Sample MBA Recommendation Letter - What would you say are the applicant's key weaknesses or areas for improvement?


What impress me about AJ are his integrity, his hard-working spirit, his will to challenge himself, his desire to learn, and his motivation to be a leader. Among all of these virtues, I believe his most salient strength is his desire to learn. He is street smart and quick learner.

"Fast learner"

He was assigned to many critical projects where he had to learn new technologies, which he grabbed pretty quickly and delivered a solution that was out of the box and consistent with the client’s requirements. AJ was learning everything and everywhere, from new technologies to interacting with client. Every time he came up with something he could not understand, he would ask either our evangelists or me. I have witnessed his development from a fresher with limited knowledge in technology to a young consultant capable of handling a project by himself.

"Mentorship and Creativity"

Perhaps his strongest abilities are to think creatively and act decisively and correctly. These are skills that cannot be taught and are the principal reasons for AJ's success to-date. Because of this, AJ was often called upon by other colleagues to resolve the most difficult and time sensitive client projects. He has taken initiative in mentoring his junior team members during the course of the tenure. I always wondered how he got the time to manage his projects and guide other team members. I strongly believe that his keenness to learn and his ability to take ownership of projects is what make him special.

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" Worked in an international environment . "

AJ has also presented seminars on X to our European partners. He possesses excellent communication skills in both spoken and written English. He also impressed me with his presentation skills during the half day session that he conducted on "Technology B" during the summer of 2006.

" Customer relationship and leadership"

AJ is a team player. He was one of the few who went to implement a solution for Company Z in United Kingdom with a team of consultants. He not only handled the customer brilliantly but also managed the team efficiently. The customer was delighted with his team management, leadership capabilities and excellent customer relationship. Other team members in his team were not effective in communication. But he shadowed them in such a way that their weakness didn’t come forth to the customer. Due to his excellent work in this project,we generated revenue of £ Z for the company. This revenue was quite significant for our company at that time. His customer relationship skill reflected in all other projects.

"Proof of excellence"

Company Y was so fascinated with his sincerity, commitment, ownership and customer relationship, that they extended his tenure in the project. They acknowledged him in writing for his splendid job.


Another example of his commitment towards work was when he was assigned to develop "Software A" for company X, UK in a very short duration. He created a team in short notice and coordinated well with them and provided a solution in a well planned manner. I remember one day when he came and discussed with me on a vacation he had to take because of a personal commitment. I told him that this project was critical and would need his service for its successful completion. He didn’t think twice before committing. I believe he had to work from home and use his vacation time for the project. That is the level of commitment that defines AJ

"Get along with others"

AJ’s energy and sense of humor made it a joy to work with him. His willingness to assist his colleagues when they face issue makes him a true asset. His listening skills and his ability to communicate freely with the team has made him an effective leader.

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