Kellogg MBA Professional and Personal Growth: Essay 2 Tips

Kellogg MBA Essay 2 Tips: Pursuing an MBA is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. How have you grown in the past? How do you intend to grow at Kellogg? (450 words)

MBA Applicants who complete the essay just for the sake of meeting the deadlines do not see MBA as a tool for personal and professional growth. The MBA Admission team believes that the curriculum is structured to transform your personality and would prefer candidates who ‘truly’ believe in the power of Kellogg MBA. Would you invest your time, money, and energy into joining a prestigious MBA program like Kellogg just for the sake of increasing your salary by 100 or 150% without experiencing the transformative learning experiences?

Applicants with monetary goals are easy to spot. Their narration about professional growth is focused exclusively on hierarchical growth within the organization or the performance bonuses they earned. It is never about the experience of helping a colleague, pushing oneself, or learning about one’s true strengths.

Before you start rationing the words for Essay 2, follow a 3-step structure.

Awareness -> Reflection -> Future with Kellogg MBA


Applicants with monetary goals are easy to spot. The narration about professional aspirations is limited by the post-MBA title, and not on the responsibilities that the applicant would like to experience. Explain how the current job profile limits your potential for personal and professional growth, and how you see Kellogg MBA as a tool for experiencing growth.


Even though you are not happy with the current job, demonstrate how you pushed yourself and reached the first stage of your career growth. Kellogg does not want students who are using their incompetence in the current job as a reason for pursuing an MBA. Trace your personal and career growth by quoting two experiences – one challenging project and one personal experience that demonstrated your true limits. How will that experience contribute to the Kellogg MBA class?

If you are selecting one leadership and one domain expertise experience in the essay – use them to show how you will contribute in the corresponding major. Let us say your expertise in Marketing allowed an organization to raise over $200,000 in two weeks. Cite how the domain expertise in marketing, specifically your outreach program will help the Marketing Club raise funds.

Future with Kellogg MBA

In the short-term, Kellogg MBA will enable career growth or career change, but you should also explain the long-term goal that is achievable with the Kellogg brand. Do you want to start an Agency or a Hedge Fund in 10 years? Map a clear career path that is possible with Kellogg MBA. The goals should look achievable, and that will only happen if the latest class had traversed similar opportunities. You will get a clear idea about career trends in the employment report. Cite your preferred Employer, Industry, and Job Function.

Motivation – Learning Experience

It all come downs to motivation. For Business schools, accepting someone who will discontinue the course in a few months is a bad investment. Even if the candidate is extremely talented (entrepreneurial) or incompetent, both groups lack the motivation to continue the learning process at Kellogg. The learning process is rigorous, and the admission team would like someone who persists through the challenges and the long learning schedules. Your resume might indicate your academic ability, but most undergraduate courses do not include experiential learning and community involvement. You have to demonstrate why you are motivated to pursue Kellogg MBA at this point in your career. Use an explicit statement to convey your motivation by citing your future role in one of the student clubs, and the courses that excite you the most.

The Admission team has warned applicants against writing about Kellogg MBA courses without any context. The summary below should only be used to understand the value of the course. Use the information to offer context on how the course, learning experiences, travel opportunities, and student clubs will help you achieve your post-MBA goals.

Reviews - Kellogg MBA Essay Guide

The above post is an excerpt from Kellogg MBA Essay Guide"Kudos to the F1GMAT team for offering context on why the core curriculum, majors, pathways, global experiences, experiential learning and student clubs are relevant for a post-MBA career. I used a couple of the analysis for my Essay" - Verified Purchase

"The four leadership examples shared in the essay guide  is a template that fit my experience. I had the opportunity to work on projects with limited resources and a challenging team. Communication framework, leadership examples, strengths/weakness and goals influence learning experience. Great read. " - Verified Purchase

"How have you grown and how will you grow with Kellogg is not an easy question. I purchased the book after pondering over the question for a week. The curriculum analysis answered the second part of the question while the essay tips and personality evaluation did the rest. " - Verified Purchase

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