an Information technology engineer- hailing from Kerala, India. After nearly 4 years of working in the technology services field along with Infosys and Capgemini, the time was ripe for me to look out for different avenues. Hence, I decided to get my MBA. Currently I'm with IBM India, working as a marketing campaign planner, liaising with Italian counterparts.

F1GMAT: Did you set any selection criteria before short-listing your top five b-schools?

Vineeth: Some selection criteria that I listed before deciding upon the destination school were:

  • Diversity of students (high onus on internationalization)
  • Method of teaching
  • Accreditations from governing bodies.
  • ...

F1GMAT: MIP Milano is known for its masters programme. How popular is your MBA programme compared to the masters?

Xixi Fan: Being part of the Politecnico, MIP pays particular attention to technology(particularly up-and-coming technology) because of the role it plays in innovation. From its engineering tradition it has inherited an analytical approach to problem solving - particularly important in the complex contexts where businesses and public administration have to operate - and a project orientation, aiming to find concrete solutions to problems. MIP is accredited by ASFOR (Italian Association of Management Education Institutions) and by EQUIS. Our primary aim is to give our participants strong competences and skills for their entire career. In order to pursue this goal, the MBA Program is based on three pillars: Core Fundamentals, Monographs, Concentrations and Complementary curricula.


Full Scholarships

MIP per l'Abruzzo

MIP, the BUSINESS SCHOOL of Politecnico di Milano, offers a full scholarship “MIP per l’Abruzzo” of 26.000€, corresponding to the entire tuition fee of the MBA program.

Further info on MIP per l'Abruzzo

BCG - The Boston Consulting Group and ITALCEMENTI Group

No of Awards: 2
Amount: Full scholarships
Outstanding Profile
Note: For classes starting in May 2010. In order to apply for these scholarships you need to submit your application together with MBA required documents to imba@mip.polimi.it.

TOTAL MBA TUITION FEE: 26,000 (+ 1,700 € University Fees)  ...

MIP International MBAMIP International MBA

The 14-month program consists of the MBA core subjects and electives in Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Design & Luxury Management and Global Business & Management and is integrated with other activities such as Business Plan, Business Game and Project Work. MIP's primary aim is to give its participants strong competences and skills for their entire career.

Birth Of MIP

One of the great strengths of the MIP MBA program is that it is part of Politecnico di Milano – the premier institute of science, technology, and management in Italy and...

Top 31 MBA Programs + Analysis of 24 Industries (United States)

We analyze the MBA Curriculum, Class Profile, Total Cost and Post-MBA Salary of Top 31 MBA programs in the US.

+ Industry Trends

+ Future of Aerospace, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automobile, Clean Tech, Education, Energy, Fashion, Financial Services, Insurance, FinTech, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Military, Manufacturing, Maritime, Media/Advertising, Technology, Tourism, Trade, Transportation and Logistics, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR).

Pages: 327


"I have not reviewed many books for MBA Admission consulting companies but doing it now to give all applicants a brief idea on what the book covers. The book includes 31 top MBA programs - almost all the top schools you have heard or considering for your MBA application. Each chapter is categorized by US States where there is at least one top MBA program. So you have California and Massachusetts with the most number of MBA programs and several states with one top program (Washington, Minnesota, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Virginia, and Maryland) and other states with two to three MBA programs. The book focuses on four aspects of an MBA program - curriculum, cost, class profile and post-MBA salary. For me, the breakdown of the cost and post-MBA industry was useful to make my decision on selecting the top 5 programs for 2017-18. It is a fascinating read in an industry where consultants overprice for their expertise. I recently bought a 30-page guide for $49. Compared to the obvious observation in that book, the 300+ page, MBA in US - the Ultimate guide is a goldmine of information and analysis." - Verified Purchase (21st June 2017)

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"Should be a required reading before applying for an MBA. School events and MBA Tours are PR events disguised as a Q&A. On the contrary, the book is an unbiased analysis of each Top MBA program in the US supported by a large dataset and historical context on each industry. The guide builds a case for indstries that are likely to emerge as favourite for MBA graduates. Thorough and a valuable book." - Verified Purchase (15th June 2017)

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Very informative. I would recommend that you read the book at least once in chronological order before using Table of Contents." - Verified Purchase (2nd July 2017)

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