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MBA in Middle EastAlthough Middle East is not known for its MBA program, the economic recovery from 2008’s financial meltdown has led many MBA Aspirants to think about the region for Post-MBA opportunities. The Economies that constitute Middle East are Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Cyprus, Lebanon, Northern Cyprus, Oman, State of Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Iraq , United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

When it comes to the strongest economies in this region, Turkey leads with $1.09 trillion dollars in GDP; Iran is next at $1 trillion, followed by Saudi Arabia, which owns 20% of World’s Oil reserves, with $691.5 billion, Egypt with $525.6 billion, United Arab Emirates with $262.1 billion and Israel with $238.2 billion. According to IMF, the region grew at 4.5% in 2011. It has some of the highest per capita GDP income in the world. Qatar is at #2 in the world with a massive $104,300.

When it comes to International MBA Programs and Job Opportunities, two countries stand out - UAE and Israel.


The United Arab Emirates has the region's 2nd largest per capita income, $48,800, just behind USA's $49,000. It is the 8th largest oil producer in the...

Hult One Year Full-time MBA is a 12-Month MBA program that you can complete in five campuses (Boston, Dubai, London, San Francisco and Shanghai) with the Global Campus Rotation program. The Curriculum also referred to as LEAP (Learn, Experience and Action Projects) incorporates experiential learning.

Hult MBA Curriculum is divided into six parts – Foundation, Fundamental, Advancement, Mastery, Global Application and Action Learning.

1) Foundation: MBA Pre-Requisite Courses (Accounting, Case Analysis, Leadership and Teamwork, Quantitative Analysis and Career Strategy)

2) Fundamentals: Focus on developing Financial and Analytical knowledge required for effective managers. Courses include Financial Management, International Accounting, International Marketing, Managerial Economics and Lifetime Career Management.

3) Advancement: This module has a focus on Strategy and Global Business management. Courses include Corporate Finance, Strategy, Operations, Global Management and Lifetime Career Management.

4) Mastery:  This module focuses on developing skills necessary to interact and advice corporate clients....

Hult MBAF1GMAT: Hult’s Accelerated One Year MBA program has put emphasis on Action Learning. How is the program designed to help MBA candidates?

Germán(HultMBA): Employers want MBA students who are job-ready. Hult has designed its curriculum to give students hands-on experience and not only abstract theory. Our innovative curriculum is based on three components, which together form the acronym LEAP:


The ‘Action Project’ component at Hult allows students to tackle a real-world growth challenges faced by Fortune 500 companies. Students develop business strategies for C-suite executives searching for the next innovation or pathway to growth. This is exactly the kind of practical application and international exposure that anchors theoretical learning and prepares Hult students for their post-MBA careers.


Hult International Business School announced the launch of its monthly Executive MBA program in London. This program is in addition to the Executive MBA program in Dubai, conducted on a Weekly and Monthly basis. The School offers a range of business- focused programs including MBA, Master and Undergraduate degrees.

Objective: Develop a candidate’s intellectual integrity, global sensitivity, local engagement, and civic values to help them thrive in the global economy, and contribute meaningfully to the business world and community.

Application Deadline: June 26th, 2011

Commencement Date: September 2011.

Target Candidate: Average of 10 years of work experience and remarkable leadership ability

Duration: 4 day a month (18 months)

Key Features

1) Taught by world-class professors with practical experience in running and growing global enterprises.
2) Minimizes time away from the workplace
3) Expose professionals to a practical curriculum

Hult’s one-...