Top 5 MBA Joint Degree Programs (2017)

MBA and Joint Degree ProgramsJoint degrees are a convenient way for professionals to obtain  expertise in two disciplines in a short period of time. MBA Joint degrees work best for those seeking to work in a niche field as a manager or as an executive.

The biggest advantage of a joint degree program is that students can effectively complete two programs in less time than it would take to do both separately. The class sizes are also smaller, and the program normally covers unique subjects, with projects that involve both disciplines.

The selection process usually involves clearing the admission process of both schools, and showcasing a track record or qualification that indicates a strong affinity to the field chosen. Here are the top five Joint degree programs with an MBA.

1) Stanford


Stanford's JD/MBA is among the oldest joint-degree programs in the US. Beyond the learning from both management and law, students also get to experience two very different cultures - the problem-analyzing culture of law, and the problem-solving culture of business. It is ideal for a career in law or public service.

Duration: 48 Months

MA Education/MBA

The 40-year old Joint MA/MBA program gives students the opportunity to concurrently pursue an MA from the Graduate School of Education (GSE) and a MBA from the Graduate School of Business (GSB). It is ideal for a career in educational management. It usually takes 2 years (6 quarters) to complete the program, but it can be extended by one quarter if necessary.

Duration: 24 Months


The Joint MBA/MPP Degree Program is a simultaneous pursuit of an MBA and a Master in Public Policy from the School of Humanities and Sciences’ that is also known as the Public Policy Program. Students completing this degree can become the proponents or the experts of public policy analysis, particularly for public and not-for-profit management.This program takes approximately 3 years to complete (Nine quarters).

Duration: 36 Months

MS Environment & Resources/MBA

The Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER) from the School of Earth Sciences, in conjunction with the Graduate School of Business, offers a joint degree program that integrates science with law, business, and medicine to tackle critical environmental and sustainability issues. The program is well suited for careers in the environmental sphere. The joint MS/MBA program takes 8 - 9 quarters (2 years, eight months or 3 years) to complete.

Duration: 24 Months to 36 Months

2) Darden School of Business

In terms of choice, Darden School of Business offers one of the most diverse joint degree programs in the world.


For data science enthusiast, the MBA/MSDS program in partnership with the University of Virginia Data Science Institute offers the candidate a Master of Data Science in addition to an MBA in just two years.

Duration: 24 Months


Conducted in partnership with the University of Virginia School of Law, the MBA/JD rogram can be completed in four years instead of five if the candidate pursued the degrees separately.

Duration: 48 Months


Healthcare sectors require more than just trained doctors. The MBA/MD joint degree education entrepreneurial doctors to pursue product development and introduce innovation in the healthcare delivery eco-system.

60 Months

MBA/MEd in Innovation in Education Reform

Among the joint degree offered in other top Business Schools, very few cater to Educators. The MBA/MEd in Education Reform conducted in partnership between The Curry School of Education and the Darden School of Business trains next generation of leaders on managing human capital, changing education policy according to changing market demands, and leading innovation in educational technology.

24 months


Public policy and management have been intertwined in enterprises where public-private partnership is necessary. The coursework offers the view of both the worlds.

Duration: 36 months


Healthcare and Life Science Innovation is led by the United States. The MBA/MPH in partnership with the Department of Public Health Sciences is an extension of the trend. Students learn to study the myriad of problems related to managing healthcare business. The program offers special emphasis on biotechnology, health policy, health care delivery system and regulation.

Duration: 36 Months

MBA/MA in East Asian Studies

Students interested in learning about the cultural nuances in Japan and China from the context of Business and everyday life will find the joint degree program valuable.

Duration: 36 months

MBA/MA in Government or Foreign Affairs

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia in partnership with the School of Business trains candidates to widen their managerial skills to government, international relations, and public administration.


The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences trains MBA candidates to take leadership roles in technology companies.


The School of Nursing in partnership with Darden School of Business provide leadership perspective to individual health care providers.


Students pursuing Doctoral work and interested in building the foundational skills in Management will find the program valuable.

Duration: 60 Months

3) MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan and MIT School of Engineering together offer joint degree programs that award an MBA or a Master of Science in Management from Sloan, and a Master of Science in Engineering from the School of Engineering.

System Design and Management

In this joint program, students learn to combine in-depth technical knowledge with strong management and leadership fundamentals. The program is ideal for mid-career professionals who would like to tackle complicated, large-scale issues in product design, development and innovation. Career options include R&D and Project Management in industries ranging from defense to consulting.

Duration: 13 months Full-time or 24 months Part-time

Leaders for Global Operations (LGO)

Integrating Engineering and Leadership, the program empowers students to build, lead, and transform the industry as we know it. This is ideal for young professionals seeking leadership roles in manufacturing or operations in companies ranging from IT to aerospace.

Duration: 24 Months

4)  Harvard


HBS in collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) offers two joint degree programs in business and government - Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Policy (MBA/MPP) and Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Administration-International Development (MBA/MPA-ID). The programs aim to develop leaders who are equipped with strong skills in management and public policy and would work towards the betterment of the society. Graduates have influential careers in business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Duration: 36 Months

JD/MBA Program

The JD/MBA is the oldest MBA joint degree program at Harvard offered by Harvard Law School (HLS) and Harvard Business School (HBS). With this program, students can choose a career in politics, education, international development, domestic and international business, and in-house corporate practice.

Duration: 48 Months

MD/MBA Program

Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Harvard Business School (HBS) together offer the joint MD/MBA program to build a pool of exceptional physician leaders with medical and managerial skills who will promote a healthier society. Career responsibilities include research, hospital management, shaping health policies, developing cheaper medical devices and producing entrepreneurial ventures.

Duration: 60 Months

MBA/DMD Program

The MBA/DMD Program is offered by Harvard Business School (HBS) in association with Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM). The program aims to develop outstanding dentist leaders, who will contribute substantially to the healthcare society at large. Graduates can have careers in research, management, public policy and selling cost-effective dental devices.

Duration: 60 Months

5) Columbia


Columbia Business School joins with Columbia Law School to conduct the JD/MBA program that can be completed with two options – an accelerated 3-year program or the traditional 4-year program. It is designed to promote visionary leadership and effective management from the viewpoints of both business and law. Graduates can benefit from careers as managers or lawyers in a wide variety of areas ranging from government to corporates, and even the non-profit sector.

Duration:  36 Months (Accelerated) or 48 Months (Traditional)

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