Executive Leadership Programs

Tuck School of Business and the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice have partnered to offer the Master of Health Care Delivery Science (MHCDS) degree from Dartmouth College. 

Course Duration: 18-months

Designed For: clinicians, administrators, and professionals in health care and related industries

Course Delivery Type: A hybrid residential/distance learning pedagogy—brief residential sessions plus a sequence of online courses

Key Advantages

1. Knowledge and skill development

2. Personal  Development

3. Action-learning projects


In one of a kind initiative, the Robert H Smith Business School and the Gettysburg Foundation have partnered to develop customized Executive leadership programs, incorporating the lessons learned from the Battle of Gettysburg.

The Battle of Gettysburg was the Battle with the largest number of causalities in the Civil War History. The Battle showcased the leadership styles of two leaders – Robert E. Lee and George G. Meade. Lee used aggression to win wars even at the cost of causalities. He had an undying faith in his team’s ability, which made him complacent with planning. Meade on the other hand focused on efficiently managing the resources and relied on his subordinates to make critical decisions.

Inspired by many lessons and leaders from the Battle, the Executive Leadership Program will force participants to think differently about challenges in action-oriented sessions.

Duration: Two days to one week

Key Takeaways

1) Build leadership skills

IESE Business school short focused programsIESE Business School will conduct short focused programs in its Madrid, Barcelona and New York City campuses. The short programs will cover varying subjects in areas of Strategic Management, Leadership and People Management, Technology, Operations and Value Chains, and Industry specific courses. IESE has released the schedule for the short focused programs, here are the schedules:

Strategic Management

The Innovation Architect: Creating Breakthrough Companies
Next Edition: New York, Feb. 28 - March 1,2011
Next Edition: Barcelona, March 16 - 17, 2011

Global Business: Making the Matrix Work
Next Edition: New York, May 2011

Getting Things Done
Next Edition: Barcelona, May 17 - 20, 2011

Making Social Responsibility Work:
The Cornerstone of Sustainable Business
Next Edition: Barcelona, July 4 - 8, 2011

Leadership and People Management

Developing Leadership Competencies
Next Edition: Barcelona, November 9 - 12, 2010

High-Performance Negotiator
Next Edition: Barcelona, January 18 - 20, 2011

Develop your...

Australian School of Business has come up with a new executive leadership program - LEAD. The LEAD program includes

1) Practical Workshops with eminent
2) Team building residential Camp

Duration: Two Week
No of Students: 60

Keynote Speakers: Naseema Sparks, CEO of Osteoporosis Australia, Paul Burgess CEO and founder of Link-up International and Peeyush Gupta, ASB Executive in Residence and former CEO of IPAC Securities.

Want to know more about LEAD Program?

Top 31 MBA Programs + Analysis of 24 Industries (United States)

We analyze the MBA Curriculum, Class Profile, Total Cost and Post-MBA Salary of Top 31 MBA programs in the US.

+ Industry Trends

+ Future of Aerospace, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automobile, Clean Tech, Education, Energy, Fashion, Financial Services, Insurance, FinTech, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Military, Manufacturing, Maritime, Media/Advertising, Technology, Tourism, Trade, Transportation and Logistics, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR).

Pages: 327


"I have not reviewed many books for MBA Admission consulting companies but doing it now to give all applicants a brief idea on what the book covers. The book includes 31 top MBA programs - almost all the top schools you have heard or considering for your MBA application. Each chapter is categorized by US States where there is at least one top MBA program. So you have California and Massachusetts with the most number of MBA programs and several states with one top program (Washington, Minnesota, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Virginia, and Maryland) and other states with two to three MBA programs. The book focuses on four aspects of an MBA program - curriculum, cost, class profile and post-MBA salary. For me, the breakdown of the cost and post-MBA industry was useful to make my decision on selecting the top 5 programs for 2017-18. It is a fascinating read in an industry where consultants overprice for their expertise. I recently bought a 30-page guide for $49. Compared to the obvious observation in that book, the 300+ page, MBA in US - the Ultimate guide is a goldmine of information and analysis." - Verified Purchase (21st June 2017)

"I bought the ultimate guide after a friend recommended it for me. The guide covers a lot of ground on the history of each prominent US states and goes into the reasons why a certain industry emerged from each state. In addition to the analysis of the economy, trends and expected changes in the next 5 years, the book features top MBA programs in each state with an extensive study of its curriculum. Ultimate guide is an essential reference book for MBA Applicants if they want to shortlist MBA programs based on value and cost, and not just ranking. " - Verified Purchase (14th June 2017)

"Should be a required reading before applying for an MBA. School events and MBA Tours are PR events disguised as a Q&A. On the contrary, the book is an unbiased analysis of each Top MBA program in the US supported by a large dataset and historical context on each industry. The guide builds a case for indstries that are likely to emerge as favourite for MBA graduates. Thorough and a valuable book." - Verified Purchase (15th June 2017)

"What I liked: The breadth of the information. Some of my favorite nonfiction books have taken the same approach as the ultimate guide have - cover background information in-depth. In the book, the author uses parallel threads to demonstrate the history of the state and the rise of industries. Will make you think how schools thrive based on the policy set by the state. California's obsession with Technology has revolutionized how we do Business and changed post-MBA trends. Many MBA applicants will be consulting or doing marketing for a Technology company. That is one key finding from the book. The latest development in AI, FinTech, and Automation is an additional context that I found valuable in the book.

Very informative. I would recommend that you read the book at least once in chronological order before using Table of Contents." - Verified Purchase (2nd July 2017)

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