Wharton MBA Essay Tips 2016-17

Wharton MBA Essay Tips
The Admission team wants to know how will you gain professionally from the Wharton MBA program.

Essay 1 (Required): What do you hope to gain professionally from the Wharton MBA? (500 words)

Before you start writing about how Wharton MBA Program will influence your ability to achieve your post-MBA goals, understand the structure of the MBA curriculum.

Curriculum Overview

Even Wharton’s core curriculum offers flexibility with the core split into two units: the fixed core (3.25 credits) and the flexible core (6.25 credits). Students can complete the core as a quarter or a semester long course.

The traditional management courses are covered in the fixed core: Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership (Leadership), Marketing Management (Marketing), Operations Management (Operations), Microeconomic Foundation (Microeconomics), Advanced Topics in Managerial Economics (Economics), Regression Analysis for Managers (Statistics), and Speaking and Writing (Management Communication).
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We are highlighting six aspects of Wharton MBA program that will improve your professional lives. Feel free to choose aspects of the MBA program that appeals to you the most.

Professional Gain - Wharton MBA

#1: Learning team

When learning teams are built randomly with just one criterion – at least one women and one international candidate for each team, the group dynamics are determined not by the authority of any designation, nor by the implicit respect that comes with knowing the qualification of each candidate, but through persuasive leadership.

With the learning team, each MBA candidate will learn the art of persuasion. It is easy to equate persuasion with manipulation; the later usually leads to mistrust, which will eventually lead to ineffective teams. Manipulation forces the team to worry about short-term goals by inducing fear about preserving their position in the team.

A persuasive candidate will learn to think from the point of view of the other person, and create a win-win situation for both. By focusing on propositions that trigger action, Wharton MBA candidates will build the foundational skills necessary to sell services to CEOs, and key decision makers.

When the team has multiple perspectives – from a native male candidate to an international student to a woman, teams will look at a problem in multiple contexts, and solve it based on the intellect of the solution than the authority of the problem solver.

The teams are not left on their own. A second-year student takes the role of the Leadership Fellow (LF), for each learning team. With a year’s perspective behind them, senior students bring in the focus, processes and support that first-year students need to parse through the multiple opportunities and career paths at Wharton.

The 2-day Learning team retreat conducted during pre-term is the first meeting where the candidates get to know each other. The team formation tasks separate the cohort into smaller learning teams of 5-6 students. As it is with other team building exercises, students have to play out scenarios, make decisions, sell ideas, convince team members, and solve puzzles with the goal of understanding each other better by the end of the retreat. Unlike other corporate retreats, the role of the leader is not well-defined. Each person takes on multiple responsibilities during the exercise, giving the learning team a complete picture of who has the leadership instincts and how to approach each other while articulating a solution.

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