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Columbia MBA Admission Interview Tips

Columbia MBA Interview TipsColumbia MBA Admission Interview is by invitation only. The timing of the invitation will have no impact over the acceptance to Columbia Business School. The interviews cannot be requested by Columbia MBA Candidates. The invitation will be through e-mail.

Interview Conducted by: Alumni

Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

If an Alumnus is not available near or in your city, the interview will be conducted over the telephone.  The Interviewer will only have the resume as a point of reference and will have no knowledge about your application.

Recommended Download: Expert Resume Guide

Style of Interview: Friendly and Conversational



Tip 1: Research

Find out what makes Columbia Business School Unique (Download 2014-15 MBA Admission Interview Guide and Winning MBA Essay Guide). Most of the questions will be about finding out your fit for the program. Understanding what makes Columbia MBA unique and selling the point that you can bring great value to the Columbia Business School community is the key.

Tip 2: Be Ready for Follow up Questions

Before attending the interview, practice answering the standard questions. Now make a list of all follow up questions that can be created from your story. Why you chose one company over the other? What motivated you take that decision? Prepare at least 4-5 follow up questions for your regular answers.

Tip 3: Bring a Copy of your Resume

The Alumni will be busy and might miss taking a print out of the resume. Carry a copy of your resume. Remember Columbia MBA Admission Interview is primarily based on your resume.

Tip 4: Be ready with your Leadership Story

Like other top Business Schools, Columbia also wants to know whether you are a good leader. Prepare for at least 2-3 stories about your leadership skills and contextually place the stories in your answers.

Tip 5: Have a Closing Question

The interviewer will close the interview with “Do you have any questions for me”. This is a chance for you to learn more about Columbia MBA program from the interviewer’s perspective. Ask a question that only an alumnus can answer.

Recommended Download: F1GMAT's 2014-15 MBA Admission Interview Guide (The interview guide teaches you how to control first impression, improve likeability and fine tune answers according to the Interviewer's personality type. It also answers some of the toughest questions asked in Top MBA Admission interviews)


Tip 1: Don’t be nervous

Being nervous in an interview can clutter your thought process. Focus instead on the stories that you are going to present. Rehearse through all the follow up questions you have prepared (based on your resume). This exercise will help you focus on the task instead of worrying about the results.

Columbia MBA Admission Interview Donts and Commonly Asked Questions

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MBA Admission Interview Guide

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