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kellogg essay adviceKellogg School of Management has two essays for all Full-time MBA applicants. One essay measures the applicant’s leadership & teamwork skills while the second measures the ability for career progression and growth.

Kellogg MBA Essay 1: Leadership and teamwork are integral parts of the Kellogg experience. Describe a recent and meaningful time you were a leader. What challenges did you face, and what did you learn? (450 words)

Leadership might have become a clichéd essay topic but not for Kellogg. Even their core curriculum has a mandatory course in Leadership (Leadership in Organizations). Since leadership has several contexts: personal responsibility, overcoming a personal setback, domain expertise, overcoming a team setback, motivating the team, and leading the team towards a goal, pick the most relevant context.

If you are not sure about the context, Beth Tidmarsh - Director of Admissions for Kellogg’s Full-Time program has shared what the admission team means by leadership in Essay 1.

“What challenges did you face? Oh yes, we want to understand the challenges for your team. (You had a team, right? Because you were a leader, there must have been...

Kellogg MBA Essay 2 Tips: Pursuing an MBA is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. How have you grown in the past? How do you intend to grow at Kellogg? (450 words)

MBA Applicants who complete the essay just for the sake of meeting the deadlines do not see MBA as a tool for personal and professional growth. The MBA Admission team believes that the curriculum is structured to transform your personality and would prefer candidates who ‘truly’ believe in the power of Kellogg MBA. Would you invest your time, money, and energy into joining a prestigious MBA program like Kellogg just for the sake of increasing your salary by 100 or 150% without experiencing the transformative learning experiences?

Applicants with monetary goals are easy to spot. Their narration about professional growth is focused exclusively on hierarchical growth within the organization or the performance bonuses they earned. It is never about the experience of helping a colleague, pushing oneself, or learning about one’s true strengths.

Before you start rationing the words for Essay 2, follow a 3-step structure.

Awareness -> Reflection -> Future with Kellogg MBA


Applicants with monetary goals are easy to spot. The narration about professional aspirations is limited by the post-MBA title, and...

Writing about Leadership, the challenges you faced and the lessons learned can be tricky. You might not know where to start.

F1GMAT’s Kellogg MBA Essay Guide shares four leadership examples that you can use in your Essay #1 and a Sample Essay that you should read for inspiration.

For Essay 2, we demonstrate how to cite Kellogg MBA Curriculum as a growth tool. For creating an essay on how you have grown till now, use the 3-step structure and the Sample Essay as a template.

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Kellogg MBA candidates chose consulting over technology by a big margin (11%). Financial Services is at a distant fourth, just below consumer products. Health Care, Real Estate, Petroleum/Energy, and Retail complete the lower end of the spectrum.

Kellogg MBA Salary by Industry
Kellogg MBA program is a favorite for candidates interested in switching careers to Consulting with a third joining the job function while 20% found Marketing/Sales as the preferred vocation. Like industry, financial services were at a distant third. In terms of compensation - Consulting, Finance, and Technology were neck and neck – all hovering around the $145k to $160k range. General Management, Operations, Strategic Planning and Information Technology found single digit representation in the latest Kellogg MBA Class.

Kellogg MBA Salary by Function

Kellogg MBA Employment Report

Kellogg MBA in MarketingIn 1909, North Western University taught the world's first ever courses in advertising, sales, and marketing. The head start has ensured that Kellogg School of Management now hosts the best MBA course for marketing. It offers world-renowned faculty, unique curriculum, fresh teaching methodologies, two Marketing majors and a host of facilities to make it the world's ultimate marketing degree. While most schools focus on leadership skills, the Kellogg MBA program nurtures team playing skills and provides an environment that requires collaborating with people from diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds.


The learning environment for marketing is built around world-class faculty. The Marketing Department is the leading contributor of textbooks on the three pillars of marketing — Management, Distribution, and Promotions. Kellogg faculty has already published 52 books on marketing. Marketing's most respected names Philip Kotler and Louis Stern are among the well-known faculty. Kotler's Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control, is a recommended textbook for marketing in most management schools in the world.

The Teaching...

Kellogg MBA Application Deadlines for 2016-17 has been announced.
                                                                        Round 1             Round 2             Round 3
2016-17 MBA Application Deadlines   Sep. 21, 2016     Jan. 04, 2017      Apr. 05, 2017
On-Campus Interview                              Sep 23, 2016      Jan 06, 2017       Apr 07, 2017
Decision By                           ...

Kellogg School of Management has cut the number of required essays from three to two. Although the questions are different, it is along the same theme – “Learning from Challenge” and “Leadership – Collaborating and motivating others”. The team has also included two video essays, for which you will have 20 seconds to think, and one minute to respond. There are 10 questions to practice for the video essay.

2014-15 Kellogg MBA Essay Questions+

1) Resilience. Perseverance. Grit. Call it what you will…. Challenges can build character. Describe a challenging experience you’ve had. How were you tested? What did you learn? (450 words)

2) Leadership requires an ability to collaborate with and motivate others. Describe a professional experience that required you to influence people. What did this experience teach you about working with others, and how will it make you a better leader? (450 words)

Dual-degree applicants: For applicants to the MMM or JD-MBA dual degree programs, please explain why that program is right for you. (250 words)

Re-applicants: Since your previous application, what steps have you taken to strengthen your candidacy? (250 word limit)


Kellogg MBA Essay Tips 2013-14For 2014-15, the total number of essays is two that include one essay about the greatest challenge and the second one about leadership experience, and how you influenced people in a group environment.

2014-15 Kellogg MBA Essay Tips

Essay 1: Resilience. Perseverance. Grit. Call it what you will…. Challenges can build character. Describe a challenging experience you’ve had. How were you tested? What did you learn? (450 words)

Before writing essay 1, plan whether you will include your personal experience in Essay 1 or 2. Both have contexts where you can write about your personal story. One is about overcoming challenge, and the other is about leadership. We would recommend that you write about your personal story for this essay. It can be about something that you had to overcome while learning a new skill – music or one aspect of managing a non-profit:  running a campaign, building a team of volunteers, or persevering to meet financial goals.

The regular obstacles that you face in a new environment cannot be categorized as Challenges. Those are learning experiences. Although gifted writers can make anything sound as a challenge, MBA application is a...

Kellogg MMM vs Kellogg MBAWe cannot compare Kellogg MMM and Kellogg Full-time MBA, and conclude that one program is better than the other. They are different programs targeted for students with different goals.

Kellogg's MMM is a dual-degree program that incorporates design thinking into every products and services. In addition to that "Process thinking" is integrated into operations management so that the resources are managed efficiently, thus leading to timely delivery of services for clients.

MMM degree covers two curriculum requirements - the Master of Business Administration from Kellogg and the Master of Engineering Management from McCormick. Like Kellogg Full-time MBA Program, students can choose majors from Finance, Marketing, and Strategy. Also, a major in Design and Operations can be acquired with the MMM curriculum.

If you are looking for differences here are a few key ones:

a) Core Courses:
MMM Core Courses covers all the topics from the Full-time MBA Core but the emphasis is given on Core Design and Innovation related courses. Since the students recruited have a strong analytical and a financial degree background, core courses such as Finance, Accounting, Operations and...

Ross vs Kellogg MBAIf you have missed the first part of the series - Read Kellogg vs Ross: Location, Ranking, Curriculum, Career Service and Incoming Class Profile.

6) MBA Job Sector

Kellogg MBA is known for Marketing specialisation but the latest Post-MBA employment trends shows that Consulting is the most popular industry with the acceptance rate of job offers in this industry in 2011 remaining at 37%, a trend that saw a steady rise from 2007 onwards with a small dip in 2010.

Industry                    Job Offer Acceptance Rate

                                  2011   2010   2009   2008   2007
Consulting                   37    ...

Ross vs Kellogg MBARoss School of Business and Kellogg school of management both offer world-class MBA programs. Let us look at 10 differentiating factors and see which MBA program would be a better choice for you.

1) Location

The Full-time and Executive MBA Programs are taught in the Kellogg School of Management Evanston campus in Illinois, while part-time MBA program is taught in Downtown Chicago Campus with other management courses taught in the Miami Campus. Ross School of Business is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan with campuses in Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Both Evanston and Ann Arbor are college-towns brought to the world map because of Northwestern University and University of Michigan respectively.


Kellogg is a clear winner when it comes to Business School and MBA Program rankings. Kellogg beats Ross in all major ranking including US News, The Economist, Businessweek and the Financial Times. Kellogg has an average rank of 11.25 against Ross’ average of 24...

Kellogg’s performance over the last year have fluctuated both ways – a large improvement in one ranking, and lower declines in the other three. BusinessWeek and US News both registered a 1-place slide, from 5 to 4 and 4 to 3 respectively. The Economist saw a two places slide from 18 to 20. However, Financial Times was the only publication that showed marked improvement in ranking from 21 to 16, for Kellogg. Overall, Kellogg has maintained a good position among the best Business Schools. Only time will tell whether the minor slides are just hiccups and not the start of a trend.

Kellogg MBA Ranking

Average Rank: 11.25

Note: All the below data includes 2-year, 1-Year, MMM and JD-MBA taken together

Kellogg MBA Class Profile – Nationality

Kellogg MBA Nationality

Kellogg MBA Salary - 2012

Overall annual median salary:  $117,800

Kellogg MBA Jobs 2012 - By Sector


Kellogg’s Part-time MBA is an extremely flexible program that allows students to attend classes on weekdays or weekends, and complete the program in 2.5 to 5 years.

Key Advantages

• Access to all the facilities and resources that full time MBA students enjoy

• Can take quarters off at any time

• May complete their last four classes in another location with another MBA program, in case of relocation

• Can also take up four new MBA courses that are newly introduced – this keeps their curriculum up to date

• The core program is identical to that of the Full-time MBA

• Students benefit from all the career resources available to Full-time MBA students

Graduates can participate in the Full-time MBA recruitment process

Course details

1. Students can choose from 18 fields to specialize in.

2. Students irrespective of whether they are from the Evening or Saturday program can always attend any class during the week or on Saturday, or even officially switch/transfer between the two.

The Evening MBA Program

• Ideal for professionals who work in Chicago

• Students can start the course in any of the fall, winter, spring, or summer quarters.

• Students can undertake a maximum...

Part Time MBAPart-time MBA programs are designed to help working professionals obtain business expertise in their chosen field, helping them advance in their career path. The course allows students to apply classroom lessons immediately on their jobs, ensuring a complete learning experience.

As most Part-Time MBA participants have family and other commitments, it is important that students choose a program that offers a flexible study schedule. Here are the world’s best part-time MBA programs for working professionals:

1) Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Kellogg School has a top-class MBA program that enables students to pursue management education without taking a break in their careers. The program has a flexible structure that allows students to attend classes on weekdays or weekends while completing the program in 2.5 to 5 years. They can choose from 18 majors and specialize in one while benefitting from all the facilities and resources that full time MBA student enjoy.

At any time, students can take quarterly leave. They can also take up four MBA courses that are introduced newly as part of the curriculum. Students even have the option of completing their last four...

Kellogg MBA Admission Interview TipsKellogg requires all MBA Applicants to request for an Interview. Please bear in mind that requesting for an off-campus interview does not guarantee an invitation for the same. For on-campus Interview, expect a response within 2 Business days. For off-campus Interview, it can take up to eight weeks depending upon the demand and location.

Process: There are two parts for Kellogg MBA Application with the Interview part being the first. While requesting for the interview you have to submit your resume and request for either On-Campus or Off-Campus interview. If an interview is not scheduled within the deadline, the interview will be waived.  Your candidacy is evaluated based on GMAT Score, Essays, Recommendation letter and Interview.

Duration: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

Interview Style: Friendly and conversational

Interview Conducted by: Alumni, Admissions Officer or Current Student (Decision based on feedback from all three sections of the admission committee. Equal priority given to all decision...

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