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London Business School

LBS MBA Employment Trend
London Business School has published the 2012 MBA employment report. There are some interesting findings. Here is the summary of the major trends in LBS MBA Employment:

1) 92% of MBAs found employment within three months of graduation
2) Corporate Sector attracted the most students – 35% of the class
3) 53% of Students chose to work abroad
4) Major Recruiters from China have for the first time visited London Business School for recruitment
5) Post-MBA Median Base Salary for the class of 2012 was $110,000

About the Employment Report

The 2012 LBS MBA Employment report is based on data collected from 400 students with an average age of 28 years with 5 years of average work experience, represented predominantly (31%) by European students excluding UK, followed by Asia(20%) and North America(14%). UK students represented 11% of the class.

The largest representation of the pre-MBA class is from the corporate sector (41%) followed by Finance (30%) and Consulting 29%.

Post-MBA Employment Sectors

The largest section of the class (35%) of the class chose corporate sector, followed by Consulting (33%) and...

London Business School MBA Application Deadlines for 2014-15 have been announced.

Stage    Application deadline    Interview decision sent on    Admission decision sent on

1             03 October 2014            31st October 2014                 11th Dec 2014
2             05 January 2015            05th February  2015               26th Mar 2015
3             27th Feb 2015               02 April 2015                         14 May 2015
4             17 April 2015                21 May 2015                      ...

LBS MBA Essay TipsLondon Business School has published the MBA Application Essays for the Class of 2017. This year, there are three essay questions with 500, 300 and 400-word limits. The essays cover short-term goals; the value that applicants will add to the school, and other information that candidates would like to share with the admissions team.

LBS MBA Essays for Class of 2017

Essay Question 1: What are your post-MBA plans and how will your past experience and the London Business School programme contribute? (500 words)

The LBS team has rephrased the short-term and long-term goals question with this essay. When you answer this question, state how your future would look like in terms of knowledge, preparedness, new skills, networking, and leadership.

Explain how the program will open up opportunities in new sectors if you are a career switcher.

Explain how the program will accelerate your career growth, and introduce you to new responsibilities.

Specific examples are important here. Visit the employment trends page, and analyze how the alumni have accepted job offers: the industry, functions, roles, location, and companies. Find out career paths that...

London Business School has published the essay for the Class of 2017. There are three essay questions for this MBA Admission season. The total word count has remained the same - 1200 words.

1) What are your post-MBA plans and how will your past experience and the London Business School programme contribute? (500 words)

2) How will you add value to the London Business School community? (300 words)

3) Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School? (400 words)

Learn how to answer the Essay Questions

LBS MBA Employment Trends 2014
When Construction, Education, Real Estate and Transportation are the only four industries to show positive growth in 2013 compared to 2012, 96% of the 2013 LBS MBA class having an offer in hand within 3-months of graduation is an impressive feat. If you want to test the brand value of an MBA program, compare the placement trends in a negative growth year.

Post-MBA Employment Sectors

London Business School has chosen to use the terminology “Corporate sector” for recruiters that do not come under Consulting and Finance. 43% of the 2013 MBA class chose corporate sector, even taking over Finance (28%) and consulting (29%). But if you dissect the Corporate sector, you will see that Amazon and Google were the largest recruiters, followed by Shell, American Express and Microsoft; not the traditional corporate sector that you expect. E-Commerce/IT and Telecommunication made a big comeback in 2013-14.

Finance has been losing ground in London Business School for the past five years. The financial downturn of 2008 had a permanent scar on the demand for Finance job openings with pre-...

If you have missed the first part of the series - INSEAD MBA vs London Business School MBA Program, read it here

LBS vs INSEAD MBA6) Curriculum

London Business School: 
During the first year, London Business School covers the fundamentals of Management Education: Corporate Finance, Data, Models and Decisions, Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Strategy, Operations Management, Marketing, Managing Organisational Behaviour and Management Accounting.

Second year emphasis is more on understanding Business in a Global Context with courses like Global Business Experiences, where students will work with Businesses across the world.  For Entrepreneurial students, the course Discovering Entrepreneurial...

Insead vs LBSLondon Business School (LBS) and INSEAD Business School offer MBA programs that are ranked among the best in the world.  The quality of the students, the teaching methodology, curriculum, faculty expertise, networking opportunities and employment statistics have contributed towards the rise of these two giants among the MBA elites.

1) Location

LBS is located in London, which has been consistently voted as the best European City to live. The school campus is located next to Regent’s Park and gives access to London’s varied history, culture and arts.  London’s 43 Universities contribute towards giving the City the tag for the ‘largest concentration of higher education in Europe’.  Over 75% of Fortune 500 companies have their offices in London.

INSEAD’s main campus is located in Fontainebleau, 34 miles away from Central Paris. For students interested in having a peaceful environment, away from the hustle of a city life would enjoy the campus. It is not far away from the renowned Forest of Fontainebleau. The well-connected transportation system in France allows students to take a quick detour to Paris, the fashion capital of the world.  

A clear advantage that INSEAD...

LBS MBA Experiential Learning
LBS strive to enhance the learning experience by giving students opportunities to apply classroom lessons to real-life scenarios. This helps students retain what they have studied and more importantly, it enables them to understand how the concepts work in a real life context. Experiential learning at the school is divided into two parts, within the classroom curriculum, and outside it.

In the Classroom

London Business Experiences

As part of the 1st year curriculum, students benefit from real-life business experiences through the London Business Experiences program. With the program, students can choose to visit a set of companies in London. The companies offer valuable lessons from key stakeholders in the company, and can work within groups to build networks and learn how the business works. It gives students perspectives on the kind of career they would themselves like to follow and test whether what they study in the class can be applied in the real world.

The 2013 portfolio of companies that MBA students will visit include:

• Chelsea Football Club
• Fight for Peace...

The United Kingdom offers an extremely attractive market for MBA students. Some of the best Business Schools like London Business School, Cambridge's Judge Business School and Oxford's Said Business School are located here. London is the world's #2 largest financial hub and is a premier shipping and trade hub. UK has a strong Software and IT services market, which is worth £58 billion each year that include over 100,000+ software companies.

Although Visa restrictions have come into place for low-end contributors and graduates from 2nd tier B-Schools, international students planning to join premier MBA institutions can look forward to several benefits. Aston Business School for instance saw its MBA’s salary leap a massive 85% over the pre-MBA earnings. UK also lives up to its reputation as a global hub. London Business School's MBA class of 2011 had 89% International students. On completing the course, students were employed across 64 cities in 30+ countries. An MBA is also a stepping-stone to find employment in the UK itself. Among Cranfield's class of 2011, just 30% of the class relocated to Europe (Including...

The United Kingdom is the sixth largest economy in the world. London is the capital, with the largest city GDP in European Union. It is also known as the world's largest financial center along with New York.  UK started the scientific and industrial revolutions, and today its aerospace and pharmaceutical industries are rated among the best.

Unlike other European countries where knowledge of local language is necessary for post-MBA job opportunities, with English, International MBA students can leverage the knowledge of the language for job search and networking.

After completing the MBA program, non-EU students need to apply for a Tier 2 visa, to continue their stay in the UK. This 3-year Visa has stricter norms than the earlier Tier 1 Visa and requires an employer to certify that the position was advertised for, and could not be filled by someone from the EU.  All the more reason to go for a top MBA that ensures a Tier 2 Visa. Here are our top seven MBA programs in UK.

1) London Business School (LBS)

LBS is located in Regent's Park, right in the heart of London, giving students access to globally prominent...

Question 1 (500 words)

In what role or sector do you see yourself working immediately after graduation? Why? How will your past and present experiences help you achieve this? How will the London Business School MBA Programme contribute to this goal?

This is a different version of the short-term goal question. As most top Business Schools, London Business School wants to know about your past performances and evaluate your potential to reach your short-term goals. The school also wants to know how the MBA program contributes towards achieving your immediate goals.

First - Chart out your career path. Logically provide how you have pursued your career until now and LBS MBA will be the natural progression to achieve your short-term goals. Research thoroughly about London Business School MBA program by visiting the MBA programs page. Network with current Students and Alumni through campus visits, networking events, and LinkedIn. Make full use of the info sessions and MBA Tours by interacting with MBA Admissions Officers. When you have researched thoroughly and have valuable information about the courses and the experience, mention them in your essays. Once you have done your research and have created the draft essay, ...

Join London Business School MBA Admissions team on-campus from 19.00-21.00 on 18th July 2012.

Date: 18th July 2012

London campus: London Business School
Regent's Park
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7000
Fax: +44 (0)20 7000 7001

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London Business School Annual Fund Scholarships
Criteria: Demonstrate ability to contribute to all aspects of the MBA programme
Amount: £20,000
No of Awards: 25
No special application required. All students who receive an offer for the class will be automatically considered for this award

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Scholarship
Criteria : MBA applicants interested in the financial services industry.
No of Awards: 1
Amount: £20,000

Mark Le Goy Memorial and MBA 97 Class Scholarship
Criteria: All successful MBA applicants
No of Awards: 1
Amount:50 per cent of first year tuition fees

MSc04 Maurice Forshaw Memorial Scholarship
Criteria: All successful MBA applicants.
No of Awards: 1
Amount: Full first year tuition fees

MSc07 Term Scholarship
Criteria: All successful MBA applicants.
No of Awards: 1
Amount: Full first year tuition fees

MSc16 Term Scholarship
Criteria: All successful MBA applicants.
No of Awards: 1
Amount: 50 per cent of first year tuition fees


London Business School Executive MBA include Executive MBA, EMBA-Global Americas and Europe, EMBA-Global Asia and Dubai-London EMBA.

Key Advantages: 

1) Skilled and experienced managers in your class
2) Practice what you learn immediately
3) Customize your learning experience(with electives)
4) Salary increase 83% - Three years after graduating( According to 2008 FT Ranking)
5) Network in London – Important Business Centres
6) Brand Recognition

Types of London Business School Executive MBA

The London Business School is a close knit program with an international focus, set in one of the most exciting centers of culture in Europe. Among one of the top ranked programs in the world, LBS is equally known by US and international recruiters. LBS is an excellent choice for MBA hopefuls who have international experience or would like to develop a career without borders.
When approaching this large number of questions and specific prompts, you will want to make sure you are also presenting your well-rounded self, with focus on career, extra curriculars and personal attributes.

As you formulate your timeline and plans for this application, make note of the deadlines. LBS is quite strict about adhering to word count and urges applicants not to write more than the specified limit for each essay, as any extra words or essays may be disregarded.

Question 1 (750 words)

Give us a brief assessment of your career progress to date.

In what role do you see yourself working in immediately after graduation and what is your longer term career vision?
How will...