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The INSEAD GEMBA is a 17 Weeks Global Executive MBA program with 12 weeks of on-campus and 4-5 weeks off-campus assignments, spread over 14-17 months. The primary goal of the program is to develop leadership skills that are necessary to lead in a senior managerial/leadership role.

Key Advantages

1) Complete the INSEAD GEMBA in one of the three campuses – Europe, Asia or Middle East.

2) Be part of a diverse and International class, represented by over 39 nationalities, 32 sectors, and 22% Female.

3) Emphasis on owning the learning process with Case Based Lectures, Presentations, Videos, Active Class Participation.

4) Opportunity for participants to continue the learning process by returning to campus to take the elective courses that they have missed

Course Details

1) Course Duration: 14-17 Months ( Actual Class – 17 Weeks)

2) Three Campus Sections – Europe, Asia and Middle East

3) Class Size: 235 participants

4) Average Experience: 13 Years

5) Average Age: 36 Years

6) Students can chose one of the INSEAD GEMBA sections – Europe GEMBA section, Asia GEMBA or Middle-...

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A multi-campus structure is a valuable networking and learning opportunity for executives seeking a degree in General Management. Unlike Chicago Booth Executive MBA program, TRIUM EMBA is jointly offered by London School of Economics, HEC Paris, and NYU Stern School of Business.

Let us compare the two programs on Class Profile, Curriculum, Locations and Schedules, Experiential Learning, Ranking, and Fees.


TRIUM Global Executive MBA program attracts older applicants with over 15 years of experience. Chicago Booth class size is four times larger with the students spread across three campuses. The nationalities represented in the class is also high (51) compared to 30 that TRIUM EMBA attracts.

The small class size in TRIUM Global Executive MBA builds a much stronger bond among the class compared to Booth where only 1/3rd of the schedule is allocated for the entire 240+ students to collaborate.

The average year of experience for the TRIUM EMBA class is 15 against 12 for Booth. Since a large part of the MBA experience depends on peer-to-peer learning, each year added to the average age of the class adds to the overall learning experience of the class.

Your ability and motivation determine the effectiveness of your networking. However, a 240+-class size is a definite advantage for Booth. The geographic spread and...

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EMBAAfter working for a decade in management roles, executives often have to decide whether to update their knowledge in management. Although the desire to pursue management education is high, executives are unwilling to give up their jobs. The reasons for this may range from family commitments to the desire to continue in a job that they love.

Thankfully, executives looking to add an edge to their careers have a wide range of world-class management programs available. The Best EMBA programs incorporate global learning experiences with cross-continental courses, and flexible classroom schedule. To enter the top ranked Executive MBA courses candidates should have 10+ years of excellent career progression, with a decent GMAT score. Many top schools waiver GMAT score if the profile is strong.

10 Best EMBA programs

1) TRIUM Executive MBA

The Trium Executive MBA program is taught over three world-class colleges: HEC - Paris, LSE – London and NYU Stern – New York. The course is divided into six on-site modules over 17 months and has an executive-friendly format that only requires a total of...

Yale SOM’s MBA program for Executives started operation in 2005 as a healthcare specialization. Eventually, the program started incorporating the fundamentals of Business Education, sustainability and more recently started a specialization in asset management (commence on Fall 2014). Instead of looking at specialization, the program looks at the perspective of various stakeholders - Customer, Innovator, Employee, Competitor, and State & Society, to understand how the organization work.

Key Advantages

• Two Year Program
• Raw Case Approach – Forces participants to deal with large data, similar to real world problems
• Leadership Development at four levels: Individual, team, organization & Global
• Incorporates Full-time MBA Program's integrated curriculum, Leadership Development Program, Raw cases, Team projects, and Global Business Expertise
• Three Focus Areas: Healthcare, Asset Management, or Sustainability
• Some of the best research faculties

Course Structure

• Year 1, Orientation - July 26 & 27
• Residence Weeks - July 28 to Aug 8
• Year 1, Term 1 - Aug 22, 2014 to Feb 7, 2015
• Year 1, Term 2 - Feb 20 - July 25
• SOM International Experience (Optional) - Mar
• Year 2 Residence Week - Aug 3 to 7
• Year 2, Term 1 - Aug 21 to Feb 6
• Year 2, Term 2 -...

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BusinessWeek Executive MBA RankingBusinessWeek Executive MBA rankings for 2013 have been announced. Northwestern Kellogg has retained the top position, beating Chicago Booth, which has dropped one position to take the second position. SMU Cox made a surprise entry in the top three list, jumping four positions from 7th to 3rd.

Other big moves seen in the BusinessWeek Executive MBA rankings are from Wharton and Fisher, both advancing by five positions to rank at 4th and 9th positions respectively. 

There are some interesting statistics available in the Executive MBA rankings; one is the percentage Top Executives in the class. Pepperdine (Graziadio) has the largest % of Top executives (35%), followed by Kellogg (18%) and Duke Fuqua (16%). For students interested to learn from the experiences of key decision makers, Executive MBA programs offered by the three schools would be beneficial .

For Executives who are self-funding and are looking to be part of one of the top 10 Executive MBA programs, Ohio State (Fisher) offers the most cost effective program ($85,500), with IE Business School at second($99,400) and SMU Cox ($112,000) at a distant third.

When you consider the...

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Executive MBA CardiologistQ) I am a doctor in the final stage of DM Cardiology from India. It is a super-speciality degree programme in Cardiology and its duration is three years. The completion is round the corner, July end. We function as Junior Consultants  during this degree programme and independently treat patients under the supervision of senior consultants . Additionally, I work as In-charge, cardiac critical care unit in the hospital.

I completed my MD in Internal medicine from India and was awarded a gold medal in the year 2009. Following that, I worked as a consultant for one year. During the same time, I had also finished my MRCP, a post graduate degree from London manadatorily taken by all doctors who practise in UK. I  have another valuable experience of working as a Junior Registrar in All India Institute of Medical Sciences in the year 2005 for a couple of months.

At the personal level, I belong to a family which runs and manages a network of hospitals. In the near future, I would be expected to serve as the director of the network. However, I realize that in order to fulfill this responsibility I need additional skills and understanding than what the usual education in medical school offers or working...

The Economist EMBA Rankings 2013The Economist has released its first EMBA Program ranking for 2013. The ranking is based on three factors: personal development, educational experience and career development. Kellogg School of Management is a clear winner in this ranking with three of its EMBA programs, featuring in the top 10 list. 

According to The Economist, Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA is the best executive MBA program followed by IE Global Executive MBA and UCLA-NUS Executive MBA program.
What is interesting is the dominance of Spain’s leading schools – IE and IESE in the top 5 list. However, US based schools dominate the top 10 list with two Asian schools (NUS Singapore and HKUST, Hong Kong) featuring in the same list. Another European school that has made the entry into the top 10 list is IMD, Switzerland.

Methodology:  The ranking is based on answers from two sets of questionnaires collected between Feb and May 2013. Only schools featured in the Economist Full-time MBA ranking were invited for the EMBA ranking.

Related: ...

Wharton’s EMBA program is held in two locations in US - San Francisco and Philadelphia. The two-year EMBA requires students to stay on campus, every weekend. A student can also choose his or her own concentration, which can be mastered with the help of a faculty expert. EMBA graduates have a network of 85,000 alumni spread across 140 countries, including 4,300+ alumni in Asia.

Key advantages

• Two campuses

• Exact same features as the Full-time program – degree, curriculum, faculty, and facilities

• Stresses on experiential learning, enhanced by team tasks

• 250+ faculty members

• 200+ electives.

• 2 unique individually designed topics as electives

• Can switch between campuses if an elective is not offered at one campus

• 1-week International Study Seminar

Course Structure

1. Classes: Fridays & Saturdays on alternate weekends that are residential.

2. Around five additional extended sessions are held each year.

3. Students need to spend 15-25 study hours outside of class every week.

4. The first year focuses on the core curriculum.

5. The second year offers almost 200 electives, of which students can select 25-30 courses for concentrations that include Finance, Health...

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EMBAFor working professionals looking to give their careers a boost, nothing matches the benefits of an EMBA degree. According to an Executive MBA council study 2010, EMBAs reported a significant salary and bonus increase of 11.4%. The average salary rose from $127,955 to $142,534 by the end of the course. 68% received new responsibilities while studying. And 37% won promotions after completing their EMBA.

What is an EMBA?

An EMBA is a management program designed for executives working at the mid-managerial level, with 10+ years of experience. It allows them to add a managerial degree without having to quit their jobs. All EMBA candidates must get approval from employers before they join as the course requires taking some time off from work to participate in the residential modules of the course. Students in general need to have already demonstrated exceptional managerial talent before B-schools will admit them while some require GMAT and/or TOEFL scores.

How to pick the Best?

Executives looking to add an edge to their careers have a whole range of world class options available. So on what basis do they go about choosing the right EMBA program?


The Chicago Booth Executive MBA program starts in June and spans over 21 months with 17 classes (2 classes per quarter). Students can join the program on June at one of the campus locations – Chicago, London or Singapore. The primary goal of the program is to develop skills that enhance critical thinking and allow you to handle high-pressure challenges with confidence.

Key Advantages

1) Students can join any one of the campuses in Chicago, London or Singapore according to their work location or preference.

2) Curriculum structured to strengthen Business Fundamentals and Managerial Leadership.

3) Pick concentrations in finance, strategy, marketing or entrepreneurship.

4) Take 15 courses with your colleague in a class environment and pick 2 electives from 2 electives

5) Collaborate with individuals from diverse culture and experience.

6) Develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

7) Learn from world-class faculty whose has real-world experience and expertise in their chosen field.

Course Details

1) Course Duration: 21 Months (17 classes – 2 classes per quarter)

2) Three Campus Choice – Chicago, London or Singapore

3) Class Size: 90 per campus

4) Average Experience: 12 Years

5) Average Age: 37 Years...

Kellogg HKUST EMBA is a 16 Month Executive MBA program is tailor made for senior level executives from Asia. The program is designed for executives who have attained significant success in their organization, especially with leadership roles. The goal of the program is to develop skills that would make their Business more competitive.

Key Advantages

1) Become an Alumni of Both HKUST and Kellogg

2) Lectures by successful leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries

3) Focus on making your Business more competitive

4) Develop skills in Effective decision making, Strategic Innovation, Brand Building and Marketing, Crisis Management and Managing Resources (Financial and Human).

Course Details

1) Course Duration: 16 months

2) 11 Modules with Live in Weeks in HKUST and Kellogg Campus

3) First Live in Week at HKUST in January (First Year)

4) Second Live in Week at Kellogg School’s Allen Centre in Evanston, Illinois in August (Second Year)

5) Two Courses Every Month with emphasis on Three Areas: Behaviour in learning organizations, International management and Managing groups of co-operating firms for international competitiveness

6) Class...

Aston Business schoolAston Business School is providing MBA Refresher modules for executives who would like to refresh their knowledge with the latest tools, techniques and models. Participants can take the five modules or select the modules according to their need.

Programme dates

Module 1: Strategic Management: April 14th and 15th 2011
Objective: A hands-on module which combines the latest strategic theory with an emphasis on implementation

Module 2: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: May 19th and 20th 2011
Objective: To get a thorough understanding of the latest thinking on innovation and entrepreneurship, together with their own unique action plan for driving innovation through their own organisation.

Module 3: Business Performance, Planning and Control: June 16th and 17th 2011
Objective: To critically evaluate organisational performance at a variety of levels, using financial and non-financial measures

Trium EMBA is a program designed for Senior level executives. The diverse pool of participants help executives builds a valuable global network. This program is especially designed for companies who want to train their executives with essential skills to excel in an International business environment.

Key Advantages

  • High profile Network
  • NYU Stern's strength in finance and accounting, HEC Paris' leadership in marketing and management and the participation of prestigious London School of Economics
  • Candidates with MBAs are also eligible

Course Details

  • Course Duration: 16 months
  • 10 Weeks – Class Time
  • Six Modules in Five business centers around the world (NYU Stern, LSE, HEC Paris, and at two additional international locations)
  • 50% Group work and 50% Individual work
  • Class Starts: September
  • Application: Rolling (Results within one month of application)
  • No Online Class but can collaborate with Ed-Web, an online platform...

London Business School Executive MBA include Executive MBA, EMBA-Global Americas and Europe, EMBA-Global Asia and Dubai-London EMBA.

Key Advantages: 

1) Skilled and experienced managers in your class
2) Practice what you learn immediately
3) Customize your learning experience(with electives)
4) Salary increase 83% - Three years after graduating( According to 2008 FT Ranking)
5) Network in London – Important Business Centres
6) Brand Recognition

Types of London Business School Executive MBA

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Insead Business School has today announced a partnership with the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), which will help in financially assisting INSEAD's GEMBA( Global Executive MBA) participants with their education. ADCB Education loan will provide financing options to professionals opting for the executive MBA programme in Insead's Abu Dhabi campus.

Minimum Finance = Dh10,000
Maximum Finance = Dh250,000

Repayment Criteria

1) Pay within a period of minimum six months to a maximum 60 months
2) No commitment of a salary transfer required
3) Competitive Interest Rates

This move is an initiative to attract candidates from the Middle East, Africa and central Asia

About Insead's GEMBA

INSEAD's GEMBA is ranked fifth on the Financial Times' 2009EMBA ranking and offered on all three of its campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). The first Middle East section of GEMBA will begin in October 2010.

Course Structure: The programme is delivered in modular format over the course of 15 months.

Module Structure: Each modular period typically consists of seven to 10 days, and is approximately every six to seven weeks apart to enable participants to work and...

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